How Implementing a B2B Self Booking Tool Can Grow Your Company?

Dear Sales,

I appreciate your reply in advance.

Are you able to assist us in finding the right tool for be able to offer the right solutions for our corporate travel clients within Europe and USA.

We are an online IATAN travel Agent.

We specialize in booking hotels for delayed passengers on behalf of the airlines within Europe.

We are looking for a booking portal that either us or our airline clients can book and pay with virtual payment and the booking confirmation can then be emailed to the passenger’s mobile phone.

The bookings would be logged under the airline account so that the airline can reconcile their account with the charges to their credit card.

We also book hotels for passengers who are re-directed / re-routed via another city/country and so if the airline is based in the UK then we require to pay for the hotel in Pound/Euro /USD or other currencies, depending where the airline client is based as we must invoice the airline in their local currency.

We also looking for a corporate booking tool that would allow our small to medium corporate clients to log into their accounts and book their travel arrangements from flights, car hire and hotels.

With the facility to see booking options for all travel requirements and also get booking updates on delays or disruptions to their travel arrangements.


    • Integration: Looking to be able integrate with airline client reservation system to provide a flow of information. Be able to receive key information to accommodate passengers, and communicate results back with reservation detail)


    • Multiple Hotel Booking Options: be able to offer all hotel options in the market to quickly provide the passengers with cost-effective rooms


    • Mobile Self-Service App: Based on booking rules defined by the airline, passengers have the ability to book their accommodations through their own mobile devices, giving the passenger the control of the booking process as well as getting immediate hotel confirmation


    • Issue electronic Hotel and Ground Transportation Vouchers: Which will allow the process of providing passengers with their vouchers, saving time and resources


    • Virtual Card Payment Process: Providing hotels and ground transportation companies with a virtual credit card to ensure minimize possible fraud and simplify the invoicing process


    • Data Analytics: Be able to provide the airline/clients full visibility into their disrupted passenger operation key metrics, including a breakdown of what was spent by airport, disruption codes, and flights.


I appreciate your help and thoughts.


scarroll Default Asked on July 15, 2020 in
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Dear Simon,

Thanks for showing interest in our services. What I have understood is that currently you are doing it all manual and looking for tools to automate your process. Your airline’s clients will be able to book the hotels in your portal with Virtual payments (or Credits) and all this information should be passed to the airline for further settlement.

Yes, we do offer B2B and Self Booking tool along with Mobile Apps. I have replied to your email with a detailed workflow. and commercials Let us know your thoughts.


Prashant Purchased Answered on July 15, 2020.
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