At Adivaha, we have a mission: to simplify complex industries we have loved and known for many decades. We invent new ways to solve problems where others have added features. We are not bound to any one partner, unlike others. We race to the future while others wait for it to happen. We are reimagining the future of our industry by focusing all our efforts and expertise on connecting travel buyers and sellers through one independent marketplace.

Partner companies that share our passion for delivering exceptional experiences for travelers are the ones we work with. Our platform empowers the industry to show people the world. Our platform makes it easy for companies like hotels and airlines to connect with travelers through personalized content.

Our team has the experience, insight, and fearlessness necessary to challenge the status quo, take advantage of opportunities, and propel the industry into a new era. At Adivaha, we offer travelport solutions for agencies. It can be used on any website, regardless of the language. So let’s come and learn all about Travelport Galileo Solutions.

Galileo Travelport solutions

Galileo’s travel software integrates all these entities in one place and can be accessed from a single dashboard. Galileo is the right CRM (computer reservation system) owned and able to cater to all your needs regarding hotel reservations, airline reservations, or car rentals.

Travelport, a company that provides global distribution systems (GDS), integrates Galileo GDS API into a travel booking site. We are a partner with top GDS providers such as Galileo and Amadeus.

Adivaha is an expert in Galileo API integration and Galileo API XML Integration. We also specialize in Galileo web services development. Galileo hotel Global Distribution Systems, Galileo airlines GDS integration, Galileo car rental GDS systems. Our integration service can help your travel agency book thousands of flights, hotel rooms, and holidays online.

We are experts in the design and development of travel solutions. We are experts in integrating global Galileo GDS/Sabre GDS as well Amadeus GDS/Travelport, Abacus, and World span.

Our services include flight booking, hotel booking, and car booking systems. GDS integration allows your travel business to be connected with multiple online sales channels and products, thereby improving your online marketing strategy.

Travelport, one of the largest global suppliers of travel products worldwide, now offers the Galileo global distribution system. Galileo allows customers to create an interface to Galileo using an application program interface (API). This interface can connect to Galileo, such as a website. Galileo GDS API is available for booking and availability of cruises, hotels, cars, and airlines. Galileo XMLSelect or Travelport Universal API holds the data. Our development center has highly qualified professionals in travel technology. This team can create top-quality reservation systems. They are also well-trained in web services integration, sub-user modules, and XML live certification.

Galileo system is the leader in airline reservation software. It has been connected to nearly all of the major airlines. It offers travel agencies solutions by providing desktop solutions (search & Book) and web services XML that connect to the core database.

Travelport Galileo solutions rank among the best GDSs around. Galileo’s API system allows you to sell tickets worldwide. After establishing an API contact with Galileo, we will arrange all technical details. You decide the service fees and agency commissions and collect payments via your virtual POS. The back office program allows you to decide whether or not to reserve tickets. We record all flight ticket transactions made through your sales channels. Galileo will contact you to resolve any discrepancies using these records.

Travelport Development Services

Travelport Integration

Our experts can integrate with Travelport solutions, including:

  • Travelport Universal API and
  • Travelport Universal Profile.
  • Travelport Universal Policy,
  • Travelport Universal Record.
  • Travelport Galileo.
  • Travelport Apollo.
  • Travelport View Trip Mobile.
  • Rail API connect.

Our enterprise API solutions allow you to connect different business systems and processes. They also add web service functionality and synchronize data among applications.

Travelport Customization and Configuration

We can customize and configure the Travelport platform to meet your needs. This includes programming custom workflows and integrating data. We can customize branding, merchandising, and content distribution solutions to suit your business model and distribute your marketing portfolio accurately.

Travelport Update

To help you keep ahead of your competition, all necessary updates to Travelport’s Universal API or Mobile Brand, Digital Media, Digital Media, Ancillary shopping, and Aggregate are available. Our developers will safeguard your data and maintain core business functions to add the necessary enhancements.

Travelport Support

Adivaha offers management and support services with any Travelport solution or API connectivity issues. Our developers work closely with you to ensure that all your questions are answered.

Travelport Payment Solutions

All payment solutions are PCI DSS compliant and ensure a secure payment environment for all customers. During the development process, we ensure that Travel port’s security solutions follow all guidelines for daily compliance.

Travelport Platform Development

We customize Travelport platform solutions for travel providers, agencies, and corporations with custom features for airlines, rail, vehicles, hotels/lodging, cruise ships, and more.

