What is B2C travel portal? B2C Travel Portal offers the right tools and enterprise insight that make it easier for customers to book travel. No matter what industry you are in, the idea behind a B2C portal has always been a great way to increase business. B2C portal development has been a boon for travel companies and other travel-related businesses to create a B2C marketplace. The Travel B2C portal allows travel agents or users to sell hotel rooms, flight tickets, airport transfers, packages, and other products online. Travelers expect a user-friendly, technologically advanced portal to help them navigate the rapidly changing travel industry. To ensure that the portal grows, it is essential to consider all aspects of customers. It is a better experience for travelers to have all their travel needs answered in one place. Customer happiness is key to business success. It will help you grow. B2C travel solutions are key to solving all your problems. It allows you to list all travel-related searches on one site, where customers can do a hassle-free search. B2C is the most cost-effective and efficient software solution. B2C travel solutions can help you establish your online presence. We can help you create a flexible and functional booking system for your travel portal b2c.

What is the B2C meaning in the hospitality sector?

Business-to-Consumer/ Customer refer to selling products or services to customers and their guests to make a profit. B2C represents the most popular way hotel is sold. It is why it is so important to target this demographic when advertising for and promoting a Hotel. B2C customers are independent, and leisure visitors are more likely to stay longer, spend more on additional services, and upgrade their rooms. The B2C consumer book rack rates are higher than the B2B guest. They do not need a corporate or business booking coupon. When staying in a hotel, guests who are business customers do not need additional negotiated terms. These guests’ financial transactions are quicker and more efficient, especially when they check out. In B2B, the payments might come at the end or in the middle of the month after multiple people have left the business. However, B2C guests are not always guaranteed. B2B hotel booking contracts can be. Higher marketing budgets may be necessary to attach B2C guests. B2C requires more energy to make a sale and is more product-driven.

B2C Travel Portal

B2C Travel Portal is an online booking engine that offers flights, hotels and transfers, packages, and sightseeing modules. The B2C Online Booking System provides the tools necessary to make bookings faster and easier for everyone. Our B2C online Booking System provides the tools to make bookings faster and easier for any client, corporate or individual. B2C portal software can integrate with GDS systems.

It allows consolidators of travel agents, tour operators, and web portals to sell, manage and collaborate with B2C clients, B2B partners, and suppliers. It is 100% web-based.

How does B2C Portal Development Work?

B2C portals allow users to sell flights, hotels, packages, and other travel products. With the rapid growth of the travel industry, travelers expect a technologically advanced, user-friendly platform. It is important to consider every aspect of the customer to ensure that a portal grows fully.

  • Many management options are available for Holidays and Hotels, Flights, and Transfers.
  • Integration of shopping cart and payment gateways
  • Customers can contact us via live chat or provide feedback
  • All sub-agents have access to 24*7*365 support
  • Register and become a customer
  • Automated back-office panel for markups, commissions, refunds, and cancellation policy
  • Administrator MIS Reports
  • Management of MIS accounting and managing markups
  • You are the best online hotel/flight or package specialist.
  • Consumers with informative, easy-to-use, and fast websites
  • Secure online booking
  • Online marketing campaigns that is targeted and measurable
  • Easy ability to increase product offerings following market needs.
  • Ability to work simultaneously with key hotel owners, whether they are commissionable or NET rates
  • We ensure that your website’s running costs are very low and you can keep your online store in good standing with low overheads starting from day one.
  • Easy to create & host new websites with country-specific, destination-specific, or even single hotel websites, thus minimizing your reliance on any one market, and you can efficiently manage your marketing plan.

Travelers prefer a portal that offers a complete solution for all travel questions. It allows you to grow. B2C is the solution to all your travel problems. This allows customers to search for all travel-related items on one page. B2C portal solutions are cost-effective and highly efficient.

