Travelport has produced the first universal API for the Global Distribution System (GDS) in the form of Universal API. Travelport uAPI cost varies from USD 1500 – 4000 according to the level of company and the country you reside. Travelport Universal API is the GDS industry’s first truly universal API, giving you access to a world of content. Galileo is a product of Travelport, one of the world’s largest GDS. You can sell tickets from all over the world using the XML (API) platform that Galileo offers.

This article should help you setup a completely private branded B2C White Label Travel Portal with integrated Travelport Galileo uAPI by yourself. Make sure you are finished with the paper works and commercials with Galileo and adivaha®. Once signed up, you will recieve an email with the setup link. Click on the setup link and it should take you to the setup wizard. Follow step by step guide to get your travel business up and running within few mins.

Step 1 – Point your “A” record to the IP Address in the setup wizard. ie, (Please keep note, this ip may be different while in your setup wizard). You can check “ping” command in windows CMD to see if its pointing correctly. Once your domain name starts pointing. You will see a page something like the below.

Click here to learn how to create/modify “A” record in your DNS (Godaddy documentation)

Step 2 – Grab the setup url with the licence key in order to initiate the installation process. Setup URL will take you to a screen like below. You need to put your domain name in the input and hit “Register your business”. If the domain is not pointing correctly or if you have recently pointed, it should show you an alert “Please point ‘A’ record to ‘’ before registering the business.” You should wait and let it propogates throughout the globe. Generally it should take 5-10 mins, but it can take upto 24-48 hrs in some cases.

Step 3 – Register your business with correct information like, Name, Email, Company details etc and click “Next”. You can ignore “GSTIN” if your company is registered out of India.

Step 4 – Enter your Travelport Credentials in the below screen. You can feed the API credentials that you received from Travelport after contracting. This includes GDS, ACH and Conslidator’s Queue info. Click “Next” if you are finished feeding with the correct API credentials.

Step 5 – Time to choose the template from always growing library. You can select the template you like the most and hit “Next”. You are free to switch between the layouts that we offer.

Step 6 – You will now be taken to the screen where you can find your frontoffice and backoffice link, which should generally be your website with “/admin/”. Suppose your domain name is then your admin url is supposed to be

Platform gives you a huge list of added functionalities like, Multiple Designs, Multicurrency, Drag and Drop Modules, Easy Backoffice interfaces with nice looking transactional emails etc. Please donot hesitate to ask if you need any help from our experts in setup process at