Do I Need an IATA License to Have a Website?

I am in California.  In order to have a white label website, do we have to have an IATA number or the California Seller of Travel number?

tammysearle Default Asked on January 22, 2022 in
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Dear Tammy,

Thanks for posting this question. Yes, has been a major concern among Travel Startups. It actually depends on which level you are planning to start.

If your only plan is to earn the commission from your traffic or you have just recently started researching about this, and want something to start with, the best would be to go with Travel Affiliate Solution.  This helps you make your online presence with a limited investment and you don’t need IATA licensing in this business model.

Or you can tie up with some Travel Technology or Travel Agencies who can offer you APIs to get your website built. This should come with a nice investment. You will not need IATA licensing in this case too as the Supplier offering you the APIs will be responsible for all the bookings and ticketings.

And the last would be to get your own contracting with the GDS, Bedbanks, or OTAs and use their APIs to sell their services and earn through their respective business model. You will need IATA  to issue the tickets here and moreover, IATA number makes the other partner feel comfortable while working with you and somehow showcase that you are serious about the travel business.

Hope i was able to explain you well.

Prashant Purchased Answered on January 23, 2022.
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