What’s the Maximum I Can Earn Owning a Travel Portal?


Actually I want to know how many customers buy tickets form new website in average.  So in average. How may tickets I could sell in first month.  If I did small campaign on social media. We are in process to have business plan some need some assumptions


Webarabiait Default Asked on June 7, 2020 in
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Hey, Nice Question,

Basically that totally depends on your business strategy, the market you are going to target (your domestic/international) and the overall business you already have/will/can generate. We are a travel technology company who helps you in having your own private branded Web Portal offering different travel services. We even offer third party integration with the OTA or GDS of your choice at very reasonable, no hidden prices, and fixed setup ETA. So that you plan your budget and time accordingly. There is no yearly cost, so once you enter the family, you stay with us lifetime. We are always here in case if you would like to re-workout on your travel ideas in case in future.

Every online travel business works the very same way and their major challenge is to build online reputation.

1. You should always have to workout on your PR (Personal Relationship) first and build the trust among your customers.
2. Along with that you also need to make sure your customers can find you easily if they have travel needs.

Once you stay ahead in these two points. Then you start generating business and keep growing.

But just to give you an idea, We expect 5-10 bookings per 100 visitor 1st year depending on the quality of traffic. You are free to decide your markup, so you have total control over you earnings while keeping the prices competitive.

Though Adivaha, helps you stay away from all the hassles ie. Private Branded site, Mobile apps, B2B or Corporate Solution, multiple designs, Easy to use Backoffice. But as a startup,  even you will have to go through the challenges others went through.

Hope you understand what i mean. Please donot hesitate to ask in case you have any more question



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