Is The Real-Time Flight Booking Plugin Really Useful For Us?


We are a travel agency having an IATA license. Will the real-time flight booking plugin be useful for us. In your product description it is mentioned that it’s for non IATA. Can you please confirm, We would also like to know the cash flow in case of transactions happening through the plugin because it says that the cash comes to our account. should we transfer the amount to the flight company.


abhinsudhaz Default Asked on May 26, 2020 in
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Dear Abhin

Thanks for showing interest. We mean to say, “Adivaha Flight Booking System” is for NON IATA too. Which means, one doesn’t has to be an IATA Company in order to use our Flight booking plugin.

You don’t have to pay to the Airlines directly, until unless you have your own GDS API, be it Amadeus, Sabre or Travelport.

Cash flow for Indian Companies/Organizations : Indian companies have to pre-deposit funds into their wallet associated with Adivaha. You can then add your own markup and receive the payments into your account. This way you receive your earnings the very same moment. The amount in your prefunded wallet will be deducted for the real time Flight bookings.

So just for an example : You prefunded your wallet (From Adivaha Dashboard) with Rs 50,000/-. You added your markup (from Adivaha Dashboard) on top of net fares received from Adivaha 10%. Suppose you receive Rs 10,000/- as a net fare for a flight from Delhi -> Goa. And, you added 10% as your markup, which makes the total cost for customers to pay Rs 11,000/- . Now customers will pay this Rs 11,000/- into your account via your payment gateway. And, Rs 10,000/- (Net fare) will be deducted from your prefunded wallet with Rs 50,000/-. Which will now leave Rs 40,000/- cash in your wallet.

This way, you keep prefunding your wallet and receive your earnings into your bank account directly via your preferred payment gateway.

Cash flow for International Companies/Organizations : International Agencies donot have to pre fund their wallet. Everything remains the same as above, but instead of prefunding, their attached Credit Card will be charged with net fares.

Hope this clarifies. Should you have any more questions. Please donot hesitate to ask.

Prashant Purchased Answered on May 26, 2020.
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