The term ‘white label’ is based on the manual process of whiting out something previously written to write something over it. We see white labeling in our daily lives, every time you go to a super store, you’ll notice that you can buy all sorts of products that are sold under the Great Value brand. Does that mean that the super store is producing all those goods? No, that’s not the case. These super stores sell these products produced by smaller businesses under their own brand. They ‘white label’ them.

White labeling in the Digital world is a little different, it’s when you buy services from an established company/white label company, that has all the resources and a market presence, and present those services as your own personalized brand to your customer.

White label solutions are for travel start-ups and for travel agents that are looking to create their own online presence. Creating an online presence will help you expand your business. White label plugins increase your income without increasing your workload, as they are very easy to manage. They are a good option as they are hassle free and they allow you to programmatically manage your users, websites, and goals, without logging into your own account. They can be easily integrated into your WordPress website, the procedure is seamless, keeping your website intact.

What are the advantages of a White Label plugin?

  • Your customer gets seamless access to the functionality of multiple APIs in one place.
  • You save a lot of time as you already have a fully developed product. You can instantly start earning because you don’t have to go through the process of plugin development.
  • You don’t incur any maintenance costs. You can save money and invest it in other aspects of your business.
  • As your customer gets redirected to a partner site, you don’t need to worry about the acquisition of a payment portal.
  • Having your personalized branding on a good product will improve your goodwill in the market. When people see that you’re selling a good quality product, they will be more inclined towards buying services from you.
  • Your customers can avail ticket prices, book and cancel them in real time.
  • Through this plugin you can get your customers payment, booking and cancellation history.

How does Adivaha help you in the White labeling process?

Adivaha is one of the best Travel API integration agencies in Delhi. We provide you with a wide array of white label solutions. Our technical staff aims to fulfil all your technical needs. They use different techniques to create an online presence for you. Moreover, we provide you with free technical support. We provide you with a dashboard that is easy to understand, we also act as technical backend for your business. Solving your technical issue is our top priority.

We can provide you with the best White label plugins available. Our white label solutions will provide your customers with real time prices of over 1000 flights, hotels and car rental services, with the option of booking them in real time as well. You will form a direct connection with the white label company, eradicating any hidden costs and middlemen. Resulting in you getting the complete commission in your personal account. Our White Label solution will help you expand your business without increasing your workload.

Our clients can verify that we work with a lot of zeal and integrity. We will answer all your questions regarding travel portal solution and development with honesty.