How to Get Started Developing with the Expedia API?

Dear Support,

we would like to buy your Expedia WordPress API.

but before Iwe have a few questions:

– Can I use the plugin with German language and translate all necessary texts and boxes.
–  Can I translate the autocomplete country list into German
–  Can I create a predefined filter set, for example “just show 5 star” hotels
– I can’t find a working Expedia demo on your website. Do you have one?
– Is the source code of your plugin encrypted, or can I modify?

– How can i buy the plugin?

Sunny greetings from Cologne


Wolfgang Default Asked on May 26, 2021 in
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Dear Sunny,

We do not offer Expedia in particular as the updated plugin offers a combination of different APIs from multiple suppliers, bed banks, and GDS.

Every plugin works differently and has a different set of features and flexibilities. You will hear from the assigned account manager shortly for more discussion.

adivaha® Service Desk
Travel Technology Company Purchased Answered on May 26, 2021.
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