Have you ever considered the possibility of How do you make a travel portal? In this case, what requirements do I need? In this post, we have proposed to help you in case you want to open your own tourist business. And we will give you all the keys to make this possible. When creating an online travel portal, you will have to consider that you will need all the legal requirements to open a travel portal to which you will have to add the start-up of a web page. So if you like, we are going to start breaking down all these aspects: The adventure begins long before the wanderer sets foot on the road. People can select a destination, book hotels, or buy a package tour on some travel websites. Every travel professional wants their portal to be the first stop for every wanderer on their next adventure. How do you turn a portal/website about travel into a successful project? Here you will find the answer of all these and other questions. Enjoy reading!

How do we turn your business into a successful business?

We bring you the best travel management software, features, and reviews. Our software equips you with all the elements that facilitate reservation management, itinerary generation, payment gateway integration, and much more. It cannot be easy to choose between the travel technologies solutions available in the market. Therefore, Adivaha allows you to browse, discover and finalize the best solution among the best software from all over the world. We give the same attention to every request, whether small or big. Online travel agencies will find our travel agency software best suited for them. Our travel portal software is perfect for the hotel, tour operator, and car rental industry. Travel agencies can offer valuable tips and upload videos of destinations. Our travel portal software is easy to use, and no traveler will resist booking. We give our customers the best chance of success by offering quality services at a reasonable price. This will increase revenue on the website. Our travel portal has many benefits for both our customers and ends users. It is easy to use and affordable. Adivaha offers a single platform that provides quality travel technology solutions. We gained recognition quickly among our customers around the world. Once you have used our services, you’ll be well on your way to excellence.

Why create a portal for a travel agency?

It was fine a decade ago that a travel agency didn’t exist online and only operated offline. Vendors, travel agencies, and consultants owned brick-and-mortar shops and didn’t consider the pros and cons of moving to the digital world. A couple would communicate face-to-face if they wanted to book a honeymoon vacation. However, everything has changed. Customers prefer to organize everything quickly rather than make time for negotiations and meetings in their hectic schedules. Because of the high demand, millions of online travel service providers have had to develop resources to engage customers, educate and increase sales. These are the top benefits of creating a travel portal for travelers and tourists.

This is the basic requirement to make your travel business a successful business:

Adivaha is a company that aims to make businesses great tomorrow and today. It is a list of basic features that we recommend you include in your development plan when creating a travel website. Let’s look at how we can help you succeed in your travel portal development.

Simple search filters

Search is a key factor in travel decision-making. Search is a key factor in travel decision-making. The more filters you have on your website, the easier it is for searchers to find the desired option quickly.
Users can filter results by star rating, price range, and booking policy when they visit Trip. When developing a travel portal, these parameters will make your online booking experience more pleasant and humanized.

Predictive Search

Predictive Search is a simple drop-and–down menu that appears immediately after a user starts typing the name or address of the airport. Portal visitors don’t have to scroll through endless lists of irrelevant options. They can quickly locate the item they need. This feature would be a great addition to any mobile travel portal.

More clients

Although word of mouth is still a great way to attract new clients, it can be overpowered by a strong website. Digital generation millennials choose trustworthy companies to help them realize their travel dreams quickly and easily. You can increase your potential clients by creating a stunning, well-optimized website with a beautiful layout.

Loyal community

According to them, the probability of selling to a returning customer is about 80%. A portal is a great way to stay in touch with existing customers. Social networks allow you to spread your online presence. People can post information about your brand, give feedback and even recommend your services. A website won’t be enough to drive this interaction. You need to hire a marketing manager to inform your customers about special offers and discounts. You can remind your customers about your company by sending those emails and posting on Facebook, Instagram, ads, and other digital marketing channels.
An online community of loyal readers can help you get to know your clients better, identify your weaknesses, and create unique selling points.


A landing page that is well-designed and executed tells visitors who they are and what they do. All your services can be displayed on the homepage of your portal website. You can also create a landing or an internal page to show them off.

Images that communicate

There are many reasons social networks have lots of visual content, such as Instagram and Pinterest, which are very popular. Beautiful photos are a favorite of many people. They can inspire and allow for a clearer message to be conveyed via a travel blog. Your visitors will be drawn to visual content. High-quality photos are a great way to boost the brand’s credibility for home-sharing sites. The copy must be compelling, engaging, and keyword-rich. This will help you win your audience. Expert opinion and carefully-crafted content will bring new customers to your online booking or travel agency. Locke was able to address the core issue of a travel booking website. You can see how the brand combines large, high-quality photographs with compelling copy.

Customer reviews

Tourists looking to stay in someone’s home need to learn as much as possible about the host. Testimonials are a great way to increase credibility, whether you’re using a home-sharing or tour agency. Perhaps you are wondering how to make a website about travel. The positive reviews from travelers might inspire you to give it another go.

Favorites list

Your clients may have a list of the best places or hotels they like. The favorites list can be used as a starting point. It saves time, and users don’t have to start their Search at the beginning. It will find any flight, hotel, or holiday package tested.

