Why Use adivaha® Plugin ? - As a travel startup, the very first requirement is to have a nice looking website which should look good in all the devices as well, as your website is a face of your company. In order to achieve this ...read more ...

65000+ destinations : We know that the location of hotels is more important than the number of them, so we make sure our hotels are located in the places your travelers want to stay.

Rich content : Great content is proven to improve conversion, which is why we pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality images and accurate, detailed hotel descriptions, bringing the whole experience to life. The Image catalogue offers over 11 million property images, over 6.5 million room images and over 80% of our images are high resolution (larger than 1000x1000).

Competitive rates : You get a variety of different rates including package, mobile and standalone. Plus, with over 650,000 deals, including member-only deals for your closed-user-groups and package rates, you will build loyalty and delight your travelers.

Better availability : Your travelers can book from up to 500 days in advance or, for those 11th-hour types, at 23:59 on the day of check-in.

TripAdvisor API for Ratings & Reviews : . Allow your customers to verify their stay before booking. World's Largest Travel Site. 435 million+ unbiased traveller reviews.

Control your earnings : Add your own markup and collect payments straight into your account.

Private identity - Introduce yourself as a brand. Who doesn't wants his/her site to be unique? This plugin helps you to improve your reputation amongst your customers and competetors with a private identity.

Easy Customizations - Admin interface of each shortcode for customizations.

No Redirects - Customers won't be redirected to any third party website for booking process. Your customers will be able to register and manage their bookings (Cancellations) on their own from their dashboard.

Free Payment Gateway Integration - Choose amongst famous payment gateway integration abosolutely free of cost ie, Paypal, Stripe, Authorize.net, 2Checkout, Razorpay in order to receive payments. Additional charges of $99 is applicable for any non listed payment gateway.

Start Earning : As you will be receiving the payment (with markup) directly into your account though the payment gateway, this way, you don't have to wait long for your earnings.

Auto Sync Inventories : Plugin has inbuilt feature of updating live inventories and availibilities, hereby you stay away from the hassle of updating the database periodically.

Private Branded Confirmation Emails : Customer receives a private branded hotel confirmation email with your logo and informations.

Discount Coupons : Generate as many number of discount coupons for your near and dear customers.

Cashbacks : Let customers earn cashbacks with each booking which they can utilize at the next reservation.

B2B (Business to Business) : Invite Agents and let them earn through bookings made through your website. Add/remove Agents anytime and define their commissions.

Free Updates : Keep your application updated with upcoming features without any cost.

SEO (Search Engine Indexable Landing Pages) : Generate as many Hotel/Cities landing pages. Google Indexable pages with optimized speed and performances. Easy and Quick.

Promotional Marketing : You will have access to all your customer's information for further Email or Promotional marketing.

Mobile Responsive : Makes your site look good in all devices screen.

Detailed Reporting : Get a detailed reporting of website activities in your WordPress dashboard for further analysis.

Blog : Generate traffic with good quality contents. Almost every website has blog now a days and around 30% of total websites in the internet is now using WordPress.

Existing WordPress Website : You already have a stunning website? Use the plugin to match your existing website color combinations and graphics via shortcodes itself.

Easy Installation : Its easy to install and customize. Practical Design and feature possibilities makes the plugin unique.

Customer/Technical Support - Most of the websites faces difficulties down the road because of lacking technical support. Apart from that, applications has to be updated with new technologies time to time. It all may lead you to further more investments than what you expected. adivaha® not only help you with customer support we even make sure your website keeps working with any WordPress updates in future.