Travelport’s Powerful Solutions

Travelport technology is seamlessly integrated with your business software by our experienced developers. This allows you to combine top travel suppliers with offline and online buyers to facilitate travel commerce via your B2B Travel Commerce platform. Travelport develops technology to improve the travel buying and management experience. We offer products and solutions that cover all aspects of the supply chain. We create Travelport solutions for marketing, sales, and payments. Other platforms include the World span platform for e-commerce and the Galileo Apollo platform for travel content.


Solutions for network and low-cost carriers are distributed through the Travelport Commerce Platform, connected to more than 400 partner airlines worldwide to help maximize revenue.


Independent, boutique, and chain hotels can join the 650,000 hotel properties in more than 180 countries when they connect to the Travelport GDS hotel community.


Travelport’s innovative technologies help you benefit from a community that sells more than 91 million car rental days yearly for all travel styles worldwide.


The innovators at Travelport help you sell more train tickets. We ensure that agency expert, corporate clients, and business consumers choose rail through strategic visualization and marketing.

Cruise line

Cruise lines have the opportunity to market and distribute their brand to approximately 68,000 travel agencies worldwide, with comprehensive and dynamic agent tools available.


At Adivaha, we provide integrate your business into the Travelport API. Tour operators can increase their reach and share travel packages with 68,000 global travel agency locations.

What is Travelport’s Galileo API?

If you’ve been in this industry for a while, you will know API connectivity remains one of the most important methods of data exchange within the travel industry. Here is a list of the main Galileo API GDS features. Travelport’s Galileo API is one of the most advanced worldwide travel domain distribution systems. Galileo API is available for the entire travel industry. Galileo is a global leader in travel content and serves travel companies all over the globe. Galileo Distribution System is a leading B2B and C2C travel software provider in India and the United States.

Galileo API Integration allows travel agencies and agents to book flights, hotels, cruises and trains, and rental cars and trains. Galileo API is powerful, web-based computer reservation software that enables you to make reservations for top-line travel systems. Galileo API Integration integrates Flight API Integration, providing interactive functionality to travel agents.

Galileo API Integration will provide a fully-featured travel booking system. Galileo API allows you to integrate GDS hotel, holiday, and airline booking systems with B2C or B2B travel modules.

Galileo API allows you to make reservations for plane seats, hotel rooms, and rental cars. Galileo XML API Integration allows you to integrate all services into one place. This makes it possible for travelers to find the best deals worldwide.

Galileo API allows travel portals access to the best service providers to display their services. This will bring huge traffic to their website. Galileo API makes reservations for cars, hotels, airlines, and cruises. Galileo’s Flight API Integration allows you to connect with all the major airlines.

Adivaha provides the Galileo API Integration partner. Adivaha’s specialized team can provide the best XML API Integration, depending on your requirements. Adivaha has a secure and solid mapping with static data that will help increase API integration volume.

Adivaha is a travel supplier that offers Galileo API Integration. A specialized team will be attached to complete the tasks. Adivaha’s team can assist you in XML/API Integration services with multiple suppliers on the global market. Our team can help you implement XML-out functionality for your portal.

Galileo API is available for booking and availability of flight, car, hotel, and package reservations. Our team has provided a unique Galileo API that allows data to be integrated from GDS.

Galileo API Integration Solutions are available for travel agencies. This is the place for you! We have the best in developing the travel solution to help you develop your travel portal with Galileo API integration.

We provide everything you need to make your online travel business a success.

Adivaha’s dedicated team offers support for maintenance and regular updates on XML APIs that are already in place. We are specialists in API Integration Systems. This includes all XML/JSON Integrations from different XML API suppliers.

How can you Increase your brand credibility with the Travelport Galileo White Label Solution?

Adivaha offers a great service that can be used to book vacations, book flights, distribute hotels, and rent cars. Your customers will have the ability to make a quick and easy reservation. We also offer a Travelport Galileo White Label Solution. Fully responsive white label integration supports multiple resolutions and devices, including tablets and smartphones. With our Travelport white label feature, you have complete control over the web address your clients see.

Galileo white label integration integrates with existing workflows to provide a seamless user experience. White-label integration allows you to provide extensive travel content from multiple suppliers without revealing the source’s or supplier’s identity.

The product is high quality, and customers can choose the colors they want. With Galileo White Label technology and extensive supplier relationships, your customers have worldwide access to leading hotel, Airline, and car rental companies. White-label solutions are cost-effective and specifically designed for small and large scale.

As a Galileo White Label solution, we can be easily integrated into your website. Our white-label solutions allow you to interact with customers better and offer them more services. White-label integration is suitable for almost all customers. It can be used to build a new travel website or improve existing products and services.

