There’s a lot of money at stake in business travel, so it’s no wonder companies are continually looking for ways to save on their travel budgets. And this is where B2B tools for travel become important.
What is B2B travel portal? Online B2B travel software can help companies to simplify business travel and save them a lot of money since they will have access to the best offers in the market in terms of business travel, be it flights, accommodations, or other travel options. . However, not all travel apps perform the same: some are much more efficient than others when it comes to helping you plan business trips. Throughout this post, we will analyze the best B2B tools for business trips based on the different needs of companies, from hotel reservations to flights, to name just a few things. Thanks to these tools, business trips will be a piece of cake, and your employees will be able to focus on enjoying the trip and doing good business.

B2B Travel Portal

The B2B Travel Portal model is an online travel portal that works with businesses. All travel agencies that are OTA or planning to become OTA are aware of the potential impact of an online travel portal. Travel agencies have revolutionized how users search for and book travel deals. Instead of searching for deals, the top companies offer B2C or B2B interfaces that allow customers to use them. We will be discussing B2B travel software in this article. B2B Travel Portal provides an online booking engine with important components for all travel agents. Travel agencies can access third-party supplier inventories to meet the B2B travel portal requirements. Travel agents can sell their products worldwide through this B2B Booking Engine. Tired of searching for the best B2B travel portal development company and have the ambition to grow your business? Adivaha is the right platform for you. One of the leading B2B travel booking portals providers, Adivaha offers complete booking solutions for offline travel agencies worldwide. Equipped with up-to-date technologies, we use an ideal platform to offer services. A B2B booking portal solution enables your travel agencies to search for and book travel services for their clients.

B2B Portal Development

Everything is online, from booking flights or trains to booking where to stay. Travelers today rely on the internet to plan their travel. Even the most basic plans can be based on insights provided by B2B portals. Travel portals offer various services such as rooms, flights, hotels, car rentals, and additional services. These concerns can be addressed with just a click on a travel portal. Adivaha is an online platform for B2B Travel agencies to help Tour Operators, Consolidators, Travel Agents, and Travel Agents distribute accommodation or movement items to different sub-specialists. A B2b portal for travel is not a luxury but a core requirement of any company. Adivaha believes that a travel portal, a hotel reservation system, and online car rental or transfer services can help you grow your business. Adivaha has built a travel portal using the White Label. Access to the B2B portal is available to all travel agencies anytime. There is no need to spend time working with international hospitality providers, and you can access it from anywhere. Subagents can make travel product reservations at very low rates from agents, making them very profitable. These products are also available at affordable prices for customers.

How to select the best B2B travel booking portal?

The best travel portal development company can offer growth in business and a competitive edge. Adivaha provides our clients with innovative, responsive, and attractive B2B travel booking portals. The user-friendly interface of our booking portal ensures the highest performance. Travel agencies get better performance. Adivaha, a company that offers comprehensive online booking solutions, has gained worldwide recognition. Our company provides exceptional services via a strong, responsive, achievable, high-performing platform. It also benefits from new technologies. Our customers can search for and book flights, hotels, and transfers online using the integrated XML API booking engine. Our B2B travel booking portal includes GDS integration. The end user can book flights, hotels, cars, and travel packages online through our partner travel agencies. Our goal is to provide a reservation solution that allows our customers to benefit from the Internet service. We can do this only because our deep team helps us serve day and night. This is how we provide real-time support to our customers.

How to speed up revenue generation using a travel booking portal?

Our B2B travel reservation portal allows our clients to merge different functions in the reservation system. OTAs can collect inventory from various API distributors and sell it after listing their surplus. Our mission is to make the sales process smooth for our customers and improve their skills to sell products directly from our portal. B2B stands for business to business, offering an excellent platform for travel service providers to book directly for their clients. Adivaha is committed to providing the highest quality services at a reasonable price without compromising quality. Our web portal reflects the fusion of different advanced features for end users, travel agencies, tour operators, and travel management companies. At Adivaha, we provide seamless travel technology services by consolidating our solution with multiple airlines globally. Not only B2B, but the development of our B2C travel portal also opens the center of opportunities for travel companies. It gives them the freedom to drive more visitors and conversion rates on their website. We offer 24/7 support and an advanced solution that allows us to assist our customers and clients in achieving their goals.
A great travel portal is the first step to business success. However, it is not enough without the right strategy for revenue generation.

