Travel Websites based on API

  • – Its difficult to gain access to API or we can say its impossible to get free API access for small/medium level agencies from major OTA (Online Travel Agencies) like Expedia, Agoda, The largest selection of hotels, homes, and vacation rentals, etc. Most of the Online Travel Agencies like Trivago do not provide API at all. So the only option left to work with such companies is the white-labeling solution.
  • – You have 100% access to the codes of your application
  • – You must have a technical team, who has the knowledge of how API works and their terms and conditions of API usage. You as a Company owner may get into trouble or your account may even get seized due to improper use of API. Taking an example of Travelpayouts. They use to accept new affiliates openly but now they are offering their solution to selective affiliates/candidates only. Same is the case with all the major Online Travel Agencies you wish to work with.
  • – You have a total control of your product in terms of design, functionality and private branding
  • – You can extend your website features and even add your own logic to increase the sales. Suppose, you wish to send an SMS with the booking details to the customer once he/she makes the reservation through your website. This separate logic can only be added to the websites based on API.
  • – Its for the customers who has a unique business plan and want to have 100% control over his application.

Travel Websites based on Whitelabeling

  • – It’s easy to gain access to White labeling products.
  • – You don’t have access to source code of your application
  • – You don’t need a technical team as its a precompiled solution offered by Online Travel Agencies
  • – You either have little control or you may not have control at all over your application in terms of design, functionality and private branding.
  • – No further logic can be added to your site as you don’t have access to the source code.
  • – It helps small travel agents to have an online presence with the minimal cost and effort.

The Other Way

You can go with the company who already has prebuilt applications based on API to minimize your expenses over the application. It may surely help you stay away with the hidden charges applicable down the road. Adivaha is one of the companies who can help you with the nice beautiful websites based on API with the extended features that you may not find in white-labeling products.