Adivaha Hotel+Flight XML API Booking Module Installation

Install the Adivaha Hotel+Flight booking module in few clicks and convert your site into a powerful Hotel+Flight booking site. Have more to sell at your fingertips with our browser-based point-of-sale platform, so you can leverage the world’s most widely used retailing application. Make it faster and easier to sell all air and non-air travel content and perform all pre and post-sale activities on a single screen interface.


  1. Log in to your WordPress Admin.
  2. Click Adivaha in main left menu.
  3. Click Modules Repository
  4. Find the Adivaha Hotel+Flights module in the right panel and click Install
  5. You can now find the new installed module settings in the left menu for customization interface
  6. Copy the respective shortcodes from right panel and use it wherever you want..