With Galileo White Label Integration from various travel suppliers, you can customize your website’s look and feel. Adivaha is a leading travel technology company. It provides white-label travel portals to tour operators, travel agencies, and companies around the globe. Our Galileo white-label travel website allows travel agents to quickly and easily sell flights, hotels, holiday packages, and other travel products to customers. Our white-label travel website allows customers to manage their finances online and generate reports that aid in the smooth running of their business.

We are constantly improving and adding value to the business by providing its agents and distributors with the best technology and deals. This platform allows them to transact and achieve financial freedom. Galileo White Label options allow your visitors to use your website to plan their trip, and you can see your branding.

Our Galileo White Label website allows you to search for and book flights, hotels, and cars online. Our white-label website allows you to create customized tours that meet every customer’s travel needs.

Many travel agencies can now easily use Galileo White Label solutions for various products thanks to technological advancement. Our white-label website for travel is cost-effective and specifically designed for small, medium, and large travel agents looking to book hotel reservations and flight tickets at an affordable price.

Adivaha does more than just book flights and makes reservations at hotels. We design unique, custom-made travel websites. We continue to travel the world in search of unique locations, properties, and unforgettable experiences.

Our travel expertise is what we use to ensure that every client’s expectations of us are met. White-label clients can update and display banner content online anytime, reducing wait times and increasing site conversion. Partners can monetize with our white-label solution by creating a new travel vertical on their high-traffic websites. This is possible by using the most cost-effective product and overall content.

Adivaha is a company that develops products and software solutions for the travel industry. We provide technology solutions for every industry sector, including Travel Agencies and Tour Operators, Online Travel Agencies, Destination Management Companies, Consolidators, and Travel Management Companies.

We develop products for all major airlines, hotel management, and rental car companies. We are a leader in technology platform providers and have APIs available to work under your portal. We offer API-based Galileo White Label to online travel agencies. The best white-label solution allows you to create your online travel agency. Galileo White Label lets you manage all aspects of your travel business from one place.

Your Travelport allows you to sell your travel products!!

What Do We Offer

  • Booking system for white-label hotels
  • Booking system for white-label flights
  • White label car booking system
  • B2C Booking Engine
  • B2B Booking Engine


  • Revenue enhancement
  • Ready-made and integrated solutions
  • Brand building
  • Innovative tech solutions
  • B2B and B2C management systems
  • Interface is user-friendly
  • System for managing commissions
  • Dashboard management
  • Administration management
  • System for deposit management
  • Management system for sub-agents
  • Promo code management system
  • Graphical reporting and tracking
  • White-label solutions can be found in more than 25 countries.
  • Customers will be attracted to large inventories
  • You can go online in just two weeks
  • Freedom to choose the travel products you prefer
  • Clients are encouraged to book products through a user-friendly interface
  • Agents can use user-friendly maintenance tools to cancel bookings and update information.
  • Dashboard Management and Admin facilities
  • Separate package upload panel
  • Online and offline bookings are available
  • Dynamic roles in office administration
  • India, the USA, and Dubai are booming in white-label solutions for b2c or b2b travel portals.

The Galileo white label solution allows the travel website to display all travel-related searches in one place, so travelers can get what they want in their itinerary. Our white-label solution, an affordable and effective travel technology solution, helps a travel company reach higher heights.

The ready-to-go White label solution for b2c or b2b travel portal is available to every type of travel agent, travel agent, and hotelier. Team India Web Design white label options make it easy for visitors to plan their travel plans, such as hotel bookings and transfer reservations. Our developers ensure you can manage all your financial transactions online and enjoy maximum conversions.

Galileo White-label websites can be a great way to increase your business and attract new customers. Travelport Galileo White Label Solution for Travel Agents is available for all types of travel agencies, large and small. Our clients can integrate while we do the labeling with Amadeus, GDS, and other services. White Label Solutions is a popular choice for DMC clients in Dubai, India, USA, and India. We have delivered white-label websites to many of our clients.

What is the role of Galileo’s B2B solution in the travel industry?

The role of Galileo B2B is vital in the travel industry, whether it’s local B2B or online portals. B2B stands for Business to Business. The B2B model works in any industry, including tourism and travel. As we see in ecommerce, where wholesalers are connected to retainers, B2B is the relation name. This explains the power and potential of relationships in business.

  1. Best fares and lowest markups
  2. Quick refunds and cancellations are free
  3. Fly with no cost on your tickets
  4. Recognition as a Bestseller and Awards
  5. Invitations to VIP travel events and joining are free
  6. Premium support 24/7 response time
  7. Greater chances of growing and establishing a larger company

There are too many models for the travel and tourism industry to choose from and make a profit. B2B is just one part of a multi-trillion-dollar industry. Investing a lot of money in certifications for a travel business is unnecessary. A Galileo B2B account is sufficient to start selling travel services.

