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I was looking at your demo, it seems like your API doesn’t display some of the flights like what they are available in aviasal.ru or momondo.com. When I purchase the prebuild adivaha plugin will it be possible to add other APIs for example from Finnair?

Rama Default Asked on May 12, 2021 in
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Hi Rama,

Hope you are doing well and thanks for your kind reply. Yes, i got you. The references you gave are all “Meta Search Engines” which is a totally different business model if compared to “Travel Booking Engines“.
Meta Search Engines, don’t have a partnership with Airlines and are more like an affiliate model, hence they don’t offer complete bookings, and customers are redirected towards third party website for further booking process. Whereas the airlines that you see in “Booking Engines” are directly or indirectly partnered with. Thereby, you benefit other features like, booking, ticketing, invoices, expense management etc along with extensions like, B2B, CBT, . Which lets you work as a travel agent instead of an affiliate. If you don’t find the Airline in the “Booking Engine” means, it is yet to get into an agreement, What you see in the inventories is what you get.
Yes, if you can partner with the Airline, we can surely get the API integrated for you.
If you thinking of having Meta Search Engine, Travelpayouts affiliates is the only option. We can make your site professional, but the end of the day, that’s what you can achieve when it comes to Meta Search Engine.
Your assigned account manager will be in touch with you for any further details
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Rama Default Answered on May 12, 2021.
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