Learn How to Use Adivaha’s Travel Plugins & Addons?

Dear Adivaha

c with description and features so that
we can share it with our higher officials for below-mentioned modules

    • Multi-Currency
    • Facebook Login
    • Customized Booking Mails
    • SMS Booking
    • Discount Coupons
    • Cashback Coupons
    • B2B Module
    • Insurance Module
    • Affiliate Solution
    • Facebook Custom Events


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santosh Default Asked on May 15, 2020 in
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Dear Santosh,

Thanks for showing interest in our services. Sure, please find a bit of explanatory text and what it does.
    • Amadeus Plugin – You get a completeB2C Flight booking system based on Amadeus API Integration. All you need to do is insert your API details that you get while signing up with them. Customers will be able to book the flights through your website and pay for the service. You can then issue the ticket on your own or get it issued from the consolidator of your choice.


    • IOS App  – You get hybrid iOS app which sync with your B2C Web Portal


    • Multi-CurrencyYour website will have currency switcher through which your customers will be able to view the prices in their local/preffered currency.


    • Facebook Login – Your customers will be able to bypass the whole lot of registration process and verification. It will allow customers with quick and single click signin onto your website.


    • Customized Booking Mails – Your customers will receive Service Confirmation emails with your private branding. Private branded emails are sent anyway.  You don’t have to order this addon until you have any customization request.   


    • SMS Booking – Your customers will receive a SMS with the booking details ie. PNR n’all.


    • Discount Coupons – You will be able to generate and offer unlimited Discount coupons to your near and dear ones. Customer will receive an instand discount once they feed the Discount coupon during the checkout.


    • Cashback Coupons – Your customers will earn a certain cashback on their bookings based on the rules defined by you in the Admin. They will be able to use the cashback amount in their future bookings.


    • B2B Module – This addon will let your agents register, login and sell the services under their branding, like the E-Tickets will have their own logo and contact information. You will be able to setup the markup for each agent who registers through your website. They will have their own Private wallet associated with you. They will be able to fund it anytime and this wallet amount will be used for their service bookings.


    • Insurance Module – You need to get your Insurance API for this.


    • Affiliate Solution – You will be able to generate links and share it to your affiliates. All the traffic through these affiliate links will be monitored and you can share a certain amount to your affiliates for the bookings made through your affiiate’s customers.


    • Facebook Custom Events  – We don’t offer such service.


Let us know if you have any more questions



support@thewebconz.com Purchased Answered on May 15, 2020.
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