Signing up for a B2B or travel agency account is easy. Both cases require you to generate sales and increase your markup over the travel service cost. Let’s say a client wants to purchase a ticket to travel from India to Dubai. The online ticket price is $—-. You can negotiate a lower price online by working with other airlines and OTAs. Every travel platform and portal offers B2B accounts that offer low-cost services and packages. Some offer installment payments. Some travel retailers charge upfront, while others pay monthly to clear their debts.

Let’s now discuss the Galileo B2B concept. This lets you quickly open and sells accounts locally or online through marketing. Some websites allow you to open a Galileo B2B account for travel retailers.

You must use Galileo B2B to book tickets and other services if you own a travel agency. The question is now, which portal is the best? Let’s find out.

Galileo B2B Travel Technology is Vital to the Industry

Small brands in the travel sector are struggling to make a mark with increasing competition. It is becoming increasingly difficult for small businesses to be recognized in an industry where B2C giants dominate. This is due to increased competition from small businesses. Small travel companies can use Galileo B2B technology to increase brand awareness. Companies can also use Galileo B2B technologies to offer customers more customized experiences. Strategically using Galileo B2B technology can result in customer loyalty and increased revenue. This article will discuss why and how Travelport Galileo B2B tech is so important in the travel industry.

● Lead generation:

A travel agency’s ability to reach customers is crucial for its success. The process of identifying potential customers and attracting them to your services is called lead generation. Despite the increasing competition, travel operators must reach potential tourists to convert them into customers. Using Galileo B2B marketing tools is a great way to generate strong leads that can be used to boost your business.

●  Interaction with customers

Galileo B2B platforms enable travel agents to communicate with customers via email or websites. Businesses are connecting with customers via various digital platforms due to the growing influence of social media. Travel agencies can now communicate with customers to let them know about their services. Businesses can also use the data they collect from customers to provide a customized experience. Increased interaction with customers directly leads to a rise in sales. Even a small business can become an authority in the tourism market.

● Superior service

Major industries around the world prefer friendly and compassionate customer service. The hospitality industry is no exception and is even more concerned with customer satisfaction. Even before they offer their services, travel agencies want to ensure their customers have a great experience. Customers want to be informed before they finalize any service. The agencies can use Galileo B2B technology to solve customers’ queries. Customers can reach out to the operators and hotels at any time. Customers can book tickets, check availability, rent a car, and access travel portals to easily access their packages. Galileo B2B is a great way for businesses to analyze customers and offer them fair-priced packages.

●  Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Galileo B2B Search Engine Optimization can be a great way of increasing traffic to your services. This helps increase the visibility of travel agents, particularly small ones. Galileo B2B technology can assist with keyword research. A well-developed B2B SEO strategy will automatically result in greater lead generation and brand awareness.

● Awareness of brands:

To survive in the highly competitive hospitality industry, any Galileo B2B travel agency must have a strong brand. B2B technology can help you increase awareness about your brand through lead generation and a well-planned SEO plan. This will increase your reach and build a relationship. This is a best way to gain your customer appreciation.

● Cost efficiency

Galileo B2B travel helps reduce expenditures because they don’t need to invest in infrastructure. Customers today need all the information they can get about travel in one place. This solution makes it very easy for your customers to make a good decision. Galileo B2B allows tourism operators to share all information with their customers. This allows for a reduction in operational space, particularly for new businesses.

● Review monitoring and problem-solving

People share everything these days on social media and other platforms. Galileo B2B marketing allows you to understand and analyze what people talk about on review sites or social media. While multiple positive reviews can help build your reputation, one negative review can change your customers’ minds and work against you. You can monitor reviews to keep an eye on negative comments so you can address them as quickly as possible. Your business will benefit greatly from quick problem-solving. You should also interact with customers to quickly solve problems and earn their trust.

● Service area:

Hospitality businesses can expand their services using Galileo B2B solutions for travel. Businesses can communicate all the details about travel packages through one app. Customers can access all information from their phones at home using the mobile app. Your services are now available to customers from other continents. With the help of Galileo B2B technology, agencies can easily cross geographical boundaries. They can guide customers through all aspects of check-in and departure to ensure a high-quality experience.

Give the brand a new direction with Galileo B2B.

To develop a brand platform and proposition that is unique and differentiated. Also, to increase engagement with the brand from product-led to customer-led solutions.

