Are you interested in knowing how to set up an agency for tourism and seeking helpful advice or information to help you decide? This article is perfect for you if you wish to understand what is required to start an agency for tourism or travel. If you read this article, you will learn all the requirements to run this business.

The idea of opening a travel agency is a dream for many. It is a desire that stems not just from a love for travel but also from the fact that it’s an occupation of interpersonal relations. Relationships with the public and satisfying travelers’ desires and needs are the most important for those who would like to engage in this type of tourism.

Traditional travel agencies are connected to online travel companies, which operate in expanding and growing markets thanks to the advancement of digital technology. While this kind of Travel Company is different concerning human interactions from the previous one, it’s no less significant! However… it’s specifically the development of technology from this perspective that attracts young people to this type of business. Opening an online travel agency is still one of the most attractive options for young people. So, let’s see what the Travel agency requirements are.

How do you define a travel agency, and what is its role?

Travel and tourism organizations arrange, broker, book, and sell tickets for trips or stays. The character of the travel agency is to plan and offer customized trips based on the customer’s wants and the available deals.

Travel agencies usually offer packages to customers or other options offered by tour operators.

The latter handles the tour or travel “packages,” with all the other services, and the agency sells the planned package. There are a variety of offers available the travel agency can modify their itineraries to satisfy customers’ demands on their own.

What does it cost to open a travel agency?

The establishment of a travel agency may be a major investment at first. But, certain factors can influence the cost to be considered:

  1. The number of collaborators will be required based on the type and organization of the work. Their numbers are one of the most important aspects of the budget of the agency’s management.
  2. You must have adequate insurance following the services you are planning to provide. You should take out an insurance policy to protect your business against loss.

In addition to these expenditures, the cost of registering the company must be considered. Find out more about our analysis to figure out the cost of a single company as well as the cost of a business.

Basic requirements to start a travel agency.

A travel agency is any business to mediation to deliver any tourism services. As well as organizing commercialization, offering, or distribution of combined tours or other tourist services on an individual basis, they may use their resources to offer the services.

Tourism agencies (together with tourist groups, businesses, or reservation facilities) belong to what’s known as “tourist mediator companies.”

It’s time to think specifically about setting up the travel agency from scratch, and we will guide you step-by-step to achieve it. In this article, we will look at the basics of branding, location, and promotion. We will also explain the conditions to be met in India.

It is important to note that opening up a travel agency in person or online is not synonymous with warm temperatures, crystal clear seas, or a ski trip; however, it requires dedication, passion, and commitment. The travel agency is in charge of fulfilling the desires of its customers and potential travelers and is looking for the most effective solution to satisfy every type of demand. The agency is committed to providing quality service, safety, and high quality.

However, it must be remembered that starting a travel company is a financial commitment that can be recovered with perseverance. However, at first, the money is taken from the pockets of the entrepreneurs, and it is essential to have a financial base to make investments. In this regard, knowing how to invest wisely in tourism is among the primary requirements for opening a tourism agency.

To open an agency to sell travel services, it is necessary to have the ability to solve problems and be able to feel satisfied aiding the client in both incoming services, i.e., tourists who are from different areas or countries that ask for a specific service from local businesses as well as outgoing, i.e., travelers to another location and country.

The first step is to be knowledgeable about tourism generally, but in addition, to keep training on the most well-known destinations, the services that can be provided, and the travelers’ interests. It is essential to share your dream with those dependent on your agency. Selling an excursion is a process that still needs to be completed. The most popular product selected by the client is taken off the display and discarded. It is essential to master and experience computer systems, create a strong network of collaborators, and prove that you can establish trust in the travel industry.

If you start an agency for travel or an operation for tour operators, the most important thing is to shape and develop your business plan into real life. In this regard, there are courses available for travel agencies where an aspiring entrepreneur planning to start a travel company is also taught online how to develop an idea for a business. Planning to start a travel organization will be the initial step you should take to create a clear understanding of the scenario and avoid becoming unprepared.

Starting a travel company needs a set of requirements and qualifications to begin this career.

The rules for tourism in the community state that travel companies that wish to set up shop must present a responsible declaration (it is a form of proof that they state that they are knowledgeable and comply with the legal requirements to be able to function) which must state at a minimum :

  1. a) It is an identifiable space for the virtual or face-to-face attention of the general public (that is, an online travel site);
  2. b) That the necessary guarantees as needed in each instance in the regulations applicable are provided;
  3. c) The travel agency adheres to the rules and regulations outlined in the regulations that regulate the activity of the agency;
  4. d) The fact that there is insurance for civil liability.
  5. E) They can obtain the licenses and permits required by different administrations and public entities and the certificates that authorize them.
  6. f) We promise to comply with the rules when we exercise the rights of the task.

This declaration of responsibility allows the process to begin from the date of its announcement. Tourism reserves the right to monitor, check and audit the operation.


By law, travel agents as mediators for tourism are required to establish and keep in force for a long time a valid guarantee that they can meet the obligations that result from their services concerning the contractual parties.

Particularly, this assurance covers the return of deposits and the prompt repatriation of customers abroad when there is bankruptcy. This is all in the conditions set by the regulations.

When opening branches, this obligation will only be imposed on mediation firms legally established in autonomous communities.


In all printed advertisements or correspondence, as well as documentation and public relations that a travel agency carries out, the identification code issued by the relevant Tourism Authority will be used regardless of its methods. The code will also include your name and, if appropriate, the trademark registered and your address.

Tourism Administration can check through its administrative cooperation mechanism that travel agencies operating elsewhere in Autonomous Communities or members that are members of the European Union are covered by the guarantees required by the State in question or the autonomous community of the origin.