Create a travel portal, details to consider

Creating a travel portal is an activity that has to be developed by professionals to have the best XML integrations with wholesalers in the sector. The trend of openings of online travel agencies that offer attractive offers on trips and vacation packages to their clients through a website designed by professionals in tourism technology is growing. Creating a travel portal for a travel agency is a process that must have a series of steps to follow to develop an interesting and quality project and have a tool for selling quality vacation packages. It is necessary to have an online reservation system, but we must differentiate between multi-service online travel agencies and specialized online travel agencies. Previously we discussed the advantages of having a specialized online travel agency with a powerful Product Manager tool that allows travel agencies to sell their vacation packages and achieve a higher rate of online travel reservations. However, not only is a tool for managing your vacation packages necessary, but sometimes it is necessary to offer customers various services that can be accessories to trips or complements. To offer these services, the ideal is to have XML integration with a wholesaler that allows us to make a powerful online booking engine available to customers of an online travel agency.

What aspects should be taken into account to set up a travel portal?

In the first place, we are going to define the service that we are going to give to the clients. In this way, if we choose to be a specialized travel agency, we can have our product managed on the website in an attractive way for customers. This owns vacation product tool will have to have the most innovative tools on the market if we want to differentiate ourselves from the rest of the competition. On the other hand, if we want to open a web page for a multi-service travel agency, it is essential to go to professionals in the technology sector who can carry out the integrations with the tourist wholesalers that will work best for us so that we can implement white-label connections with wholesalers, or perform an XML integration that allows us to organize our business in a more personal way. Secondly, we must make a professional and attractive design for a travel agency since it is not just any online store. In tourism, you have to be professional if you want our clients to book online through the website of our travel agency. Having a designer specialized in travel agencies and especially giving a clean, attractive, and visual approach to the website of a travel agency are key factors for success in the business. Also, remember that the Responsive design is almost mandatory if you want your travel agency website to get as many visits as possible.

How to build a travel portal: step-by-step

Well, once we have seen the legal requirements, which are always important and necessary, we move on to the second, no less important point, which is the creation of a website from where you can offer your services to customers. Many platforms can help you with various sales, customer, reservation, and collection management tools. The software you need to create your web page is not simple and requires a precise language system such as XML. The software you hire must develop integrations with tourism service providers so that you can sell tour packages to your customers online. One of these platforms that offers all these types of service, which, in addition to these integrations that we have just referred to, is very oriented towards positioning, that is, to ensure that your website occupies the first positions in the Search results. By occupying these positions, you will have more visits and therefore greater possibilities of obtaining sales. It’s not the complete list of essential features you will need to build a travel portal. You can add more functionality and engagement to suit your needs. Look at what others are doing and imagine what you, as a traveler, would like to see on a website. To create a powerful platform that fulfills your dreams, if this is your first time in web development, you will need to answer these questions.

Other things that you should take into account when creating the website of your online travel agency are:

Make The Statement?

Plan your marketing campaign. Your platform’s global mission should be the focus of your marketing campaign. Consider the metrics and KPIs that you need to reach your marketing goals. It’s also smart to examine how your competitors promote their businesses and learn from them. Next, consider the resources, channels, and means you will need to launch your campaign. This will allow you to identify and adhere to your marketing budget.

  • The design must always be attractive and elegant.
  • The lines and colors must be clear and ensure navigation.
  • The navigation must be very simple so that a customer never knows where to click to go to the shopping cart and therefore place the order.

The Positioning.

To position a web page, there are several strategies. One of them can be natural positioning or SEO through a content creation strategy or an SEM or payment strategy. The most common is the creation of Google Ad words campaigns to attract visitors and convert them into sales quickly.

Customer Service.

Do not think that because you have a website, you should not take care of customer service by incorporating the appropriate channels such as email, chat, and telephone…

The Product.

Of course, you have to select the products you will launch online. Before that, you will surely have done a market study. Each product must carry unique and exclusive content. On each product page, you must enter the title, the H1, and the Meta description and put images and videos explaining your product.

Everything works as it should.

It’s now time to verify that everything is working smoothly. Before you launch a platform, create a detailed checklist. It should address functionality, usability, compatibility, and security issues. This is the purpose of efficient testing. It is designed to detect and resolve existing problems and ensure that your source is friendly for people and engines. Once you have fixed any small bugs, you can go live. Don’t forget to throw a party!

How should my Portal look?

A sitemap that is well-designed and useful helps users navigate to your source. It also improves your search engine rank. Consider your client personas, user flows, and journeys when designing a website. Also, consider your unique selling points and the content you want to share. Plan your main pages first, and then add pages to the internal pages. Finally, plan for space for additional pages. Remember that good internal linking can improve SEO, engagement, and usability. After you have completed the site structure, think about what functionality is required for your platform to accomplish its main purpose. As you can see, with many things to take into account. You must have time to be able to execute all the necessary actions that are needed to sell tourist products online. As we have told you now, specialized companies can lend you a hand, both in XML integrations, essential for the sale of tourist products, and in the branding of your website, also essential if your goal is to create an online journey. Do not forget either that for the creation of said online travel agency; you will imperatively need a series of legal requirements that will depend, in most cases, on your Autonomous Community.


Finally, it has professionals from the sector who can help and advise you. Not only will you need help to create a travel portal, but you will also need advice on all aspects derived from the activity of an online travel agency: Support for your online reservation systems, support, and maintenance for your integrations XML and white label developments, invoicing assistance from specialized advisers in travel agencies, tourist marketing, a commercial for online reservation of your vacation packages. When you have chosen your business model and have a group of professionals developing the management tools for your travel portal, you are just one step away from launching your business. Differentiate yourself from your competition, and take care of making your website visible. Many tools promote conversions and increase online bookings for a travel agency. This and much more are what we can offer you at Adivaha. If you are thinking of opening your online travel portal or want to leap into digital tourism development, do not hesitate to contact us, we are your company.