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Cater your services to different audience such as B2C, B2B, B2E etc with the help of ready to go-Live travel solutions (ie, White label Portal, WP Plugins, Joomla extn etc) based on Mahan API under your direct contracting.


GetYourGuide API Integration

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Find, compare, and book sightseeing tours, attractions, excursions, things to do and fun activities from around the world. Let your customers Save money and book directly from your own private branded website.


We Help to Implement Your Ideas into Automation


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We offer ready made and customized OTA solutions for B2C, B2B and B2E travel portal development with GetYourGuide API integration. It is a web-based online reservation system and travel management tool with integrated expense management system.


Benefits of GetYourGuide API Integration

Go LIVE within 24 hrs with your own private branded web portal and integrated GetYourGuide APIs. Operate an online platform for booking tours, attractions, and activities worldwide.

Easy Integration

Integrate into any website regardless of the platform you are using

Multiple Designs

Choose the layout you find best fit or go with our premium designs


Offer the price in local currency based on customers Geo location

Expense Management

Integrated Expense management system lets you manage your funds on the fly

Intense Reporting

Pull report of almost anything. Get Daily & weekly reports via email.

100% Customizable

Customize the plugin as per your branding and layout with easy interfaces


Don't just sell inventories Sell an experience


Looking to market your GetYourGuide API? Offer a private branded booking portal to your agents

Business is not only about selling rates. Its about selling it through different channels. Onboard your partners regardless of their audience be it B2C, B2B, B2E or a Tour operator. Relax and watch your business growing.

Online Mobile APP Builder

Creative ways
to Showcase your business

Let your agencies bring their Android APP to life with few click. Multiple designs, Easy Customization, Online Compilation, Instant Download!

Integrated Payment Gateways

Install/Activate the Payment Gateways of your interest. Enter your credentials and go LIVE pretty instantly.

  • Best payments solution in India
  • India's largest mobile payments
  • PayPal is the faster, safer way to send and receive money
  • PayU enables businesses in India to accept digital payments from credit cards, debit cards, net banking
  • Scale your business faster using Cashfree Payments.
  • iBank is a money management app that allows you to manage your money within your social life.
  • Uepa Pay is an online platform that allows customers to manage payments.
  • Accept credit cards, manage billing, send money through Stripe
  • Online payment gateway in India for Start-ups, Enterprises & Freelancers
  • Start accepting credit/debit card & FPX online banking from your e-commerce channels
  • Industry-leading cryptocurrency payment gateway and wallet with online merchant services
  • Omnipay is a payment processing library for PHP
  • Paystack is a growth engine for a new generation of innovative, forward-looking organizations operating in Africa
  • A fully unified set of payments tools  Build a successful online business with our Commerce tools
  • Square helps millions of sellers run their business-from secure credit card processing to point of sale solutions.
  • Start growing your business with Mollie Payments
  • Paysafe provide simple and secure payment solutions to businesses of all sizes around the world.
  • iVeri is a payments technology company that facilitates transaction acceptance for banks and businesses
  • CCAvenue is one of the oldest and premier online payment gateway.
  • With 2Checkout, You Can Sell Globally and Accept Payments Seamlessly All Over the World
  • supports payment processing by helping small businesses accept credit card and eCheck payments online
  • South Africa's risk-free, zerointerest payment solution.
  • A crypto wallet & gateway to blockchain apps
  • POLi is Australia's leading real-time online debit payment method.
  • AggrePay is a payment gateway for indian online businesses
  • Easebuzz is a software platform that allows B2B companies and start-ups to become fintechs and grow their enterprises.
  • ECOMMPAY is an international payment service provider and direct card acquirer, engineering bespoke payment solutions for clients worldwide.
  • aUPI is a popular payment system that allows instant funds transfer from one bank account to another via mobile devices.

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  • Multiple Designs
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  • B2C Whitelabel Travel Portal
  • Tour/Sightseeing Integration
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  • Email/Whatsapp Support
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  • Customized B2C Website
  • Tour/Sightseeing Integration
  • B2B Solution
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  • Mobile APP Builder
  • Platform to sell Your Api
  • Multiple Designs
  • Must have your own hosting
  • Email/Whatsapp Support
  • Yearly Maintenance - USD 199
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Integrating Your App with the GetYourGuide API: A Guide

The internet and its use via smartphones or tablets have forever changed how we communicate and form relationships in a digital environment.

