Does Expedia API Come Integrated With My WordPress Theme?


I have few questions,

1. how does it works i mean if i include the all packages from expedia how the commission works?

2. is there any extra cost apart from the theme to get involve with expedia

3. can you tell me more about expedia? i mean what kind of product they offer

4. in your demo content there is an option for flight is there any other api or expedia only

5. is there any extra cost for this option setting or it comes with the theme

6. i am interest on both because my company is travel tourism company and i have to include tour package

7. but is there any option you have i could include the tour API like expedia

8. with the WEGO flight people can buy for any destination?

9. its shows the currency in dollar is it possible it any one search from UK the currency will show as Pounds

10. can i use this theme in shared hosting and  what should be the configuration

Hasan Default Asked on June 15, 2015 in
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Hi Hasan,

Thanks for inquiring with us. Please find the respective answers below.
1. It starts from 5% and grows as you get older.

2. No additional cost is applicable.

3. They offer hotels only. They have stopped their Cars, Flights, Packages long years ago. There is no other company who provides online booking feature in their API.

4. Yes, We are offering Flights from WEGO, Its based on “Pay per exit clicks” Which means you gain commissions even if no bookings takes place

You gain a commission every time your customers gets redirected to the service providers website.

5. You can purchase the “Addons” to extend features in your site. Elsewise there are no hidden charges

6. Will you be selling tour packages online ? If yes, we have addon for selling tour packages online ?

7. Expedia is limited to Hotels only. They have stopped their Holidays, Flights, cars and cruises API long years back 🙂

8. Yes, its worldwide

9.  We can set the default currency for both Hotels and Flights

10. A basic shared hosting will work

1. Apache (Linux) 500 MB – 2 GB
2. Database (2 GB)


Should you have any questions, Please feel free to ask me.

Prashant Purchased Answered on June 15, 2015.
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