You have two options to connect with suppliers: you can either have your direct connection or you can use inbuilt adivaha® connections.

If you choose direct connection, deposits and settlements happen directly between you and the supplier. Otherwise, you can opt for adivaha® connections. Regardless of which option you choose, you receive the same net fares offered by the suppliers. The only difference is that you save time in certifications and paper works if you use inbuilt adivaa connection

Once your portal is set up, you can add markups, set up payment gateways, and top up your adivaha® Wallet via the back office as a one-time task.

When a customer makes a request, adivaha® searches through different suppliers to find the best deal without adding any markup. Your website then adds a pre-configured markup to the net fare received from the supplier.

For example, if the net fare from the supplier is $1000 and your markup is 10%, the total cost becomes $1100. Customers pay this amount directly through your payment gateway.

The net fare received from the supplier is deducted from your deposit each time a reservation is made.

This process allows you to continually receive profits from customer payments with added markups, while the net fares from suppliers are deducted from your Wallet for real-time voucher or ticket issuance.

When your Wallet runs low, you’ll need to top it up again. This Wallet is also used for real-time settlements for all your services, including hotels, flights, packages, transfers, activities, buses, and more.