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Let your customers book cheap travel deals online. No reservation costs. Great rates. Choose from a wide range of properties! Become an affiliate. Register online.

Travel deals from hundreds of travel sites and get great deals. Save time and money on finding your ideal accommodation with millions of reviews and photos. upto 5% in Flights and 8% in Hotels.

We share 90% earned commission through our partners straight to your bank account or Paypal.

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Android APP

Customize and download your travel comparison Android APP. Host it on your own Play Store.

Doesn't it sounds easy ? Tweak your mobile APP yourself, download it once you are happy with the output and host it on your Google Playstore. Let your customers find the best travel deals offered by giant suppliers. No payment gateway needed. Popular among travel affiliates and startups who donot want to get into hassle of all the paper work and huge deposits.


Travel Engine Affiliate Program

Precompiled package of Private Tour package marketplace with travel deals. 100% Private branding. Improve your online presence with Private Branded Travel Apps


Expandable and Modular System

You can make changes to the wireframe of your website. Adding features according to your requirements.


Combo Services

You will be able to sell multiple services (ie. Hotels, Flights, Tours, Car Rentals, Sightseeing and Activities) through a single-window platform.


Realtime search, availability and booking

This engine will allow you to display live inventory. You don't need to adjust the prices of the commodity, everything will be automatic.


Design Library

You can choose from the multiple designs that are present in our design library.


New Designs each year

Our front end designers work ardently to provide you with unique and amazing designs every year.


Upgrade anytime

You have the option to upgrade your engine to include more functionalities as any time.



Cater to different travellers by selling multiple travel products on your website.


Secure mid-office

This plugin allows you to reduce human errors, enabling you to keep a tight ship.



In this modern day and age, people tend to use their mobiles more often than their systems. Our plugin is mobile-responsive which means that your customer will face no hassle when they’re trying to book a service through your plugin.


No Payment Gateway

Your customer will finish the entire booking process on third party website. This keeps you stay away from depoists and minimizes investments.


Whatsapp and Email Itinerary

Customer can share the services to his email id or whatsapp number for later reviewing.



This feature will allow you to accept payment in different currencies without the hassle of converting them every time.


100% Customizable

You can change the colour combination and font of your plugin to make it match with your website.


Social Media Integrations

You will be able to connect your social media accounts to your website, enabling you to connect with more people.


Over 250000 Hotels with discounted rates

You will receive access to the discounted inventory of more than 950000 hotels.


Great Commissions

We share 100% earned commission through our partners.


Easy Installation

We provide you with shortcodes that help you seamlessly integrate our plugin without causing any issues on your website.


Free Lifetime Subscription

One you acquire our services, you will be free updates as well as information about our new technological innovation.


No Hidden Charges

We only ask you for a one-time fee. We make sure that you don't have to invest over and over again in your business.


No Coding at all

No coding is involved during this process. Any average layman can do this by inserting simple shortcodes that we provide.


Customer/Technical Support

We will provide you with excellent customer support as well as troubleshoot any issues that develop down the line.


Worldwide Inventories

Our plugin will provide you access to the global inventory synced with top travel suppliers spread across 190 different countries all over the world.


Special itineraries are available with adivaha®

We provide you with cherry-picked itineraries enabling you to avail the best deals.


Net and commissionable fares

We will provide you with net rates as well as commissionable fares, you can choose according to your business model.


Best price assured

We will provide you with negotiated prices. These prices are the best in the market.



Geo-location destination auto-populate, the currency and the language will be switch according to the location.


Customer does not need to have Direct Supplier agreements and API credentials

This feature will bypass the ordeal of getting all the paperwork for an API in order.

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Price Comparison WP Plugin

  • Hotels Comparison
  • Flights Comparison
  • Email support
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Experienced Affiliates


B2C White label Website

  • Hotel Comparison
  • Flights Comparison
  • Tours Comparison
  • Free Hosting
  • Free SSL
  • Setup/ Support
  • Annual Maintenance - $99
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Pro Affiliates



  • Hotel Comparison
  • Flights Comparison
  • Tours Comparison
  • Car Rentals
  • Multiple Designs
  • Resell under your own branding
  • Free Hosting
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  • Android APP
  • Setup/ Support
  • Annual Maintenance - $199
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Automated Travel Website

It is a type of specialized search engine that extracts and displays results from search services in the same field. So according to this definition, there are two major differences with search engines. First, it serves in a specific and specialized field.

That is, like Google, it does not have a public model for each user search. Second, it extracts its results from other search services.Metasearch actually acted as an intermediary between different websites and users. With the help of the user, in response to a query. Instead of seeing only the results of one source lists the results of several sources.  In fact, Metasearch ‌, by collecting information from other services and search engines and filtering them, allowed the user to compare and select more.With the growing volume of data in the Internet space and the entry of various businesses into the virtual world, the need for meta-searching went beyond the organization of search engine results. 


What is Meta Search Engine?

Metasearch platforms consist of search engines that send questions to so many other search engines. Gathering the information provided and compiling it into a single list. After collecting the results, this search engine removes duplicate links. And, by its algorithm, combines/ranks the results in the general list.

