You can surely use some of the Big aggregator companies or build your own aggregator which should be able to cache results from third-party sites. You must have an affiliation with OTA  (Online Travel Agencies) like Expedia, Booking, Agoda etc so that you track/generate revenue after redirecting it to respective website for the further booking process. Below are few of the concerns which you must be aware of before you get into this.

1. Use aggregator Companies: If you simply want to have a Hotels & Flights Price Comparison Website irrespective of what all hotel/flights suppliers it shows – For this, you can use any existing aggregator. WEGO, Travelpayouts, Skyscanner etc are amongst major players in this business. These companies provide two types of solution in general, ie white-labeling & API. Whitelabeling is easy to implement but can’t be customized much as we don’t have access to the source code. Whereas API based sites can be customized up to 100% but you must have technicals to code it for you. Every time a customer is redirected to the third party, you receive a certain commission from the respective company (ie, WEGO, Travelpayouts, Skyscanner, Hotelscombined etc). You won’t be having a direct partnership with Big Players (ie, Expedia, Booking, Agoda etc) and have affiliation with these aggregator companies as middlemen. Every aggregator company has their own commissioning structure like WEGO offers commission every time a customer redirects to the third-party site regardless of booking, whereas Travelpayouts offers commission only on booking.

You can take a look at the WordPress theme based on Travelpayouts white label solution.

Live Demo :

2. Building your own aggregator : If you thinking of creating such price comparison theme for selective suppliers by yourself – You will need to have affiliation with the Big Players like, The largest selection of hotels, homes, and vacation rentalsSearch Hotels, Cheap Flights, Car Rentals & Vacations etc which is too difficult for small or medium level agencies & affiliates. These OTA (Online Travel Agencies) have a set of standard which one must meet in order to get their inventories access. For an eg, You must have 1+million bookings & visitors on your website which is a bit difficult for affiliates or small/medium level agencies. Even somehow you get access from them, its difficult to bind the results from different OTA into one. It cannot be real-time as the page will hang if it tries to retrieve results from multiple sites at a time, so you need an Infrastructure to cache the results and keep the database updated all the time. You will even have to scrape some of the sites for the prices and availability which isn’t reliable at all (In the long run). Above are basic challenges that you may face while building your own aggregator and there are way too many others you may have to face. The Technical support & Overall Infrastructure makes it expensive/difficult for an average company and that’s the reason there are very limited Aggregator Websites if compared to Online Booking Engines.

Travel API Integration, WordPress Travel Affiliate Plugin

We have been working on API based websites for past few years helping more than 10000+ customers to have their own Travel Website. Please don’t hesitate to ask in case if you have any question or custom requirements in the below comment box.