The travel industry has changed a lot recently, and online platforms have become crucial for people to find and book their trips. Meta search engines are a big part of this change. They help travelers compare flights, hotels, and other services from different sources. But now, these engines are becoming even better by turning into complete travel booking platforms. This means users can book their entire trip, from start to finish, all in one place.

The Rise of Meta Search Engines:

Meta search engines have made it easier for people to find the best travel deals. Instead of checking multiple websites, these engines gather information from different online travel agencies and airlines. They simplify the process of comparing prices, availability, and services. But until recently, users had to leave the meta search engine’s website to complete their bookings. This was inconvenient and fragmented the booking experience.

In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of transforming your Meta Search Engine to an End to End Travel Booking Engine and why it matters for travelers like you. By end of the article, you will have a complete understanding about upgrading your plugin to a booking engine.

Transparency: As an affiliate, we donot have any control over the prices neither we have any track of bookings and commissions. Lack of transparency makes the overall business a bit unreliable and even after millions of booking, we donot have contact details of any of our customer for upselling or re-targeting purposes..

A Smoother Experience: By transforming into all-in-one travel booking platforms, meta search engines now offer a seamless experience. You don’t have to jump between different websites anymore. Everything you need to book your trip is available in one place. This change makes the process smoother and more enjoyable for you as a traveler.

All Your Travel Needs in One Place: With this transformation, travel booking engine have expanded their services beyond flights and hotels. They now offer a wide range of travel options. You can book rental cars, tours, activities, travel insurance, and more, all on the same platform. This convenience simplifies your travel planning and saves you time and effort.

Up-to-Date Information: All-in-one travel booking platforms provide you with real-time pricing and availability. They connect directly with various travel service providers to give you the latest information on flights, hotel rooms, and other services. This helps you make informed decisions and ensures you have accurate and up-to-date details for your trip.

Personalized Recommendations: The booking platforms can use customer information and booking history to offer customized recommendations. It can suggest travel options based on their preferences and even provide exclusive deals and curated itineraries. This personalization adds a special touch to your travel experience and makes it more enjoyable.

Trust and Security: When the customer uses an all-in-one booking platform, they can handle all their bookings and payments in one secure place. This eliminates the need to share sensitive information across multiple websites. Reputable platforms have strong security measures in place to protect your data and ensure safe transactions. This builds trust and gives them peace of mind while booking their trip.

The transformation of meta search engines into end-to-end travel booking engine marks an exciting development in the travel industry. By consolidating various travel services and streamlining the booking process, these engines offer users a one-stop solution for their travel needs. From improved user experiences to comprehensive travel planning, real-time information, personalization, and enhanced security, the benefits of converting to an end-to-end booking engine are significant. As the travel industry continues to evolve, embracing this transition can position travel booking engines at the forefront of innovation and cater to the ever-changing demands of modern travelers.

Upgrade your Meta Search Engine to a Real-time Travel Booking Engine

upgrade meta search to travel booking engine plugin

1 Login to your dashboard

Login to Dashboard

2. Navigate to the “My Apps” menu in the left panel (Drawer) menu.

Navigate to My APPs

3. Find “adivaha® Hotels” and click “Activate” button. You can either use your Wallet balance or pay online to activate the module.

Install adivaha Modules
Install adivaha Modules

4. It should ask you if you would like to replace your “Meta Search Hotels” to the “adivaha Hotel” or, will you be configuring it manually. Click “Auto Replace” to let the system configure it for you. Follow the same steps to activate the module of your choice.

Auto-replace adivaha module
Auto-replace adivaha module

5. Navigate to the searchbox on your home page and retry searching and you willl notice the customers are not being routed to the third parties and the plugin is letting them book within your own website.

Home Page Search Box

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