GetYourGuide Technology has made travel an amazing combination. It profoundly impacts everything, from where we travel to vacation, what we can see and what we do when we return. Google global travel agency says it is crucial. The GetYourGuide Solution digitization of the tourism sector leads to the demand for specific professionals, such as the social media manager to take care of the social profiles of the accommodation facilities, manage the comments of followers and engage influencers for collaborations, the SEO specialist to take care of positioning on search engines, the web content writer, to write interesting and functional content for potential customers, leading them to a call to action which can be a request for a quote, subscription to the newsletter, booking a stay.

Millennials have also influenced this transformation. This combination has led to a new environment where apps, blogs, social networks, and blogs hugely impact organizing trips. Slowly, the tourism industry is becoming more aware of this GetYourGuide Solution trend and has begun to adapt its business model to offer targeted offers to this market.

Guide to Integrating with the GetYourGuide APIGuide to Integrating with the GetYourGuide API

What is GetYourGuide Solution?

In the business sector, it could not be less, and the use of technology in the office is already essential for any work activity, be it promoting the products and services that a company offers through its website or social networks as well as contacting customers and suppliers anywhere in the world.

GetYourGuide Solution is the best hotel api provider online solution for activities, trips, and attractions. You will find the largest range of experiences in the world with the GetYourGuide Solution. GetYourGuide Solution offers a wide range of experiences, including historical and sightseeing tours, museum tickets, event tickets, and games activities. This is a great solution to book amazing travel experiences.

If you've ever attempted to book a holiday trip, you might have found that most of this business is offline. GetYourGuide Solution is working to increase the availability of excursions.

GetYourGuide Solution promises higher revenue and more reservations for suppliers of activities. This solution will display the inventory of suppliers on all distribution channels.

GetYourGuide Solution also offers widgets, banners, and GetYourGuide XML integrations. Label options are also available as other procedures for OTAs and TMCs.

GetYourGuide Solution has revenue partnerships with several hotels, airlines, and travelport api integration news companies. This solution allows clients of these companies to access the global inventory of activities & tours. Associates can provide tours and excursions to their customers via their online platform. Partnering with well-respected brands has also highlighted the benefits of technology in a well-organized, time-saving booking process. Customers have the option to book and pay for their trips electronically.

Why use GetYourGuide Solution?

In the past, the Travel industry has seen remarkable growth. This industry is the most important and is thriving because of technological advances all over the globe. Traveling is a popular activity that has seen rapid growth. Traveling is a great way to get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life, whether it's for a weekend or if you are on holiday.

The travel industry is constantly evolving in this fast-paced, prompt world. It is difficult to keep up with changes, growth, and current travel trends. The direct and induced economic impact of the travel industry is significant.

We have strong integration to allow tour operators like you:

  • You can be in front of an international audience and have accurate availability for booking anytime. There were millions of visitors to your website last month. We want to make them paying customers! It means that GetYourGuide Solution can instantly retrieve your availability to facilitate instant bookings and prevent double bookings.
  • You can make connections quickly and increase sales by selling to travelers who search on GetYourGuide Solution, mobile apps, and a network of partners. GetYourGuide Solution availability can be updated and managed regardless of where the customer stays.
  • GetYourGuide Solution allows you to be as flexible as you want it. It ensures you can sell up to the last minute as quickly as possible, with the as little cutoff as possible. This will maximize your hotel booking api free india potential. GetYourGuide Solution allows you to manage all of your bookings and trip planning. You can also adopt a flexible cancellation policy through GetYourGuide, giving customers the confidence to book (and then rebook) without overburdening your workflow.
  • GetYourGuide Solution reports allow you to optimize your business and make it more profitable. This allows you to take advantage of data insights from GetYourGuide and their customer support and promotional efforts to help improve your products.

If you are already a GetYourGuide listing, connect with GetYourGuide Solution and make your business even more successful!

