White label travel portal development is the best way to start an online travel agency and take advantage of advanced travel technology, access to existing global travel APIs, and many more, in order to create customized travel solutions that meet their needs. In this blog article, we will see why one should invest in white-label travel portal development for their business.

Increase Revenue and Profitability

White label travel portal development can improve the potential to increase revenue and profitability in your business. By investing in white-label travel portal development, businesses can gain access to more customers and reduce overhead costs. You can also gain more control over your customer experience, resulting in higher repeat business and loyalty.

White label travel portals lets you leverage on pre-built and okay tested technology, making the process of bookings more efficient. Businesses using ready to go LIVE white label travel solutions can also benefit from an increase in brand recognition and visibility.

A Brandable Solution for Better Connectivity

Ready made White-label travel websites help travel agencies to develop a brand for customer recognition with minimum investment. We offer a customizable white label platform with an intuitive interface for your customers that is tailored to their specific needs. It comes with pre-built multiple layouts and can further be customized through the custom css.

White label travel portals are cost-effective and easy to maintain over the long-term. adivaha® a Travel Technology company offers you various different designs to choose from and AI features that help increase the visibility and usability of the platform. Furthermore, white label solutions are quick and easy to implement, allowing travel agencies to easily introduce new features down the road.

Easily Customizable Solutions

White-label travel portals are an ideal solution for travel agencies who wish to offer their customers a personalised experience. You can customise everything in terms of designing, from the search box to confirmation page to your colour scheme, logo placement, font sizes etc. Additionally, you can add custom features that are unique to your business, such as reward points, special promotions and coupon codes.

Pre-built addons and customizable features of white-label travel portals also make them highly scalable, meaning that as your business grows, you can easily add more features and maintain the same level of quality. You also have the ability to switch to the supplier of your choice to facilitate even smoother travel arrangements for your customers. With a white-label portal, you can export the csutomers data through backoffce and use it for your marketing purposes.

Easy Integration with Third-Party Services

White-label travel portals can easily connect to the third-party APIs, such as TravelPort, Amadeus, TBO, Hotelbeds, Ratehawk etc. This gives you a freedom to migrate to the agency offering you a better deal (A full list of pre-integrated suppliers). We do offer Travel API Integration services, in case you donot find the supplier in the list.

Additionally, white-label comes with additional addon features installable on a single click. This allows you to keep your travel portal up-to-date with the latest trends in travel technology – from searchboxes to confirmation mails to new payment options, review systems or AI bots. With a white-label travel portal development, the possibilities are virtually endless.

Improved Customer Engagement and Increased Loyalty

White-label travel portal development keeps you away from all the technical hassles and offers extra time to develop relationships with your customers. You can offer tailor made packages as per their needs with the best market deals, even if customers don’t book immediately, they might return at a later date. Plus, when customers already have an account set up with your portal, they won’t have to repeat the transaction process every time they want to book travel plans as they already have an established relationship with you – increasing overall customer loyalty.

Having a white-label travel portal also increases your customer’s trust and loyalty in you as they will be able to see the diversity of products and services offered by your single website. Rather than relying on third-party sites, customers can easily compare prices and packages on your portal instead. This gives consumers more confidence that they are getting the best possible deal under single roof, ultimately, increasing bookings for you. Furthermore, rather than relying solely on emails to communicate with customers, having an online portal allows for easy real-time communication between them and you as there is a constant connection through the platform – greatly improving customer engagement.