How to Easily Setup the WordPress Viator Plugin Integration?

Dear Sir or Madam,

We would like to purchase the WordPress Viator plugin. Would you please inform me if it works for the VIATOR referral API service?

The sample of the above integration is :

Do you have any demo of your plugin?

Thanks and Regards

idlorder Default Asked on May 19, 2020 in
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Dear Hassan,

Thanks for your email. Viator API offers two solution, ie. Viator Whitelabel and Viator Merchant API based solution. The solution that is using is Viator Merchant API based solution

Viator Whitelabel Solution – You will have a complete private branded web portal offering Viator products, your customers will be able to find the tours while remaining in your website, but one they try to view the description, they will be routed to for Tour details, Booking and confirmation. This way, you stay away from all the hassles of taking care of your customer support. Its cheap and best solution for affiliates looking to have a Travel Portal offering Viator Tours.

NOTE : Please view the demo one by one as the same demo is using two different plugins. Try Viator Plugin first, then once you are done, try the Merchant API demo. Or as an alternate you can open one demo in Incognito mode.

Cost : $169 for Viator Whitelabel Plugin / Solution
Online Demo :

Viator Merchant API Solution – Its best solution for Travel Agencies looking to have a Travel Portal offering Viator Tours under their own Private branding. Customers will be able to book the viator packages through your web portal directly. This means, they won’t be redirected to viator for further booking. Customers will receive an instant confirmation. This way, you will have records of every single customer who made bookings  through your website for further promotional activities. Merchant API is a bit difficult to get access to because it will depend on the credibility of your travel company.

Cost : $1999 for Viator Merchant API based plugin / solution

Online Demo :

Should you have any question, please don’t hesitate to reply this thread.

Prashant Purchased Answered on May 19, 2020.
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