Why partner with Kafila?

The Internet age has changed the concept of many businesses—especially those in the tourism sector. Online travel technology companies are now the ones that have the most incredible power over the user. This is the case with adivaha®. A platform from which you can get all your travel solutions. If your market niche moves around these parts, you are interested in knowing all the secrets of the famous adivaha®. adivaha® rose to the top of the travel site rankings for excellent reasons. There’s no doubt that travel booking sites are a highly competitive niche, which is why adivaha® chooses to become an incredible partner of Kafila.

Whether you’re a budding travel agent or an established agency, the most basic requirement for your business is a competitive inventory of flights, hotels, and vacation packages that you can sell to your clients.

A joining affiliate program of reputable travel companies not only help you provide your customers with a wide range of inventory but also helps you earn money at a meager cost for your business. Here we will know Why partner with Kafila?

adivaha® and Kafila

We want to give you the world. We want to present all options available to get to a hotel and flights, and then find the cost most suitable for your needs. Our only goal is to help you travel, organize and book your stays simply and pleasantly from start to finish, save money, and offer you an unforgettable travel experience. We want to make our industry more transparent to earn your trust.

Kafila emerged in the adivaha®. The vast reach of the Internet allows them to bring together the world’s travel supply in one place so that consumers can make hotel reservations online. This partnership changed how travel is researched and booked. The general public can easily find, plan, and book cheap flights, accommodation, and guided tours on their own, rather than relying on a physical travel agency. In addition, reservations can be made anywhere and anytime, even at the last hour, which makes the process very convenient.

This is the spirit that accompanies everything we do. We are always by your side and are proud to be the most trusted travel search engine in the world. You are our priority, and we want to prove it:

This partnership program will help your customers access a vast inventory of hotels and compare prices and availability from the best travel sites from your website or mobile. It allows easy integration of the inventory at your hotels to the travel agent’s site to avoid additional development costs to your business.

About Kafila

Kafila is an online travel solution where travelers can book their travel packages: from hotel rooms, flights, and much more. In a few words, a traveler can hire various services related to the tourism sector. Kafila, Asia’s most prominent travel solution, serves the most extensive network. Kafila has head offices in Delhi and Branch offices in Mumbai, Lucknow, Noida, and Patna and provides everything you need in Travel Related Services under one roof. Kafila currently manages a total of 500 travel agents and 40 franchises across India, and the company has been growing every day for five years. Our turnover is around 500 Cr per year. Managed by a team comprised of professionals with a 24/7 support center that is comprised of experienced staff from the Kafila Travel Industry:

Today, the company is proud to belong to the network with operations established in India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Australia. Kafila has become named the best airline in the annual study.

There are so many online travel agencies where hotels can advertise—each with different commission costs, target markets, and user experiences. This is why finding the perfect combination of channels in today’s constantly changing distribution environment is challenging.

One of the main aspects of this partnership, efficient channel management, and an intelligent revenue strategy is distributing your property’s inventory following your objectives. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to get more bookings in periods of lower demand, to increase participation in specific markets, or to increase visibility for certain demographic groups; the important thing is that your ideal guests find your accommodation.

Therefore Kafila is the best online travel solution for your partnership. Before we get into the guide, let’s intelligently see some of their benefits and suggestions for partnership with Kafila.

How do Kafila works?

Kafila is an intermediary between the client and the company belonging to the tourism sector. Within this platform, the user can check the prices of various flights and hotels and make a reservation. Tour solutions such as Kafila have a significant weight in electronic commerce since they offer a commercial opportunity to all types of flights and hotel companies.

However, over time, hotel chains have realized that it is worth betting on their own sales channel supported by a good customer loyalty program.

Why Partnership with Kafila?

We are delighted to present the world to Kafila Tour & Travels. Our primary goal is to provide B2B agents and corporate clients with the highest quality of travel-related services and sell Air ticket hotels and Services amongst Retail Travel Agents across India.  Kafila now offers flexible commissions on Hotels in addition to the leading vertical of Flights! It’s our mission to empower every traveler by giving them the insights that make travel simple. We’re doing this by putting travelers first in everything we do, doing travel planning and booking effortless, and working towards a brighter, greener future.

This partnership with Kafila offers the widest selection of hotels & flights of any agency in the world. It has a powerful search engine that is very easy to use with numerous filters to refine your search and find your ideal accommodation. It offers a unique variety of places to stay. It’s not limited to hotels; you can search for flights also. As partners, we’ll be part of this mission – while monetizing our traffic and inspiring travelers to explore our extraordinary planet.

Enjoy a modern journey under the best partnership.

Traveling is synonymous with freedom. For this reason, organizing a trip should be fun, not a chore! Traveling is one of the greatest enjoyments in life, and we want it to be the same for the next generations.

We will show you all the available options, so you can decide the one that best suits your needs and those of the environment: thanks to the “Eco-friendly option” tag, you can choose the flights with the lowest CO2 emissions, as over a million travelers have already done.

