How To Launch a Single Aggregator For All Your Travel Services?

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My name is Anthony York I own and operate a small family travel agency in Trinidad, Barbados and London, with the current covid-19 pandemic my marketing team has suggested we seek your services. We would like to transition our agency to an online platform however the issue here is that aggregators  don’t tend to combine multiple channels ie. Hotel booking and flights.  They usually only specialize in
and serve one type of data ie. Flights OR Hotels because the data is very specific and costly.

Expedia for example currently only have an API available for hotels bookings but they do not give API access to flight data.

To use a solution like this to build a site like Expedia you’d need to combine services from two aggregators or more.

Through my  research team we have managed to find a service that does so.  Your service (Adivha) which have combined flights, hotels and vacation data into one data feed which we can use to build our website.

This is the option we are interested in– Commission:  You get a 3% commission on bookings. Users book and pay on your site but payments are made directly to the aggregator (Adivha).  They then payout commissions once a $100 limit is reached.
Confirmation and reservations are made in real time.


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Dear Anthony,

Thanks for showing interest in our services. You are absolutely correct. The reason behind offering one service is that you need to be BIG in order to provide both the services. Even companies such as Expedia offer Hotels and Flights both to their customers, but they still do not offer flights to their partners. Flights solution is something which isn’t easy to get due to huge investment and a lot of hassle. One must have good knowledge of how flights work and must be authorized to sell flight tickets. So along with investments, it comes with responsibilities as well. If the startup is new to Flights business or GDS, they may get into confusion and may overpay for the same thing due to lack of knowledge about how Flights works. Adivaha makes things easy for Travel Agencies and Startups by keeping them away from all the hassles and minimizing their investment in achieving the same. This way, they can focus on the core business (ie. selling hotels and tickets) and we work as the backbone/backoffice for them.

How do we help! : Adivaha offers Cross platform plugins for every Affiliate, Agency, IATA, Non IATA customers who wish to get their business online. You can later expand your business with Upgrading your plugin, Have your own Pre built Private Branded Mobile Apps with minimum investment and no hidden fee.

Adivaha keeps you away from all the technical hassles, with updates so that you can focus on your business. You receive Lifetime customer and technical support. Welcome to the Business!

Following are the plugins that should fulfill your requirements.

Flights Plugin  –

Should you have any question, please don’t hesitate to reply to this thread.
Prashant Purchased Answered on May 2, 2020.
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