The Benefits of Getyourguide Solution

The key aspects that have moved Tours to seek new technological solutions and start the Digital Transformation process are:

  • The opening to multi-channel, adding direct sales to the consumer to the classic sale through travel agencies;
  • Use of purchasing channels differentiated by country with localized web portals and dedicated customer service;
  • Marketing automation to be able to direct marketing and business choices directly to the audience of GetYourGuide Solution users, no longer based only on travel agencies but also on consumers;
  • Remaking of an appealing and full-responsive front-end, capable of adapting to various navigation devices;
  • Automation of some fundamental processes, such as those relating to the production of travel documents and the creation of advertising material;
  • High performance and high infrastructure reliability.

GetYourGuide API Integration

We offer access to various API channels, including GetYourGuide API Integration. Our team has helped us develop an integration that allows seamless checkout and arrival for our suppliers and guests.

GetYourGuide API Integration is an internet travel solution connecting travelers with tour guides and professionals. You can book your entire itinerary online and have access to all tours worldwide. You can list your products on the site and be part of countless unique experiences like cruises, walking tours, or cooking classes.

Why Connect GetYourGuide API Integration?

Our gds api integration enable real-time inventory to reach our partners. They also give customers access and accurate availability. Live tickets can be purchased at the event's entrance. Your guests will only need to make manual bookings or be left with a place.

Each event can be easily enabled and configured with API capacities. You can also stop sales by the source to increase sales on tours that require more promotion. Save seats on tours that are. Your guests will only be able to book available events. They'll arrive with a reservation and a hotel booking api integration ready to go.

We can pull additional data, such as ticket times and quantity, such as dietary restrictions and mobility requests, from third-party checkout flows. This will ensure that your Anchor reservation contains all the required information.

Key Features

This new feature allows prices to be pulled directly via Anchor's API. This eliminates the need to set up pricing through the supplier portal manually. It also allows you to share dynamic and variable pricing.

Log in to your GetYourGuide API Integration to enable this feature. Next, go to the Pricing section. You will now be able to connect to your hotel booking api software and set the price and availability automatically. Our support page provides step-by-step guidance.

  • Cut Off Over API

We also send GetYourGuide the cutoff time in an API response. This is important for last-minute bookings and those who need to plan. You will be able to miss an order if you have an operation that requires reservations with more advance notice. The ota api integration will adhere to the cutoff time you have set.

  • Cancellations Booking Changes

We understand that things only sometimes go according to plan on trips, so it is normal for guests to need to cancel or transfer tickets. We have the necessary features to make this possible. Our advanced hotel availability api updates reservations whenever there are changes. If a guest cancels, moves, or changes their reservation, they can be rebooked.

Through our partnership with GetYourGuide, we can offer our clients greater reach and access to a growing number of new features to help boost sales.

GetYourGuide White Label to build a relationship with customers

Your brand is very important. It helps clients to establish a connection with you and to know what to expect from your products and services. Applying your company's name to all the channels and tools you use to reach them is challenging.

You can try to develop your site or the technology platform you use to connect. However, this takes time and money. This is against one of the key pillars of the future of tourism: the new structures. To make your business more efficient and lighter, reduce your fixed expenses.

You can help your travel agency work with consolidators and companies with a long track record in the tourism industry. These structures can help you boost your venture by providing support in sales processes and commercial agreements with suppliers. They also allow you to integrate your agency's branding into its technological solutions quickly and easily without having to incur large development costs.

Why choose a GetYourGuide white-label solution?

To build highly profitable, while-label travel through peer-to-peer collaboration between our professionals.

The business landscape of today, like many others around the world, is rapidly changing at an unprecedented pace.

Many companies need help keeping up with customer demands. They must provide added value and more efficient, user-friendly, and cost-effective ways to manage their digital operations to remain competitive. They must demonstrate that they are actively pursuing and maintaining an innovation strategy.

GetYourGuide White-label solutions can add great value to all kinds of businesses. White-label solutions are not new. For example, supermarket chains have sold products under their brand for years even though they are big-brand products that were marketed under another label.

You can even set up companies solely dedicated to marketing private-label products for example, connects brand owners and manufacturers. GetYourGuide White-label solution is a way to preview the destination. We are also starting to take on a greater role (with the use of IoT solutions in daily life), wearable devices for tourists to guide them along their journeys, and mobile photography to capture photos to post on the internet (effectively marketing at no cost to tourist businesses: in some cases, it is even guides who recommend the best places to photograph), influencer marketing.

