How to Integrate Multiple Travel APIs With Your WordPress Site?


I am interested in API integration in WordPress.

My idea at this stage is to undertake some of the design tasks from my end hire a travel technology company with an access as an administrator to involve with the API’s integration, and whatever required to finalise the website. The hourly rate will be as we agreed . However, the travel portal development company should have the relative experience to complete the tasks accordingly.

In regards the server requirements could advise if siteground web hosting will be able to cope with high demand of booking volumes and files. Please note that some of the API providers include about 100 thousand properties in their documentation, I am note sure if siteground could cope with such demand and also if there is any risk in terms of security.

Please let me know in regards with below suppliers and regarding the API integration in WordPress. What attribute could be used in  WordPress to integrate the below API’s. We will use Rest API, PHP API or should be used as a plug in. Also note some providers are working with Chanel managers including independent hoteliers. Could you review the below providers to integrate them in wordpress travel theme.

My query is due to some of the Travel API suppliers have a large a volume of properties if could be a problem for your developers to  integrate them in WordPress and any server requirements.

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Dear Atlas,

Thanks for showing interest in our services.

What we have understood is you are seeking for a full time Travel Technology Company to build you the complete infrastructure on WordPress based on the mentioned companies What is API. You have concerns, if the combination of WordPress framework and  Siteground Hosting is capable of handling these requirements and Travel API Integration from multiple Third Party companies .

WordPress – WordPress is an advance PHP framework, which lets you build the website quickly, easily and comes with basic inbuilt security and Plugin/Extension features. A plugin is a piece of software containing a group of functions that can be added to a WordPress website. They can extend functionality or add new features to your WordPress websites.

30% of total websites that you see is all based on WordPress. The beauty of WordPress is that it can be customized to meet any business requirements. So what we can understand from this is, WordPress is the best and the most reliable CMS Software as of now.

Hosting – Every Hosting company offers different plans, ie. Shared, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Hosting and Cloud Hosting. Every plan comes with its own cost and you receive different level of technical support on each service. If you feel you are looking fowrard to combine multiple APIs, you should go with Cloud service, be it Siteground, Azure or Amazon Cloud hosting. So its not about company, its about the plan you should think about.

Security – Application is secured at various levels. Some basic security we suggest apart from Code level is to have Sitelock and some Antivirus installed on your server. You can activate the daily backup safer side to recover data in case if somehow your site misbehaves.

You need to request Travel APIs from all the below companies and we will merge it into one single plugin. It will cost you $1499 for each Hotel/Stay API integration with default look and feel like below.

Online Demo

To summarize everything, Combination of WordPres and AWS (Amazon Web Services) would be ideal solution for your application. You can further increase the capability of your servers as you grow.

Should you have any question, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Prashant Purchased Answered on May 7, 2020.
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