Do you want to know how much does it cost to make a travel website in India? And how much a website costs to succeed in tourism? Opening a business in the tourism sector, such as a tour operator or travel agency, means having to take care of its online presence right from the start to guarantee you a consistent flow of bookings. And social media and digital marketing strategies can do nothing if you don’t have a website designed specifically to transform traffic and visits into bookings. Suppose you are opening your business now or are planning to open shortly. In that case, a website is certainly one of the first things you thought of investing in but immediately, the sore point: a limited initial budget that cannot be spent only in this area of ​​the web—marketing for your tourism business. Today we will answer the question of many tour operators, travel agencies, or aspiring ones who want to take the first steps towards the development of their digital presence and, to do so, need benchmarks to understand the costs of creating the first travel website in India:

  • What should we expect to spend?
  • Website for Travel: How much does it cost?

Let’s see the answers to these and other questions together.

How can we create a travel website?

It is not easy to create travel websites. The first step is determining the company’s business needs that the resource will address. You will achieve the best results if you have a clear goal. Although site requirements can vary from one person to another, there are some general guidelines.


The client visits the travel agency’s website to answer his questions about the trip. He wants to know the details of each country, their peculiarities, and tips to ensure he has a safe and comfortable trip. Honesty is valued: providing objective information about the benefits and disadvantages of each country, as well as possible problems and solutions, is appreciated.
Information on the weather, exchange rates, and a schedule of events will not be interfered with.


Most clients will search for and book tours through the travel agency website. The requirements for the website are then established.

  • Clear navigation
  • The ability to choose a simple search option or configurable filters. For example, you can only search by date or country name. ;
  • Online booking and payment
  • Chat online for consultations at all stages of the search.
  • You can be quick and flexible.

A large number of users access the Internet via smartphones and tablets. Responsiveness is the ability to adapt to different screen sizes while still providing information, blocks, buttons, and other functional elements.

Travel reports and reviews

Real reviews are one of the best ways to build trust and win over visitors. Please include links to relevant sections of social media pages if the company has them. This will ensure that the users are confident in the objectivity and authenticity of the recommendations. Companies encourage the publication of travel reports. Tourists can tell in detail about their trips and attach photos or videos.

Travel agency website design

A website for a travel company should be attractive to potential customers. It should also immerse them in the experience of the vacation.
Bright colors and medium-sized fonts are recommended. They should be easy to read and not block the eyes. You can use your photos to illustrate the tours or refuse to buy them.
A website can be created for as little as $– up to $—

How do you choose the right developer?

Let’s start by saying that a website is an extra staff member. It answers all potential customers’ questions 24/7 and can, depending on how it’s set up, take a lot of your administrative burden off your shoulders. It’s not a “thing” you can forget, but a living, breathing thing. This is how the “right” developer should look at it:

  • Someone who will take the time to get to know you, your company, your customers, and your business goals. They can help you create a website that will take you from where you are to where you want it to be.
  • A developer with whom you see yourself as a long-term partner. A developer can help you navigate the evolution of your website.
  • Someone willing to give you access to your website keys (domain, hosting credentials, admin logins, etc.). Having a website that you can only manage or modify is not a good idea. Your mortgage is not tied to one bank. Why would you want your website locked in with one developer?
  • As with the previous, it is important to work with an open-source CMS expert (such as WordPress) to keep your options open for developing your website.

What should we expect to spend?

Your website is an investment tool that can increase your revenue, including positive branding, or reduce your overhead. Your website should be a positive investment.
First, ask yourself: What revenue would a website generate if it were to be launched?
I would reduce that number by half. People are often too optimistic about the website’s impact or the work involved in maintaining it. This will give you a baseline budget for your website.
These costs are not included in the hosting package.
This indicates how much you can afford for a website.
If you are willing to do some DIY, this is the price you can pay.

  • $–/yr. for your domain.
  • $–/month for your hosting
  • $– A multi-purpose WordPress theme you can customize
  • Hours spent perusing videos, support forums, and other resources to understand.
  • How to make your theme do what you want.
  • Many web designers will design a site from scratch for $– $—+.

You could have a website with a budget of $—- plus $– -$— each month. This would allow you to keep your site simple and cover hosting costs, licensing (SSLs), plugins, etc. You will also need to provide ongoing support and maintenance.

Website for Travel: How much does it cost?

What services and costs would we have to face to create a professional website? This is the question to ask. To understand how much it costs to create a website, we would like to give you some benchmarks to help you understand the investment that can be expected when creating a first website in the tourism sector but do not expect fixed figures: not because we do not want to make anger other web service providers in the industry but because it would be unfair to give you an exact number for each service. If, on the one hand, the market conditions are changing, on the other, it should be noted that each agency can offer a different type of service, depending on the areas of specialization and experience in the field, as well as your needs. Turning to tourism & travel professionals is ideal in your specific case: creating cheap websites has huge drawbacks.

Case Study & Briefing

The costs related to this item consist of the fee (not always) required by tourism web marketing agencies to study your specific case and lay the foundations for creating your website. Regardless of the type of tourism business you want to manage, whatever action you want to take, you will need to have clear your sales, positioning, and growth objectives, especially when creating the website, since it will be your first online showcase. In the case of a B&B, tour operator, or travel agency, you will want to have concrete results regarding online bookings received – but how do you translate this into a website? A tourism web marketing agency is here to assist you in this phase: to create an essential results-oriented strategy through a first briefing to understand your goals and your real needs for the website in the start-up phase. I guess you have read this far you are not too convinced of entrusting your first website to “your cousin.”

