Travel Shopping Ecommerce Solutions

Let your customer order the travel services online (real-time availability) through your private branded Travel Ecommerce website. We offer almost all the major online payment gateways pre-integrated for you to collect money online.


Ecommerce Portal with pre-integrated travel inventories.

Save time while uploading hotels manually, managing inventories and availabilities. Take your travel business online in few clicks with pre-integrated travel inventories. Robust backoffice with detailed reporting helps you manage your online Travel business with ease. Generate or Resend E-Tickets/E-Vouchers. Resend confirmation and cancellation emails. Export customers for online marketing purposes and much more...

No manual entries of hotels, no time killing process. Go online pretty instantly with pre-integrated inventories and real-time availability!

Manage your profit with easy to use interface. Have total control over the prices.

Accept payments in your local currency through the payment gateway of your choice and increase profit.

100% Private branded nice looking email template with attached E-Vouchers and E-Tickets.

No Huge Deposit! No Pre-Funding!

As you will be taking care of the operations by yourself, there is no need of deposit to be maintained. This gives you the freedom to issue the ticket/voucher and operate the booking from the consolidator/supplier of your choice. Everything under your branding! Update your plugin to connect the supplier of your choice as you grow.

Your customers will be able to search for hotels and flights with realtime availability and make payment online for the reservations.

Customer will recieve a private branded email with an internal booking number and a message stating "Your booking is in progress and you will receive your E-Tickets shortly".

You will receive the payment into your bank account through your payment gateway.

You can then keep your profit and book the hotel or flights from wherever you feel like and update the PNR or Hotel confirmation number in the backoffice.

Your customers will recieve the final Confirmation with E-Ticket/Voucher attached.

Take Your Offline Travel Shopping to the Next Level with E-commerce

E-commerce Can Revolutionize Your travel industry! Learn how Adivaha®’s cutting-edge technologies can improve offline travel shopping experiences and increase income.

With our innovative travel e-commerce solutions, we at Adivaha recognize the value of taking offline travel purchasing to new heights. In this extensive post, we take a deep dive into the realm of e-commerce in the travel technology company, highlighting its benefits, addressing its difficulties, and providing tactics for companies to maximize its potential.

Impacts of online shopping on travel demand

Travelers may now more easily plan, study, and book their travels from the convenience of their homes or while on the road thanks to online shopping. People now have 24/7 access to travel-related information and services, which has increased demand for best travel website.

Price Comparison & Bargain Hunting: Through the use of online platforms, travelers can compare costs for flights, lodging, and other travel-related services, resulting in more economical travel decisions. This motivates more people to travel to new places or make more journeys.

Personalization: Data-driven algorithms are used by online merchants and travel booking website to present personalized recommendations and offers based on customer preferences and previous behavior. Travelers may consider locations and experiences they might not have otherwise due to this customization.

Last-Minute Bookings: Online travel platforms enable travelers to make last-minute bookings with ease. This flexibility encourages spontaneous trips and weekend getaways, boosting travel demand.

offline travel shopping e-commerceOffline travel shopping e-commerce

Travel Reviews and Ratings: User-generated reviews and ratings on platforms like Trip Advisor and Yelp help travelers make informed decisions. Positive reviews can increase interest in a destination or accommodation, leading to higher travel demand.

Virtual Experiences: Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technologies enable travelers to experience destinations virtually before making a booking. This immersive experience can stimulate interest and lead to more travel bookings.

Travel booking websites (OTAs): A competitive market for travel technology services has been produced by the growth of OTAs like Expedia,, and Airbnb. Travelers now have additional options, which may increase demand as they shop around for the best prices.

Why Is Online Travel Shopping Important for Business Growth?

Businesses in the travel sector should carefully consider the subject of "Why You Need Online Travel Shopping to Grow Your Business." The following are the main justifications for why expanding a business requires online travel shopping:

Increased Audience: You can access a global market by selling travel-related goods online. A wider customer base and more bookings result from your services becoming available to prospective clients throughout the world.

You can conduct business around the clock if you have an internet presence. Due to the convenience with which customers may browse and make reservations at any time, fitting various time zones and schedules, businesses may see a boost in revenue.

Cost-Effective Marketing: Online platforms provide affordable marketing techniques including social media marketing, pay-per-click advertising, and search engine optimization (SEO). You can more effectively and affordably contact your target audience using these tactics.

Online reservation systems collect useful data about customer preferences and behavior. You may better match client requests by using this data to adapt your services, marketing initiatives, and pricing strategies.