Tourism agencies would be the only ones who can use the terms trip, tourist package, combined trip, or its equivalent in any other language to describe their services.

Legal requirements for opening an agency for travel online.

We’ve looked at the qualifications or requirements to establish an agency for travel. What are the requirements to meet to begin the company? What else must be considered in a pragmatic point of business?

Below is the procedure or process to start a travel business. The necessary documents to start the travel agency are typically prepared and electronically sent to the relevant institutions and organizations.

  1. Based on European guidelines, any person can sell tourist services without needing to be able to show a certificate that certifies it.
  2. The law that you must study is your Travel Agencies Law of the related Autonomous Community. Tourism is a topic transferred from the State into the autonomous government.
  3. To market tourist packages online, you must inform your General Directorate of Tourism of your Autonomous Community.

Therefore, it is evident that people who engage in this type of activity are aware that the law of civil codes sets out the rules. There must be a regular activity for exchanging products or services to earn an income.

Personal requirements are required to open a travel agency.

Every company should have a technical director of the agency with commercial and managerial skills in tourism.

If you’re looking to establish an agency for travel, you can serve as the technical director or delegate the responsibility to someone with the appropriate abilities. Each technical director is accountable for managing the company. They must:

  • You must speak at the very least two languages.
  • Take the exam to prove their expertise in commercial, tourism marketing, administration, and the laws that govern the industry.
  • Show that you’ve worked previously in an agency for tourists.

In general, the director of the technical department at the company should have a degree in the field of tourism, is a regular attendee of a refresher as well as in-depth classes, and maintains the requirements of the region that are associated with the industry under control and is usually subject to change.

If the event occurs on the internet, it is recommended to know in-depth about the control and management of online platforms and the principles of commercial, digital, and promotional marketing to create a customer-based network and start your business up and running. Therefore it is vital to be proficient across a variety of fields.

Travel agency activities

These are the objectives or purposes of travel agents:

  • Mediation in selling tickets or reservations for spaces in all modes of transportation, as well as reserving rooms and services at tourist firms.
  • The selling and organization of package tours.
  • Acting as an agent for other agencies, whether foreign or national, to offer on their behalf and for their clients the services that are the core of their activities.
  • The selling and organizing of what are known as “one-day excursions” offered by the travel agent or projected at the customer’s request with a fixed global cost do not cover all of the components of the total excursion.
  • Any other service that is considered to be common to your activities in line with the current laws.

Additionally, travel agents can provide their customers with the following services:

  • Promotional material and information about tourist destinations.
  • Exchange of currencies or sales and the exchange of traveler’s checks.
  • Transport and transfer of baggage using any mode of transportation.
  • The formalization of insurance for tourists policies, loss or degrading of luggage, and other policies that protect against the risks relating to travel.
  • Reservation purchase, acquisition, and sale of tickets, tickets, or tickets for various shows, museums, monuments, and other shows.
  • Rental of equipment and tools for the practice of tourism in sports.
  • Freight from vessels, planes, busses, specially designed trains, and other transportation methods to provide tourist services connected to their activities.
  • The provision of another tourist service in addition to those mentioned above.

A website for your online travel agency

After having viewed the essential and always necessary legal requirements, we can move to the second and no less important aspect, which is developing a website on which you can sell your products to your customers.

Numerous platforms can assist you with this by providing an array of reservations, sales, customer, and collection tools. The software you require to build your website is complicated and requires an accurate language system like XML.

The software you choose to contract should be able to build integrations with tour operators to allow you to offer tours to clients on the internet. One of the platforms that provide all this is Cloud services. In addition to the integrations we’ve already mentioned, Cloud is also focused on positioning to ensure that your website is placed in the top spot in Search results. If you can get these positions, you’ll get more visits and thus higher chances of making sales.

Other factors you must consider when you are creating the website for your travel website include:

  • The design must be elegant and attractive. Colors and lines must be simple and clear to ensure the user can navigate.
  • Navigation should be extremely easy, which means that a user requires assistance in determining which button to click to go on to their shopping cart and to place their order.
  • The positioning. To make a web page appear more prominent, there are various options. One is natural positioning or SEO using an approach to content creation and an SEO or payment plan. The most popular is the development of Google Ad words campaigns to attract visitors and turn them into sales fast.
  • Customer Service. Don’t believe that just simply because you own a website, it is not necessary to be able to provide customer service. You can incorporate appropriate channels like chat, email, and phone …
  • The product. You must choose which products you’ll be launching on the internet. Before that, you’ll likely have investigated the market. Every product must have specific and complete information. Within each product’s file, you need to include the title and the H1, the Meta description and include videos and images explaining the product.

You need to be in a position to complete all the steps necessary to market tourist merchandise on the internet. As we’ve said, there are now specialized companies who can offer assistance with XML integrations, which are essential for selling tourist-related products and designing your site, which is essential when you want to establish a travel agency. Travel websites.

Be aware that for establishing the said web-based travel company, you’ll require a number of legal regulations that are mostly contingent on the rules of your Autonomous Community.


We’ve discovered what the prerequisites are to start a travel company. They are highly professional and have well administrative. But, there is a vital aspect to be taken into consideration.

To start an online or travel agency, you need to have a strong desire to be involved and be aware that this isn’t an opportunity to play. But, you must be accountable to other parties that you depend on the agency and decide to ensure and safeguard yourself. This is precisely why if someone wants to grasp the world of tourism, it’d be wise to study specific classes to start an online travel company and have someone to help you.