  • Costs: agencies can also operate for free in this first phase to evaluate the real potential of the deal and have an opportunity to get to know the customer, but it is also possible to opt for a consultancy in a “health check” formula – free case study – and subsequent consultancy – for a fee – with hourly costs from $— upwards.
  • Be wary of whom: at first contact, they do not explain the next steps clearly and transparently. You are considering whether to rely on an agency, and trust on both sides cannot be lacking.
  • How to optimize the budget at your disposal? Since the first consultation can be free, looking for levers to save is not so necessary; if, on the other hand, you do not want to extend the consulting hours too much, we recommend that you already prepare the list of yours:
  • Targets
  • Need
  • Budget available

The consultant will then guide you and advice you based on your information.

Website development costs

These are the costs related to the selection of the CMS (content management system, that is, the platform with which to create the website), the IT infrastructure, the plugins for specific objectives, domain creation and professional email address, platform security (for example, through servers like Joomla or WordPress, famous for content hosting security), first web pages, etc. All elements affect the cost of creating a website, even for those working in the tourism sector.

  • Costs: Starting from $— for a minimally professional job, depending on the services included and the agency (do you have experience in the tourism & travel sector? What branding can you offer? What expansion potential of the packages?) To which you want to contact.
  • Be wary of whom: they will not allow you a periodic backup of the contents of your website: you do not want to risk losing all your work due to failures of third-party suppliers.
  • How to optimize the budget at your disposal? My advice is – and if you ask other industry experts, you will get the same point of view – not to strain too much when it comes to creating the first website for your B&B, tour operator, or travel agency, as yes will reflect in the quality and safety of the platform selected for you: quality work always has a fair price. But suppose you have decided to invest in a tourism web marketing agency. In that case, you could always optimize your resources by understanding the quality and quantity of the services included.

You may find it interesting to add, for the same price, additional services such as the creation of content for blogs or social media, management of social media, insertion of the booking management system via booking engine, etc.

Maintenance and updating

This category includes all the actions dedicated to keeping the elements that make up the website updated, from the content management system to updating the security system to the contents themselves.
Opening a website without taking care of its structure, security and content are like deciding to open your shop and not pay the electricity bills, not change the old lock and leave the beautiful window you designed empty. Suppose you have decided to open a website. In that case, you will already know the changeability of the Internet but also the potential of user searches on Google and other search engines for the visibility of your online business. To understand how much a website costs, don’t just consider the development costs but also those of subsequent maintenance. Consider that Google favors in the first pages of the results all those content not only SEO optimized, with a technologically advanced structure, but also more interesting and current for users. This translates into the need to keep your content up-to-date, from seasonal promotions to the periodic publication of articles in the blog section. Since these are content related to specific elements, such as system maintenance, updating security systems, or creating new landing pages and blog articles, prices may vary. For example, for blogs and landing pages, prices vary depending on the number of words and the type of content. To give you an idea, a blog post by a native speaker between 500-600 words range from $— upwards, depending on the content writer’s skills and experience possibility of discounts on quantities.

Five key factors that influence the price of building a website

Many factors influence the cost of building websites. Each business’s needs and nature are different, so the average cost of building a website will vary. The variables involved in building a website to support data analytics providers differ from those that affect small sites for blogging. In the following, we will discuss some factors that could impact the cost of building websites. This is not an exhaustive list. Many other factors can be specific to each website and business.

Domain name

The domain name is an important factor to consider. A new domain name typically costs between $— and $— per year. Costs depends on the many factors.

Website functionality

The functionality of your site largely determines website cost. The more functions your website has, the higher its cost. You can have website functions that are essential to your business or those that improve the user experience.

Website maintenance

Website maintenance is essential to your business. It ensures your website remains secure and functional. Many people don’t accurately budget for maintenance costs when planning their budget.


Web design costs can be influenced by many factors, including the number and complexity of website architectures. The website’s size can often be just as important. It is not difficult to see the cost difference between building a big website and a smaller one. Building a 500-page e-commerce website will take a lot of effort and time. This will reflect in the price of web development services. A simple website with a few pages and a standard template can be constructed for a fraction of the cost.

Hosting Platform

Each business’s requirements for web hosting are different. You should choose dedicated server hosting if your business is strictly online. You can handle an increase in traffic without worrying about server downtime. You’ll also have access to advanced security features which can help you better protect your customers’ sensitive information. Shared hosting is the better option if you don’t intend to use your website for revenue-generating purposes. These plans are affordable and require little maintenance. They are ideal for websites with only a few pages. Virtual private server (VPS) hosting is in the middle of shared and dedicated hosting. Although you have some customization and control options, there isn’t enough bandwidth to handle large traffic volumes.


If you are considering how much does it cost to make a travel website in India? for a Tour operator, or a travel agency like yours, you may be thinking: already on the second line, we have finished my budget. Most agencies not only allow you to combine the different services and thus create truly complete “quantity discounts” packages but can offer training sessions to allow you to advance autonomously on some fronts, such as SEO, social, etc. A travel website can be an excellent side hustle allowing you to make extra money doing something you enjoy. Building a website for travel is possible, but it doesn’t have to be a planned strategy. You can experiment and learn from it.