There is always a technological solution that will give a company a competitive edge, no matter what sector or industry it operates in. It's a solution that optimizes the user experience and offers more value to companies with ambitions.

Companies should look for white-label solutions when expanding their services and seek partners who deeply understand the industry. While they must satisfy customers while not losing sight of their core business, it is important that they also ensure that their partner has implemented successful solutions.

Integration into your platform

You can establish a connection using the travel technology. This does not require any extra effort. You can also integrate deeply using our API. This gives you total freedom when presenting data to your users.

Customized features for your customers

Provide a pre-built analytics system to your clients that include a customized set of statistics and features based on the client's requirements. Enhance user experience and satisfaction.

Flexible prices

You can either sell it to customers or give it away for free. Reasonable budget that is tailored to your needs. Enhance user adoption with valuable additional functionality.

Suitable to any business style

Integration with your platform is easy. White-label analytics systems allow you to customize the platform to fit your corporate identity.

GetYourGuide B2B Solution

After quietly making its booking solutions available to partners as software-as-a-service, GetYourGuide B2B Solution is now building a small sales team to grow a new B2B business unit within the company.

The GetYourGuide B2B Solution technology revolution has given life and purpose to the travel industry. You can now reach more people. Tech innovations have made it easier for travelers to be more tech-savvy, educated, and younger. The GetYourGuide B2B Solution technology has made it possible for the travel industry to move forward, and people enthusiastically embrace it.

Everyone has a smartphone these days and prefers the convenience of digital travel. You should be aware of these trends and the current travel market conditions and use digital strategy to get the best out of it.

We are just offering it as an added service to our partners, who are currently searching for a solution, and to partners that have booking functionality but are missing some features or want the opportunity to see if the GetYourGuide B2B solution tools have higher conversions, better metrics than their current tool.

GetYourGuide B2B solution. Make your travel business simple.

Are you tired of looking for the best B2B development? Do you want to grow your business? Adivaha is the platform that's right for you. GetYourGuide B2B Solution is a leading B2B solution for travel bookings. It offers complete free flight booking api solutions to offline travel agencies around the world. We offer outstanding services through our platform, equipped with the most up-to-date technology. Our GetYourGuide B2B Solution allows travel agencies to search for and book travel services on behalf of their clients.

Benefits of GetYourGuide B2B Solution

Adivaha is a leader in travel technology and offers top-quality B2B services for the travel business. We believe in connecting two businesses and helping them grow tremendously.

Our platform allows you to create a GetYourGuide B2B Solution for your services and not reveal your identity online. Both small and large tour operators use our portal. Our sabre travel software agents are trained to make last-minute hotel bookings. So that you can stay in the right place, our team keeps track of hotels available for immediate booking. We make the world a better place for you. This is why offline travel agencies have joined online travel agencies. This was possible only when offline travel agencies incorporated online travel agencies' B2B solutions into their businesses.

Travel agencies have many options with our GetYourGuide B2B Solution.

Travel agencies can book flights, hotels, and cars on behalf of clients using our B2B travel booking platform. GetYourGuide B2B Solution gives wings to travel agencies to help them fly high. Our GetYourGuide B2B software is free from bugs, and we help clients connect with international travel agencies.

Travel agencies need to manage a variety of businesses to increase sales. The development of a B2C is a solution in this case. Increases the opportunities for travel agencies. The GetYourGuide B2B solution expands the capabilities and options of travel agencies, suppliers, and agents, unlike the B2C solution. GetYourGuide B2B solution for operators and business partners.

Our GetYourGuide B2B Solution allows travel agents, sub-agents, and corporations to book flights, hotels, rental cars, and travel packages. Our robust and scalable solution for B2B travel bookings bridges the gap between travel agencies and their business clients. Our GetYourGuide B2B software can handle B2B, E2E, or B2C needs.

Adivaha, a travel development company, offers gds api integrations and XML to hotels, cars and packages. Our dedicated team is responsible for our outstanding service that is recognized worldwide. We aim to help our customers succeed daily by being open-minded and learning. Adivaha understands that businesses want high-quality products at a reasonable price. Our product is high quality.