B2B Travel Booking Portal Strategies

  • Create a responsive and beautiful website.
  • Sell attractive travel packages.
  • Customers looking to get the most value for their money deserve the best deals.
  • Upload travel videos that catch customers’ attention.
  • You should encourage end users to offer valuable suggestions to improve your services.
  • Monitor online reviews and takes corrective actions.
  • Refer friends and get the best deal
  • Make sure you take into account your audience when planning your website content.
  • Find the best way to engage your audience for as long as possible.
  • Keep updating informative blogs.
  • Create a brand image and a market repository.
  • Customers can get real-time support.
  • Your website should include attractive images and a catchy product description.
  • To keep your customers informed, send a newsletter
  • Your website should host a contest.
  • Keep your content updated and consistent.
  • Set understandable goals.
  • Develop unique sales strategies for different products
  • Create an interface that is compatible with all devices.

For the best results, choose the best travel portal company. Use the strategies to your advantage and find what works for you. We can help you if you have any questions about your travel portal development requirements. Talk to our representative about each goal and discuss your business needs. Our team will analyze your goals and deliver the product as required. You can grow your business with a seamless management process.

B2B for flights, hotels, cars, tour packages

Our B2B travel booking platform offers travel agencies an option to book flights, hotels, cars, tour packages, and excursions on behalf of their clients. At Adivaha, we give travel agencies wings to fly high. We ensure our booking software is bug-free and help our clients connect with travel agencies globally. To accelerate sales, travel agencies must run a business from different areas that require a flawless management process. In that case, the development of the B2C travel portal comes into the picture. Expands opportunities for travel agencies. Unlike the B2C travel booking portal, the B2B portal extends the capabilities of travel agencies, suppliers, and travel. Business partners can book products through the B2B portal. Our B2B booking solution allows travel agents, sub-agents, and corporations to book flights, hotels, rental cars, packages, and other travel services. Our robust and scalable portal for B2B travel bookings bridges the gap between travel agencies and their business clients. No matter what your requirements are, our reservation software can meet them all. Adivaha is a travel technology company that offers GDS and XML API integration solutions for flights, hotels, cars, tours, packages, etc. We are known for our excellence because of the tireless efforts of our dedicated staff. We believe in helping our clients succeed by learning every day. Adivaha understands that companies want quality products at affordable prices. Our B2C travel booking portal uses the latest technologies. Our product is high quality. Quality is not sacrificed for price. Our expert and efficient team focus on speed, performance, and user-friendly design. Our API-integrated portal solution for flights and hotels, cars, transfers, and transfers provides real-time information to customers.

We provide travel portals integrated with XML APIs to travel agencies, start-ups, and operators. The B2C portal allows outbound and inbound travel agencies to market their products.

B2B Travel Portal Development: Benefits

B2B Travel Portal provides an online booking engine. It allows you to access real-time online bookings and makes it easy for tour operators and travel agents to book on the platform. It allows agents to connect with multiple travel service providers worldwide through a multi-level distribution and booking engine. It allows travel partners to create sub-nets of agents, encouraging further sales. The B2B portal development concept is extremely effective for travel agencies and businesses. These include web-based and mobile applications for tasks that aid in building new business relationships with different companies. As a result, many travel-related businesses have created a B2B portal.

1. Confirmation and Automatic Booking

B2B portals for travel can help you save time and money. Each reservation for a hotel or car hire usually requires time and paperwork. Automating the configuration can be done in a few minutes. Travel portals often offer a 24/7 online assistant. Operators of tours do not need to wait for information to be published about the destination they are planning on booking.

