What Is a CNAME and How To Set It Up For Your Site?

1. We want to make sure we can have a Cname for the site. We noticed on your sample travel site that it links to an external URL upon booking. We are looking for the booking process to be seamless through our site without going to and external URL

2. We are looking to add a custom ‘rating’ scale to each hotel. We would like to have a backend where we can add a feature that allows us to personally rate the hotel using radial buttons to check if the hotel meets certain standards. i.e. if the hotel “Pays above Minimum Wage” then we can check a radial button and an icon/badge will show up in the hotel profile

3. http://www.mysite.com/ We would like the hotel to ‘Pop Up’ with the information, photos and booking link for the hotel. Meaning you can go to the hotel booking page by clicking on the main image AND also by ‘booking icon/button’ similar to the check out button in fancy on the top right. You click on this button however and it shows the hotel detail as a pop up.

4. We would expect the site to be responsive so it can resize to tablets and iPhone.

5. We would like the hotels to populate on the home page based on our rating scale as in item #2. The more checks of our standard they have the higher they are in ranking and therefore show up as the featured top 10 sustainable hotel on the main page.

6. Is there a way to list hotels that are not listed under expedia i.e. boutique hotels that would like to be listed but we are listing them manually almost like a shopping cart check out but would ideally sync up with their booking calendar.

5. You are free to customize the theme as much you want, but you may not be able to customize the search results or booking feature (Which is the core part)
We don’t want to customize the search results in terms of functionality but would want to reskin the design for sure and would need to know if we can do this.

That’s generally it. Do you have other reference sites we can view?

We are looking to completely customize the site based on our design and working within the guidelines of affiliate to create the site.

Thank you for your quick response to the above and if possible to quote on each service so we can get an idea of total budget that would be appreciated,



Rod Isao Tasaka Default Asked on June 14, 2015 in
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Dear Rod,

Thanks for showing interest in our services.  With respect to your queries

1. As the site will be hosted in your server, you are free to create Cname the very same way we usually do. There are lot many affiliates integrated into the theme. You are free to choose between “Price Comparison” or “Online Booking” website. All the other products than Adivaha and GDS are meta search. So  you can go with Adivaha Real Time Hotel Booking theme if you want your customers to stay in your website at the time of checkout.

2. As the site is 100% customizable. We are free to build logic. 

3. It works the very same way. 

4. Yes the site is responsive.

5. Yes, its possible. We have emailed you about this scope of work.

6. Yes, we have additional addon to sell your property along with Adivaha ones.

5. As the theme is 100% customizable, we can surely reskin any part of the theme.

Feel free to ask us in case if you have any question.


Adivaha Team.

support@thewebconz.com Purchased Answered on June 14, 2015.
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Most welcome 🙂

support@thewebconz.com Purchased Answered on June 14, 2015.
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Thanks Prashant,

Good answers. I’ll review with my client and we’ll get back to you.
Rod Isao Tasaka Default Answered on June 14, 2015.
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