We know what you want: the lowest prices and the ability to choose what is suitable for you. This is why we work tirelessly to ensure that our site and app are always easy to use and fast.

Choose where to go and when, and we’ll show you the best prices from thousands of sites without looking elsewhere. We will help you plan a great trip, considering your needs, style, and budget.

Are you flexible? Let you be inspired and click “Everywhere” to find out where to go at affordable prices. Do you already know where to go? Keep an eye on rate changes by activating Price Alerts.

We value consumers at every stage of the purchase process: understanding the need, searching for information, evaluating alternatives, purchasing decisions, and post-purchase behavior. Travel professionals know what to look out for, what the latest trends are, and can also advise on how to make your vacation even more memorable, and even suggest where to look for hidden treasures that will take your trip to the next level!

What benefits do we offer under the partnership with Kafila?

●      Trusted worldwide

Millions of people rely on adivaha® & Kafila every day for their travel plans. We’re trusted under this partnership, a loved brand with a global reach which means your customers are in safe hands.

●      First-class inventory

adivaha® & Kafila vast network of supply partners gives travelers the best choice around. So no matter what they’re looking for, they’ll find it with us.

●      Exclusive travel content

We’ll share the latest travel trends, exclusive insights, and industry events with your monthly newsletter.

●      Global access.

Travelers can view and book rooms or accommodations from any location and in one place without asking for help or spending time searching for information. This has generated the discovery of new destinations and has contributed to the dramatic expansion of global tourism.

●      Book at the best prices

We consult for you the prices of 1,200 companies in the travel sector. Sign up for Price Alerts, so you don’t miss any changes in the flight fare you are interested in to decide whether to book or not.

●      Maximum transparency

We show you the results of many airlines and online travel agencies. Travelers are the basis of what we do, so we will remove those providers that we believe do not offer you exemplary service.

●      Take off on the fly

adivaha® & Kafila partnership is famous because it allows you to book a complete trip efficiently and economically. Do you want to look for a flight or a hotel? Perfect! Discover all the options available to you resume an interrupted search and save your travel data in one place under this partnership.

●      Trust first of all

Thanks to the votes of travelers who review their booking experience with us, you can always choose the best option. Feedback is forwarded to suppliers to allow them to improve and offer more appropriate services.

●      No stress

We will never use your data to raise prices or artificially increase demand. We will show you the final price you will have to pay, and you will decide whether to book or not, without stress. But above all, without nasty surprises or additional costs.

●      The whole world awaits you. Get ready to go.

Where to go? When to go? The possibilities are endless. Our ‘Anywhere’ search feature is a source of inspiration for millions of travelers as it allows you to search for cheap flights departing from their preferred airports.

●      Find your ideal accommodation.

Not just flights: we also want you to save on accommodation. Our collaboration with the best names in the industry allows us to offer you special offers in the best hotels in the world.

●      Choose how to manage your data.

We will never use your information to hide information or to entice you to book something that doesn’t interest you. Your data is yours, and that’s it.

●      Access to new markets.

Our platform offer access to segments of travelers that would otherwise be impossible for small or independent business owners to obtain. Hotels and other accommodation types of any size rely on OTAs to access new regions, markets, and customer demographics.

●      Variable demand.

Instead of relying solely on their marketing initiatives, hotels turn to more variable demand. Hotels control the inventory they advertise on each channel and can focus heavily on room distribution.

●      Recognized brands that inspire confidence.

We offer well-known brands to travelers, making them much more likely to book. Visibility on the best platform benefits primary independent properties that are not yet globally recognized.

●      Always by your side

Travel also doesn’t always go how we want it to, and we want to help you. Our help center agents are available seven days a week in 30 different languages.

●      adivaha® Expert advice

We have been finding the best flights and sharing our experience with you. On Kafila, you can combine flights from multiple airlines to book at the best price.

Some other advantages of working with Kafila

Everyone knows that perfection does not exist. And much less in business. This is why we will always find pros and cons when developing a sound business strategy. Working with a Kafila has its benefits:

  • Increase the occupancy of your hotel without too much effort. This represents a great opportunity for small hotels with no other major competitive force.
  • Have a solid online presence in a world as competitive as the Internet.
  • It favors local marketing thanks to the opportunity that Kafila offer hotels to exploit trends in their region. This can mean a significant reduction in expenses related to digital marketing.
  • Kafila allows the personalized purchase of travel packages that include hotels, flights, tourist activities, etc.

Travel your way

Why partner with Kafila?! When our adventure began, we decided we would do things differently. At adivaha®, our mission is to create a place that would bring together all the available flight options and offer an alternative to sites that make organizing a trip too complicated an experience.

And over time, we have become world leaders in the travel sector from a flight search engine. Under the adivaha® & Kafila partnership, our mission is to simplify the way you travel, and we do it by helping you find the best options between flights and hotels to guarantee you a perfect trip.

But that is not all.

Under the partnership with Kafila, We want to support a more modern and sustainable way of traveling.