Enhanced Customer Experience: Self-service convenience is offered to customers who shop for travel online. A more fulfilling experience is obtained as a result of their ability to compare costs, read reviews, and make educated judgments at their own pace.

What is the difference between online Travel Shopping and Offline Travel Shopping?

Online travel shopping and offline travel shopping represent two distinct approaches to procuring travel-related products and services, each catering to different consumer preferences and needs. Online travel shopping, conducted through the Internet on websites and mobile apps, offers unparalleled convenience and accessibility. Travelers can research, compare, and book flights, accommodations, and activities at any time, from anywhere with an internet connection. This method grants travelers the freedom to plan and book their journeys independently, relying on automated systems for transactions and information. In contrast, offline travel shopping occurs in physical locations, such as online travel agency, tour operators, or ticket counters. It provides a more personalized and guided experience, with face-to-face interactions and expert assistance. While offline shopping may require travelers to visit brick-and-mortar locations during specific hours, it excels in offering in-depth guidance and immediate support, making it an attractive choice for travelers seeking tailored recommendations and high-touch service. The choice between these two methods depends on individual preferences, the complexity of travel plans, and the level of interaction and assistance desired by travelers. Some travelers opt for a combination of both to best meet their specific needs and preferences.

How did Adivaha®’s e-commerce solutions help these businesses overcome challenges and achieve growth?

The success and expansion of numerous travel enterprises have been made possible by Adivaha®’s e-commerce solutions. Adivaha®’s e-commerce solutions assist online travel agencies in building a solid online presence through user-friendly websites and mobile applications. Businesses are now able to effectively compete in the digital sphere and reach a larger audience thanks to this. Through automation, our technology improves and eliminates errors in the booking process. Because of this, operating expenses have gone down and customer satisfaction has increased generally. We offer real-time availability and pricing changes through our travel portal solutions. With more precise information being provided to customers, there will be more reservations and money. Platforms from Adivaha provide individualized suggestions and experiences that consider each traveler's preferences.

This level of customization has boosted customer satisfaction and loyalty. Our e-commerce solutions gather valuable data on customer behavior and preferences. Travel businesses can use these insights to make informed decisions, optimize pricing strategies, and target marketing efforts effectively. Adivaha®’s mobile-responsive designs and mobile app development have enabled businesses to tap into the growing segment of mobile-savvy travelers, resulting in increased bookings via smartphones and tablets. Adivaha®’s solutions facilitate better customer engagement through features like chat support, reviews, and feedback mechanisms. This has led to stronger customer relationships and positive word-of-mouth marketing.


E-commerce has become a necessary tool for travel businesses looking to thrive in a competitive request. As a third-party service provider devoted to aiding travel businesses, we believe that embracing commerce is pivotal for sustained growth and success. Adivaha, with its innovative e-commerce results, can really help you take your offline travel shopping to the coming position. In a world where digital metamorphosis is crucial to staying applicable, we invite you to explore the possibilities that e-commerce offers and consider how Adivaha can be your strategic mate on this travel. Elevate your travel business, enhance the client experience, and embrace the future of travel shopping with confidence.

Our Comprehensive List of Services

adivaha® is a one-stop-shop for all your travel website needs. We offer a multitude of services that empower you to become a market leader. Contact us for more info.

GDS/OTA Integration

Seamlessly connect your travel website to GDS and online travel agencies with GDS/OTA integration.

Plugins & Widgets

Integrated travel booking features in your existing site.

White label Travel Portals

Create a customized and branded travel booking experience for your customers.

B2B Travel Software

Simplify and streamline your B2B travel bookings with powerful and user-friendly travel booking software.

Travel Agency APP Builder

Create your own Mobile APP and host it on your Play Store.

Corporate Travel Booking Tool service

Efficiently manage and book corporate travel with a comprehensive and easy-to-use travel booking tool service.

Travel APIs Services

Integrate powerful travel APIs into your website or application to access a wealth of travel data and services for your customers.

Itinerary Builder

Create and organize your perfect trip with ease using a customizable travel itinerary builder.

Allotment Marketplace

A search engine for search engines. Find the best travel deals across multiple search engines

Travel Chatbot

Chatbot service offers a convenient for travelers.

UPI Payment Gateway

Fedup of bank transaction charges? Go LIVE with 0%

Gift Cards & Loyalty Programme

Increase customer retention and satisfaction with gift cards and loyalty programs for your travel business.

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