Our priority is quality. Our team is focused on speed, performance, and user-friendly design. Our API-integrated portal solution for flights, hotels, cars and transfers gives real-time information to our customers.

We offer travel portals integrated with XML APIs for tour operators, travel agencies and startups. No matter if you're an offline or online travel agency, we can help. Our B2C portal system enables outbound and inbound travel agencies to market their products.

Getyourguide Plugins for Tourism

There are many plugins on the market. However, choosing the right one for your blog's purpose is best. The following plugin will be most useful if the blog aims to engage and entertain readers through captivating images and compelling storytelling.

GetYourGuide plugin is the best plugin for its features. It optimizes the way files and images are managed. You can display images and create photo galleries. You can also integrate audio files to make your blog more engaging and persuasive.

Although it is the newest social network on the social media platform, it has seen the most expansion and uses in recent years in tourism. Its strength is its stunning images, which excite and intrigue tourists. This plugin is free and open-source. It allows you to integrate widgets into your tourism or travel blog.

It's also great for the promotion of tourism. You can save images that are shared on the blog. This is crucial for a blog about tourism because it allows you to get to know your target audience.

This plugin is a great choice for tour operators, travel blogs, and agencies that manage tour packages or bookings. It has a user-friendly, responsive layout. It can offer additional tourist services to the public, including insurance, car rental, and flight services.

You can also add customized galleries depending on which service you are using, along with descriptions and relative purchase prices. This plugin makes it possible to

  • Create complete tour packages
  • Itinerary description
  • Use the search form to select the type of trip you want.
  • Add services
  • You can easily pay through the main payment gateways
  • Different prices for each period
  • Get a coupon for your travels
  • Set sensational image galleries

GetYourGuide plugin: How to Make the Right Choice?

These tips will help you avoid spending money on a plugin that doesn't fit your needs. These tips can help you distinguish between a good and a bad purchase.

It was the right choice. It could be the best choice! Because everyone is different and each person has their own opinions. These tips will help you choose the right theme for your needs.
Let's now see the attributes the GetYourGuide plugin should have to ensure a safe purchase.


A responsive plugin must be used for design. This means that the layout of a blog must adapt to any environment or situation in which it is used. This characteristic is mandatory for all themes.
Mobile technologies are constantly evolving to provide a better user experience. It is important to remember that there will be new technologies. Pay attention to Retina Ready.

Apple introduced this technology as an added value to its products to enhance the user experience with Apple devices. This technology allows users to see sharper images, bright colors, and higher definitions. This technology standard should be included in the WordPress template you choose.


The GetYourGuide plugin can be more than just beautiful! It must be easy to use, customize, and manage. The demo function is available on all platforms that sell templates. The look of the theme customization can be a little different. If you are not satisfied with the themes or want to make your own, you can go beyond the description of the template that includes the words "customizable." The name of the seller or creator always accompanies templates.

Do your researches before you buy? Contact the plugin designer to discuss customization options. Many plugin designers can do the work that you require. The price for a theme will increase depending on the features you require.


Search Engine Optimization is crucial if you want your blog to rank well in search engines. SEO is more than just on-page and onsite factors. It also depends on how well a template has been optimized. The themes can be optimized to increase their position on search engines.

The appropriate tests are used to determine if the templates pass the tests and follow the programming codes. These technical aspects must be respected to be Seo Friendly.


GetYourGuide plugin standards must be adhered to by plugin developers. GetYourGuide plugin is an organization whose goal is to improve the web and provide guidelines that will allow it to grow over time.

GetYourGuide SDK Solution

The GetYourGuide SDK allows developers to create cloud-native applications and then deliver them through the travel Business Technology Platform. We aim to simplify the lives of ecosystem developers by removing the complexity of the travel solution so that they can focus on the application's business logic. We continuously improve the Cloud SDK to keep up with rapid changes in cloud development.

You have chosen the GetYourGuide SDK because it is a carefully curated set of standards and best practices that allow for an agile, reliable, and efficient software delivery. This documentation is constantly updated, and we host community events to help you get started with developing the GetYourGuide SDK.

Why GetYourGuide SDK?

