In this post, we’ll give you a broad overview of what adivaha® offers. If you want more detailed information about each product, you can find dedicated videos on our YouTube channel.

First up is the GDS OTA Solutions, perfect for IATA agencies already connected with suppliers. Just choose the solution like WordPress Plugins, White Labels and Mobile APPs that fits your needs, configure the API keys in the back office, and you’re set.

If you don’t have direct connections with GDS, bed banks, OTAs, or consolidators, adivaha® connections are there for you. They’re connected with these suppliers, simplifying your process.

Next, the WordPress plugin is ideal for those with WordPress websites or planning to create one. With just one line of shortcode, you can integrate a complete booking system into your site offering you the very same net rates offered by these suppliers.

Cross-Platform Widgets is for the customers using various different platforms like .NET, Joomla, or HTML templates. With minimal effort, you can add the booking system to your website, regardless of the platform or the programming language you using.

White Label Travel Portals are perfect for agencies without technical expertise. Its ready-made templates, requiring only a domain name to get started. You can point the domain, change the logo and other information through the backoffice and you are done.

Then there’s the B2B Travel Software, catering to agencies dealing with other agencies. You can onboard unlimited sub-agencies, allowing them to manage their wallet and make reservations through your portal, with their own branding on vouchers and tickets.

The Travel Agency App Builder lets you create and customize your mobile app without any technical knowledge. You can choose from various designs, compile, and download your app in just five minutes, ready to host on the Play Store. Please note, you need to have a Google Playstore account which may cost you somewhere around 25 dollars

The Itinerary Builder simplifies tour package creation using AI. You choose destinations and recommend hotels, flights, excursions, and transfers and you are done. Customers can book the tour package with your recommendations or customize it as per their requirement and budget.

For agencies dealing with corporates, the Corporate Booking Tool offers all the B2B features along with policy, approval workflows, and expense management, accommodating multiple corporate clients and travelers.

The Travel Marketplace allows agencies to upload their inventory for booking by others. You can also offer plugins, white labels, APIs, and B2B software solutions to other agencies to maximize the sales.

Travel XML APIs provide access to core APIs for developers to build custom solutions. This is majorly for the developers or the travel agencies having their own technical team.

The Travel Chatbot, available 24/7, assists customers with reservations and inquiries, even allowing them to make bookings through the chatbot.

The Trip Composer empowers customers to create personalized trips within their budget. They input destinations, select transport, accommodations, excursions, and transfers, booking the complete trip in real-time with e-vouchers and tickets under your branding.

We just wanted to keep this post short, so don’t worry if some of the product details are a bit hard to grasp. We have a detailed video on each product or you can even consult our experts to understand the product that best fits your business.