Can I Expect SEO Benefits from an Indexable Page?

I like it!!

On the new page that has been created there are sections for ‘meta’ information at the bottom of page design screen.Is that for seo purposes?Can we [should we?] use an seo plugin? [eg yoast]
What size do you recommend for featured image?

Presumably the page that has been created is indexable by google and so carries some seo power?

I would like to discuss and understand your various seo options in your pricing table next week.



allen Default Asked on June 20, 2015 in
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Hi Allen,

Please find my respective answers below.

Though we have inbuilt options to set Meta Details but you are free to use any tool you are comfortable with.

Banner Image size must be (1366 X 313) px. 

Yes, These City Landing pages opens door for theme subscribers to have their city landing pages with their own SEO contents targeting the City/Destinations.

Prashant Purchased Answered on June 20, 2015.
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