The Three Pillars of B2c Sales Success in the Travel Industry

The travel industry has dramatically changed the B2C/B2B sales landscape. Slowly, the traditional brick-and-mortar agency selling travel is disappearing from commercial centers. Online channels offer personalized customer service and counseling, making it difficult for travel agents to compete with them. Online aggregators have made it harder for smaller suppliers to compete and promoted a model that puts the price at the center of product differentiation. Many smaller companies have responded to the pressure by investing in their direct channels. Hoteliers, for example, promote special offers and additional services via email marketing, social networking, and online. Individual suppliers seek to increase their margins and control demand by promoting direct bookings. In this changing landscape, one thing is certain: travel distribution will continue to evolve. Despite all the advancements made in the industry, one thing is certain: travel distribution will continue its evolution. Although online marketplaces and aggregators make it easier for customers to feel frustrated and overwhelmed, they still need the best deal. What should the travel industry do? How can suppliers keep pace with technological advances while still catering to customers? These imperatives can be used to help companies adapt their B2C or B2B sales strategies.

Instead of focusing on channels, focus on customers.

The travel industry used to distribute their product uniformly across channels. Their product would therefore be identical across agents, aggregators, and direct channels. Recently, travel companies discovered that different customer segments have differing needs. Some customers value price more than others. Some customers will be more concerned about customer service than others, while others will want special deals that add value. Companies cannot offer the same booking experience to all customers. Businesses should stop prioritizing channel-centric approaches and instead place customers at the center of their sales strategies, B2C and B2B. Channel-based thinking limits flexibility. Instead of responding to customer requirements, they prioritize market share targets for various channels. A customer-oriented approach encourages flexibility and adaptability. This overview of the steps involved in creating a customized customer journey. Companies must first understand their target customer segments and determine the best channel to reach them. The company must create a customized booking experience tailored to each group’s needs, wants, and goals. This is why value-oriented leisure travelers prefer transparent and comparable booking experiences. Most price-driven customers will visit 3-4 websites before making a purchase. These statistics are why airlines, hotels, tour operators, and car rental companies do not offer price comparisons via their channels. While there may be a risk of customers leaving, transparency earns trust and gives valuable insight into customer preferences and behavior.

You can win in the battle for the era of “big data.”

The travel industry has access to consumer data collected throughout the customer journey. The company can track everything, from the customer’s preferences when they booked to their favorite airline seats and in-flight entertainment options to credit card usage and their personal information. Companies can build a complete picture of their customers with data. Businesses can then create marketing strategies that connect with customers more deeply. Despite the vast amount of information organizations have, few can properly manage it. Companies must properly understand how to manage their data in a highly competitive marketplace. Amazon and Google, two of the largest companies in the sector, are already using their big data experience as a weapon. Google recently purchased ITA, an airfare search provider. Google can now offer fully-formed vacation plans with purchase links through this acquisition. Compared to larger enterprises, small-scale ones are much slower. However, it is not impossible to win. Individual hotels and airlines can take back their business with the right strategy and products. Smaller organizations can be competitive in the big data battle by asking what data isn’t being mobilized and which data they could harvest.

The customer experience is your responsibility.

A purchase does not start a relationship between a company and its customers. The relationship begins when the customer becomes aware of the company. The relationship doesn’t end with the sale. Every interaction after that point can be used to build loyalty and secure future business. A complete understanding of the customer journey is the key to influencing their experience. To gain a complete view of the customer journey, businesses must remove any barriers that might hinder the flow of information throughout the company. A single data bank for customers is better than separate storage areas for different departments. Data about products, loyalty, transactions, prices, and other information should all be centrally stored to allow for the free flow of information. A business must work with other organizations to find a viable data-sharing solution. This will make customer-centric integration a reality. It will improve the efficiency of an organization’s internal operations and dramatically improve customer experience, both in B2C as well as B2B sales.

Features for Your Travel Portal

With everything becoming digital, face-to-face communication and manual travel bookings are no longer possible. Our services for developing travel portal software are the next-generation travel and hospitality portals for companies that want to start an online business in travel. Admin features such as ticket and booking management and customer-specific features such as online hotel and ticket booking will increase transparency and efficiency in your travel business. Your customers will love the online travel experience and become your advocates.