With the new software, you can instantly make changes to your bookings. The system can also adjust hotel reservations and offer better options for when you need to change.

2. Cost-Efficient

The best way to communicate with clients is to find the most cost-effective way to travel. Many factors determine cost. Changing the dates or type of window view can lead to a price drop of up to twice.
A cost-effective business solution is possible because you can manage your journey in real-time and create multiple variants. The agency wins when users get the best price on a tour package.

3. Lower Maintenance Costs

It is not a good idea for customers to rush to a travel agency and wait for them to show them the full range of routes you can request. You only need a few clicks to get the warning or visit you want in the age of smartphones.

4. Partnering with a Worldwide Travel Service Provider

B2B portals can also benefit from connections with industry leaders. It is already integrated with most GDS systems and allows international service providers to offer better travel packages.
Your company can earn trust credit by partnering with famous travel sites worldwide. The B2B platform allows you to connect with travelers in different countries and offers more travel options.

5. Booking Administration

The B2B travel website supports agencies and allows them to reserve the best hotel or ticket deals quickly. These platforms analyze all possible options, better dates, and comfortable client flying stops.
Your business will grow if your partners can manage the booking process online. Log in to see all the time zones that your sub-agents require. You can pay for your orders, book or communicate with customers from any time zone.

6. Communication skills

Communication skills are most important. A two-way conversation is crucial with customers. This means you will provide travel information, answer questions, and find better options upon request. Travel apps are created to ensure high levels of client service. Customers can access the website at any time and view all travel plans. THE B2B portal allows you to provide immediate solutions to customers looking for specific travel information. Customers can chat with the Adivaha team to ask any questions about the travel. Adivaha offers professional B2B portal services to meet all your travel needs. It is a must-have option for B2B businesses as it builds reciprocal relationships between clients and other companies.

7. Modifications are easy to make

Although making booking system changes are hard, but you can make them easier by using travel portals.

8. Advance Self-Conversion Currency

Automated converts transactions from your currency set to your account to the local currency needed for transactions in other geographies.

9. More safety with more flexibility

You will be safer. Users, suppliers, and agents will have greater flexibility to activate or deactivate their businesses.

10. Brand Image

A well-developed and maintained travel portal can make a business unit a brand. They are a portal such as or is another example of its brand. Strong online support and coordination in the preservation and growth of their top brand has been the key to their success. A lot of people are involved in the creation of a brand. This includes a variety of deals, great customer service, and personal services. Travel agents can become a trusted brand in this field by using these resources to their advantage.

11. Control the Language of the Account

You can set the account language for your entire company or make adjustments based on your personal preferences for each user account.

12. Your travel website on your choice brand/dominant name

White-label web development services can benefit corporations that wish to connect with their customers via a professional site.
White labelling is mostly branding. As a web development agency, it is highly desirable to expose end users to your brand on your website consistently.

What makes Adivaha stand out as a travel portal development company?

Adivaha is a leading company in travel technology development based in India. They offer unique website solutions to travel companies. Our team includes highly skilled professionals who can meet all your needs. Our solutions are tailored to your requirements. The b2b portal is the best solution if you want to increase the number of people using your services. This tells them what your service is.


Business travel evolves with technology, and more innovative tools are available to businesses. The pandemic isn’t the only thing that will determine the future of the travel industry. It also depends upon the failure to implement digital trends. Innovative software made it possible to create a B2B portal. It requires flexibility, adaptability, and integration with global platforms. Customers and companies expect quick and efficient decisions when booking hotels, flights, rental cars, or other planning services. Implementing a travel portal that gives access to millions of worldwide databases is possible. It’s a good time to consider looking for a travel management tool to help you save money, make trips safer, and improve productivity. If you want a platform that encompasses all of your business needs—from flight booking to expense management— contact Adivaha today.