GetYourGuide Software Development Kit is a collection of tools that allows software and firmware development for a particular platform. It's usually a combination of a platform and an operating system such as iOS and Android, smartphones, and iPhone and iOS.

An SDK may be different depending on the reference platform. It can include APIs and compilers, debuggers and debuggers, reference documentation, usage licenses, string examples, and tutorials. The SDK solution must include everything necessary to assist a programmer in programming. It is intended to encourage developers to adopt the platform and to spread its use.

How GetYourGuide SDK work?

Although software development kits can be large and varied in technology, most SDKs solution contains a few basic tools and packages. There will be, for example, one or more compilers that convert the source code into executable files. Standard libraries with APIs are also included, so you can use them however you like. All documentation is required to use the GetYourGuide SDK. These elements can be augmented by a debugger and an IDE (an acronym for Integrated Development Environment), which are useful for customizing and modifying the modules and packages that are already available.

These elements allow the programmer to create his program, video game, or app without writing the source code. He needs to call up the modules and libraries that are needed. The compiler will insert the required functionality or graphic elements.

Software development for custom needs

We create various software solutions for the travel and hospitality industry, including sophisticated booking engines, advanced reservation systems, complete travel agency CRM software, and apps for travelers and travel agents.

Considerable Expertise

We have worked on multiple software projects and gained unique expertise. This has allowed us to develop travel technology that will be used by all players in the travel industry, whether tour operators, travel agencies, or large corporations.


We have more than 220 employees, including software engineers, business analysts, and project managers.

GetYourGuide app

Seeing believes. This app will become your virtual memory! Like a digital notebook, GetYourGuide app allows you to store and organize digital notes, clippings of web pages, photos, videos, voicemails, contacts, and useful addresses. You can organize your notebook by topics using thematic tags. For example, suppose you are planning your next trip. In that case, this app will be indispensable for organizing your search for accommodation, places to visit, and restaurants to eat, allowing you to save all the interesting content found during the online search in one click. Like when you keep newspaper clippings, GetYourGuide app will keep and organize all your digital clippings of offers, must-see destinations, and photos of dishes to taste, so you don't forget anything!

After a lot of work, the well-deserved holidays are approaching, and the time has come for you to start organizing a nice trip. The last time you took a vacation, you entrusted yourself to an agency, but this time you'd like to take care of all the details, from booking your flight to places to visit. You've already purchased guides and books for your next destination, but now you'd like to find a solution to take comfort with you wherever you are.

With today's guide, we will show you what, in my opinion, is the best app.

There are so many solutions that you can consider: some of these allow you to manage every aspect of your trip, creating a virtual information folder and with the possibility of sharing your itinerary with friends and relatives; others allow you to find flights, hotels, places to visit, restaurants and even book a rental car.

If you are eager to get to work immediately, let's save time! Before packing your bags, spend five minutes reading this post, and you will find many applications ready to meet your needs. We are sure you will be surprised by the potential of these apps, and you will start using them for all your next trips.

Why GetYourGuide app?

Software applications are essential for travel and tourism. Most people use software solutions to plan, book and navigate travel. You need to gain an opportunity in the travel industry if you are proficient at using these technologies and tools.

The way people experience and imagine the world has dramatically changed thanks to digital technologies. Most people use a mobile app or a website to search for tourist destinations or check flight availability. Our services for developing travel apps are tailored to meet every business need. We have the right solution for you, whether you're a travel agent, hotel owner, or airline company.

If you need an app to manage your expenses and not risk having nasty surprises when you return from your trip, this app is for you! Simple to use and with an attractive interface, this travel app is perfect to use daily to manage your budget and record earnings, income, and expenses such as rent, bills, etc. Useful both before and during, and after a trip, this app will help you do some housekeeping and maybe be able to increase your savings at the end of the month. At the same time, the GetYourGuide app will be useful on vacation to monitor costs, being able to divide the budget by category, and being able to connect your bank account in complete safety.

Best GetYourGuide App| The app we use before, during, and after a trip

Nowadays, in which we all travel continuously with a mobile phone in hand and, also thanks to the fact that roaming has been canceled for more than a year now and therefore everywhere, you do not pay anything to have Internet available, more and more people rely on travel apps. Not only when you're traveling: many apps are useful for planning your trip or when the trip is over. We will tell you about the applications we use, the ones we could never do without, and why we think it is really useful.

