What Are the Costs of Implementing an Internet Booking Engine?

Hi,  I have a question about the internet booking engine, please


There is no clear pricing or clarity, but you mention all that’s included below

Add Travel booking engine plugin into your existing site within 5 minutes and start selling Hotels, Flights, Car Rentals, Activities and Transfers right away using APIs from Giant Bedbanks, OTA and GDS with Travel Booking Engine Combo.


No Hidden Charges
We only ask you for a one-time fee? We make sure that you don’t have to invest over and over again in your business.

Net and commissionable fares
We will provide you with net rates as well as commissionable fares, you can choose according to your business model.

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Dear Monoi,

Thanks for posting this question. Yes, we understand your concern. Basically, the cost depends on how you would like your booking engine to function.

So there are different pricing when

1. You are looking for the booking engine with inbuilt travel APIs.
2. You are looking for the booking engine with the supplier of your choice (ie, TBO, Galileo, Hotelbeds, Amadeus etc) with your own contracting.
3. Number of services you purchase (ie. Hotels, Flights, Car Rentals etc)
4. You only looking for the plugin (you have your own website) or if you want us to do the complete portal setup for you.
5. The kind of solution you purchase, ie, Booking Engine, B2B, CBT, Trip Composer, Itinerary Builder etc.

As far as services are concerned, you can take a look at the costing here

As you see, the prices totally depend on the services and the solution you purchase, hence we are also not able to offer you one single price.

Hope you understand, but do let us know if you have any question.



support@thewebconz.com Purchased Answered on March 12, 2021.
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