What Is The WordPress TravelPort Plugin and What Does It Offer?

Hi there,


I am in the very early stages of creating an online travel agency for the Australian Market and kindly wondered if you could provide some further information on your product, please?

I want to offer my clients packages online, inclusive of already searched flights, hotels, transfers and tours, whilst needs to be integrated with GDS to confirm the flights as well as the land all in the bank end.

I want to be able to show live package prices, the land prices are not the issue, it’s allowing a Rest API to run in the background continuously checking the flight prices e.g From $1999 incl flights from Sydney. When the customer selects the package they will, of course, see the from prices which will lead them to selects their departure Australian airport and date. I believe that your WordPress TravelPort Plugin may allow me to do this?

I have already reached out to Travelport for access and they have sent me their requirements, as this is an Australian company, they don’t run with IATA but required being ATAS accredited – can you still accommodate for this

The closest online travel agency I can see have this type of system is ###Company_Hidden###, where if you go to book now the prices are showing inclusive of flights the customer just needs to select the departure airport and desired date – can this be done? ####URL_HIDDEN####

I also understand you have a B2B system? I need a back-end system that allows me to do the below:

* Links with my B2C website and GDS so clients can select desired flights

* Create new packages and upload contracts or nett for DM packages which will then upload to website in same format
* Links with Bedbanks for live pricing on the hotels, Tours and transfers I have selected for packages – unless contracted rates
* Payments to be securely taken online as well as offer deposits – Need to be automated 2 weeks prior airlines ticketing date & hotel cancelation period – Deposit option to be automatically adjusted for client
* Automated email confirmation to client with payment receipt attached
* Automated email to client for payment plan reminders
* Automated email to suppliers for confirmation
* Automatically holds IT Fares for deposit only option or books full fare flight
* Automatically creates a client profile when data is entered – either for further information, newsletter or booking confirmation
* Dashboard to show booking numbers – upcoming trips and dates to contact suppliers
* Send out documents in specific layout
* Accounts to be reconciled with suppliers and linked to business bank acc number
* Notifications when client contacts using the online form

* The above but not limited to others

Can you confirm this is possible? Can you also assist with the initial website design? Or only make sure correctly integrates with your system after my website has been created?

Many thanks once again and I very much look forward to hearing from you again shortly.


lloydnyssa Default Asked on October 6, 2020 in
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Hey Mr Lloyd,

Thanks for showing interest in our services. Just so that you know, we are Certified Travelport Developers and have done similar projects you are looking for. Most of your points are all covered by our B2C and B2B Solutions. We can work out on the further customizations. One of our representatives will get in touch with you shortly and guide you through the rest of the procedure.



support@thewebconz.com Purchased Answered on October 6, 2020.
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