How to Choose The Right Hotel Plugin Solution For Your Business?

Hotel Booking Plugin

1. Can I Edit the Prices of the Hotels, Not Markup,
I Just wanna create new prices for the Hotel.

2. From which website do you gather Hotels and Prices?

3. Does they get any commissions?

4. Is it affiliate marketing ?



Xinit22 Default Asked on March 2, 2021 in
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Hi Xinit,

Thanks for posting your question. Please find the respective answers below.

1. No, you cannot change the price of hotels the way you want.

2. We have tieups with lot many suppliers which includes multiple Bedbanks, OTAs and GDS.

3.  Markup you add is your earning

4. Is it affiliate marketing ? – No its not an affiliate marketing. Its partnership based model. You won’t receive booking feature in affiliate marketing.

Hope this helps!

team adivaha Purchased Answered on March 2, 2021.
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