How Much Investment Is Required to Use WordPress HotelBeds?

Does my subscription to one of the API products available to you do not require me to subscribe to the main service provider?

For example, if you subscribe to WordPress HotelBeds

I do not need to subscribe to him directly, and you give me authorization to access his data and prices

How do I know the prices and how this program works before I buy it? Are there examples of sites you work on?

Happy to communicate with you

dia Default Asked on June 18, 2021 in
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Hi Dia,

Thanks for posting your question. If we understood well, you do not have to tie up with the suppliers directly until you wish to do so. Our plugin comes with integrated APIs which can be plugged into any site and you are all set. But, if you have a subscription with some supplier (ie. Hotelbeds, Galileo Amadeus, etc), you can insert their API Keys and you will now be connected to the supplier with your credentials.

You will hear from your account manager shortly via email for personal assistance.

adivaha® Service Desk
Travel Technology Company Purchased Answered on June 18, 2021.
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