It is probably one of the most popular travel applications. We use it above all to get inspired and to use the EVERYWHERE function, which allows, given a departure airport, to have possible ideas of destinations. GetYourGuide app will compare the connections and prices of many airlines and give you different results to consult according to your needs. You will have the different travel solutions divided into three categories: the best (calculated based on the price, the number of stopovers, and travel hours), the cheapest, and the fastest.

Why We Love It:

It allows you to dream. Need help deciding where to go? Do you know your departure airport and want to let yourself be carried away by a little uncertainty? Enter the word everywhere as your arrival location, and this app will search for your dream flight – and journey – for you.

GetYourGuide app is among the complete apps for travel organization and management. An app that collects all the information relating to upcoming trips, from airline tickets to hotel reservations to the calendar of meetings on business trips, allows traveler to live their travel experience to the fullest. Simpler than it may seem, to take advantage of this app's features, connect it to your email account.

GetYourGuide app will autonomously retrieve and sort emails for booking flights, hotels, rental cars, or restaurants, generating a perfect itinerary within an interactive map.
Among the app's peculiarities are receiving real-time alerts about any changes to the flights purchased and the possibility of using it even offline.

We make your needs our priority.

We are experts in your industry and can offer tailored advice to suit your needs.

GetYourGuide Solution is committed to creating a better travel experience by using technology. Our technological services and tools are continually evolving to meet your needs. Our technology products for travel are constantly evolving to meet the demands of the international travel industry. Integrated solutions provide seamless and comprehensive booking experiences for your customers. The personalized interface allows you to provide customers with a unique booking experience while increasing adoption rates and encouraging compliance with their travel policy.

Our team will go above and beyond for you to receive high-quality service and prove that you made the right decision.

Bottom line

It is said that a journey begins the moment you start planning it in your living room, at university, in a café, or even on the train. That moment in which, with the map unfolded, you point your finger at a place and begin to deal with the holiday calendar, your budget, the advice of other travelers, and the photos of travel bloggers that tickle your imagination. The smartphone is the new digital compass, and this is where technology comes into play, making things easier for us.

You can accelerate your sales growth by clearly distinguishing yourself from your competition. GetYourGuide Solution provides travel development solutions to all travel businesses that want to improve the quality of their services.

GetYourGuide Solution, which is cutting-edge and will help you meet the needs of a more informed clientele. This solution will allow you to create new opportunities and improve your competitive position. Our dedicated application testers and quality analysts will analyze and review the product to ensure that it meets the user's requirements. Our solutions will help you maximize efficiency and perform your business according to customers' needs. Our travel solutions allow consumers to go wherever they want, whenever and how they want.

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Our Comprehensive List of Services

adivaha® is a one-stop-shop for all your travel website needs. We offer a multitude of services that empower you to become a market leader. Contact us for more info.

GDS/OTA Integration

Seamlessly connect your travel website to GDS and online travel agencies with GDS/OTA integration.

Plugins & Widgets

Integrated travel booking features in your existing site.

White label Travel Portals

Create a customized and branded travel booking experience for your customers.

B2B Travel Software

Simplify and streamline your B2B travel bookings with powerful and user-friendly travel booking software.

Travel Agency APP Builder

Create your own Mobile APP and host it on your Play Store.

Corporate Travel Booking Tool service

Efficiently manage and book corporate travel with a comprehensive and easy-to-use travel booking tool service.

Travel APIs Services

Integrate powerful travel APIs into your website or application to access a wealth of travel data and services for your customers.

Itinerary Builder

Create and organize your perfect trip with ease using a customizable travel itinerary builder.

Allotment Marketplace

A search engine for search engines. Find the best travel deals across multiple search engines

Travel Chatbot

Chatbot service offers a convenient for travelers.

UPI Payment Gateway

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Keep Refreshing your customers - Who doesn't want his site to stand out from crowd? adivaha® gives you multiple options for home pages, headers, colors etc. Which can easily be managed from admin via shortcodes and settings. The theme supports almost all the big players in this market ie, WEGO, Travelpayouts, Agoda, Booking, Expedia etc.




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