Especially used in aviation and hospitality, Meta Search Engine platforms present prices and availability for flights or hotels. Collected from different sources, according to the dates previously chosen by users. Thus, the process of planning and booking a trip becomes an easier and faster experience. In fact, when you want to book a hotel, it is not much easier to see the prices made available on the official website of that hotel by or Expedia. For example instead of having to access a lot of websites individually?

Meta search engineMeta Search Engine

So, a metasearch is a search engine that, when searching for a query, simultaneously polls several independent traditional search engines. And returns their results with a single, combined list of results without duplicating links. And, if possible, improving private search results, i.e. acting as an intermediary between you and many leading COs.

How is Meta Search generated?

You may be wondering how meta-search revenue is generated? In response, we must say that those who refer users to the main stores and service providers. Earn money by receiving sales commissions from service vendors as well as advertising, and do not include their users in the monetization process. 

The amount of information on the Web is constantly increasing, and some of the data is dynamically changing. For this reason, no existing search engine can cover all the resources of the Internet. Thus, a situation may arise when your favorite search engine cannot find the document you need. Although it is present on the web. Then you will have to use other search engines in the hope of finding what you need. But there is also an alternative way to solve this problem - using metasearch, which is a search tool that sends your query to multiple search engines simultaneously. 

On the other hand, these systems do not allow you to take advantage of the unique capabilities of individual search engines. Thus, it is convenient to start searches on the Internet with metasearch. And if this does not help, then it is worth trying a detailed search on various sites. These systems do not allow you to take advantage of the unique capabilities of individual search engines. 

Thus, it is convenient to start searches on the Internet with a Meta Search Engine. And if this does not help, then it is worth trying a detailed search on various sites. These systems do not allow you to take advantage of the unique capabilities of individual search engines. Thus, it is convenient to start searches on the Internet with metasearch engines. And if this does not help, then it is worth trying a detailed search on various sites. 


Meta search engine for SEO 

This search engine can be useful for SEO in many ways. On the other hand, this engine can help with keyword optimization, because they generally have a great diversity of sites regarding a particular topic or keyword. In this way, possible synonyms or meaningful phrase combinations can be more easily discovered with respect to a specific keyword. A not underestimated side effect of Meta search is the time savings that occur because many search engines do not need to be individually searched "by hand."


Characteristics of a meta-search engine 

  • More effective search 
  • You might think that Google provides results so accurate that no other search tool is needed. However, no major search engine indexes every existing web page. The major search engines index only a portion of the publicly index able web. In addition, each search engine indexes different web pages. This means that if only one search engine is used, relevant results that could be found in other search engines will be lost.

  • They do not manage their own databases
  • Unlike search engines and individual directories, this engine does not have its own databases nor do they accept the submission of web addresses.

  • Web overview 
  • They can very quickly provide an overview of what is available on the web and where it can be found. They thus provide a quick way to find out which engines are retrieving the best results for the user's search.

  • Time-saving
  • Meta search engines save users a considerable amount of time by avoiding the hassle of having to run a query on each search engine. Most of the time the results are extremely relevant.


A Meta Search Engine has the same advantages over a search engine as searching in several directories over searching in one. However, this does not mean that metasearch should be used in all cases. If there are a lot of documents on the topic, then metasearch is unnecessary and, possibly, even harmful, since it mixes different ranking logic. But if there are few documents on the topic, then metasearch can be useful precisely because it brings together a large number of search engines.

The main advantage is the ability to quickly and conveniently make a query actually through one search line to many leading search engines at once. This saves time, and the analysis of a single listing of results is much easier than comparing many different listings with many duplicate results. In other words, working through metasearch, your viewing angle will always be significantly wider than through each PS separately.



This is the best search engine that is designed as a tool used to query information. Most of the programs used for searching on the web, Search engines have a method for searching by entering information or search terms. And the website will process the results that came out for those searching for information which the search term used is referred to as the Keyword of the search information. Currently, Meta Search Engine technology has developed and improved its quality even more. After completing the search the system will be able to select the results of the user. And save the search history for the next search results. To help people find information able to search for information efficiently.

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adivaha® is a one-stop-shop for all your travel website needs. We offer a multitude of services that empower you to become a market leader. Contact us for more info.

Meta Search Engine

Our Travelport solution gathers, ranks and presents data systematically.

WordPress Travel Plugins

Make your WordPress website a one-stop-travel-shop.

White label Travel Portal

Create a internet booking portal from scratch.

B2B Travel Booking Software

Become a supplier to agents by integrating our B2B module.

Corporate Travel Booking Tool

Cater to corporate clients without any fuss.

Itinerary Builder

Let your customers build their tour itinerary by themselves.

GDS/OTA Integration

Get API's of global travel consolidators.

Gift Cards & Loyalty Programme

We Design And Develop Digital Gifting Solutions For Everyone.

Mobile Apps Development

We are in a digital era and if your business does not have a mobile app,

Travel APIs

Integrate API's from other vendors into our plugin .

For API Owners

Are you looking to market your API to other agents without incurring the costs of integration and maintenance?

Please don't hesitate to


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Keep Refreshing your customers - Who doesn't want his site to stand out from crowd? adivaha® gives you multiple options for home pages, headers, colors etc. Which can easily be managed from admin via shortcodes and settings. The theme supports almost all the big players in this market ie, WEGO, Travelpayouts, Agoda, Booking, Expedia etc.
















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