Manage Ticket Booking Details

You can access all customer ticket details and add or modify them quickly and easily from anywhere. With custom-built software for travel booking portals, you can eliminate the manual recording of booking details and ensure that your system is error-free.

Book Hotels and Manage Hotels

Your custom-built portal software will streamline your hotel booking management. Get a central view of all hotel bookings made by your customers. You can add or update hotel details immediately to avoid problems after bookings. Increase your hotel booking experience for customers and drive more online bookings.

Management of Identification

Online verification of identity documents can simplify the process for customers. Custom travel portal software can eliminate the need for manual identification verification. Customers will enjoy a better booking experience.

Manage your Tour Package

You can manage the details and prices of your tour packages in real-time. Provide the most suitable tour packages according to your customer’s preferences and budgets. You can make your customers come back to you by offering seamless package bookings.

Flight Ticket Booking

The travel portal platform is linked to the flight GDS through web services to fetch the online flight inventory and publish it on the application’s front end in a defined UI/UX format. Selecting a specific flight search result will be redirected to the payment gateway for booking confirmation and PNR generation.

Hotel Booking

The travel portal system will search for hotel deals through GDS and APIs web services and find the lowest tariffs available per room per night. Selecting a particular hotel will be redirected to a payment gateway for booking and voucher generation.

Agent Management

Manage all your online travel and hospitality agents and their details from within the travel portal software. Add or update their profiles, charges, and other details and let them easily manage their accounts and customers.

Payment Gateway Management & Refund Management

This portal offers multiple payment options for your customers to pick from. Our travel portal software development services make the payment process easy and smooth for customers. Customers can be assisted in requesting refunds by the backend.

SMS Gateway Incorporation

SMS API will be incorporated to send the SMS to the client when booking confirmation or PNR creation.

Agency Accounts

A multilayer admin console is defined as a comprehensive travel GDS booking system. The agents will give a login facility to add funds to their accounts with a certain cutoff limit. By logging in on the portal, agents can book Air tickets and Hotel deals from their deposit accounts up to the cutoff limit, and as they reach their cutoff limit. Then they will have the option to book with a credit card. Agents will get different options i.e.

Forward to Shape a Better Future for Travel Industry

The B2C Online Travel Booking Engine offers client’s unique self-service tools that allow them to make online bookings create their flight tickets and vouchers, review the history of payments, and submit cancellations or amendments anytime, anywhere. Our B2C reservation engine was designed using the most recent technologies to ensure the best quality. We will manage your server, bandwidth, performance, and IT infrastructure. Our team has extensive experience building travel booking systems for clients all over the globe. We can also help you build a custom-made booking engine for your brand. The B2C Portal solution is for companies that want to increase their profitability by selling inventories directly to their customers. We promise that we will provide end-to-end technology services in travel technology with many value-added features. This will give you the keys to success in the online travel business. All B2C Travel Portals Support Multiple Payment Options. The B2C portal for travel is an online booking engine that offers flights, hotels and transfers, packages, and sightseeing options. It provides information about flights, hotels, and cars to international B2C clients. This allows them to search for and book online. For travel booking software, software for travel agencies, software for tour operators, software to develop travel portals, GDS Integration, flight reservation systems, hotel booking software, bus booking system, car booking system and tour package portal, website development, etc., you can reach us. Our B2C portal software is compatible with major GDS systems. It can be connected via the GDS/APIs or self-contracts. We deliver online travel technology solutions for B2C, B2B, B2B2B, and B2B2C travel portals. We offer development services for B2C or B2B travel web applications and travel API integration for hotel, car, flight, holiday, and gateway bookings. We provide advanced OTA services for B2C and B2B travel portal creation with GDS /API /XML Integration. It’s a web-based online booking system and travel portal software, provider. The B2C portal Engine makes booking easier for clients of all types.


The core knowledge of the travel industry requirements is what our team has developed, which allows us to create complex business logic in a user-friendly way. Our company’s website offers many profit opportunities, particularly when it allows us to promote and manage our travel products. Our services include web portals development services such as White Label B2B Travel Portal, White Label Web Portal, and White Label Travel Portal API.