We began with a strategic review of the brand’s positioning. Different audiences have different driving forces. This allowed us to find a way to align Travelport’s diverse service offerings with a set of pillars that were based on the priorities of our audiences. This was the beginning of a brand platform called “Travel.” Travelport inspired this idea. It was visible above the pillars and communicated the company’s direction and the initiatives it was using to make a difference to customers through all channels. We used a unique visual approach to support this, using different media content, including video and interactive content. To target specific audiences, we developed a series of engagement programs.

Both internal and external audiences were enthusiastic about the global launch. The brand created a distinct differentiation that allowed it to be competitive and elevated its market position.

What is Travelport Galileo SDK?

Do you work for a Travelport agency or a third-party developer in your region and want to create custom plugins that extend capabilities? Are you a businessperson with the idea that could create new business opportunities for an agency or improve its workflow? Travelport Galileo SDK can help you achieve your goals.

Adivaha offers cross-platform travel port Galileo SDK for agencies. It can be used on any website, regardless of the language. Travelport SDK comes in a Smart point package and is available at no additional cost. This SDK includes tools, documentation, and utilities for creating custom plugins.

Interested? After reviewing the SDK Content Policy, and the SDK Licensing Agreement, click the “Contact Us” button to request access.

Smart point: Continue to grow.

Customized Plug-ins can meet agency-specific or regional business needs, provide non-GDS ancillary service, integrate third-party applications, and integrate central or back-office systems. Plugins are either DLLs or EXE. Galileo SDK supports plugins for hotel, vehicle, and book files. Client files can also be used. SDK supports queues, terminal transactions, and XML transactions.

Tools facilitate development

Galileo SDK can be created using.NET Framework 4. The SDK contains the following:

  • Templates for Visual Basic and C#.
  • Sample projects.
  • Code snippets to access interface elements.

The Galileo SDK Console plugin allows you to run code snippets without creating a complete plugin. Galileo SDK offers a developer mode called Test Harness that allows you to test your plugins locally.

Marketplace sells plugins

Travelport does not require plugins to be certified if they are created and used within an agency. Marketplace plugins require Travelport certification. This certifies that the plug is compatible with use in Travelport’s production systems. Once a plugin is approved, it can be loaded onto Travelport Marketplace.

Travelport Galileo Plugin

Travelport Galileo Plugin is the best plugin that’s lightweight and specifically designed for travel and tour companies. This Galileo Plugin is perfect for hotels, travel agents, tour operators, or any other company offering tours and travel. Galileo Plugin is optimized for speed, translations, SEO, mobile, and other uses. The Galileo Plugin features an Options panel. This allows you to customize and configure the theme using the powerful Customizer API. WP Travel theme also works with the Galileo Plugin. This makes it easier to manage bookings and tours.

● WP Travel Compatible

Galileo Plugin is 100% compatible with travel, the most used Travel and tour booking plugin on WordPress1_. You can create any travel website, whether it’s for a tour agency, tour operator, or travel blogger.

● Amazing Performance

Galileo Plugin is a speed-optimized Word Press theme. This means your website will load quicker, and your visitors will enjoy a smooth browsing experience. The plugin will help you retain your customers and generate new leads with its speed.

● Simple Customization

You can customize your theme with our customizer API. We also offer section widgets and widgets that allow you to create, sort, and remove sections.

● Translation ready

The Galileo Plugin is ready for translation. The plugin is fully translation ready. You can use popular plugins such as Loco Translation and WPML.

●  Powerful Search Option

The Galileo Plugin can be used to add a search box to your homepage to allow visitors to find the trip they are looking for quickly. Galileo Plugin lets you add a search bar on your homepage. This will allow visitors to find the right trip for them quickly. This will increase the number of travelers who visit your website.

● Page Builder Integrator

The Galileo Plugin supports the powerful Customizer API, which makes it easy to customize and configure. Our Galileo Plugin’s main feature is the Customizer. You can make modifications to your site without having to touch a single line code.

Travelport Galileo Mobile App

We believe that state-of-the-art technology is at the heart of every business. Our products, particularly Mobile solutions for travel businesses, reflect this belief. Our comprehensive mobile apps for travel will allow you to reach your customers effortlessly with all of your agency’s services.

Our mobile apps are robust and work on both android and other platforms. With just one click, customers can book hotels, flights, visas, or tours from their smartphones. Our mobile apps are available for both B2C and business customers. Our B2B mobile apps make managing agents easy. Our mobile apps make it easy to manage all aspects of your business, including commission settings, markups, and confirmed or vouchered bookings.

Galileo Mobile App helps and supports border crossing implementation monitoring and assists national authorities in managing critical goods transit more efficiently. This technological solution will give MS a tool to monitor the app’s implementation. It will also provide truck drivers and border officials with real-time visualizations of the overall border situation and the waiting times.

This presentation shows the innovative benefits of the Galileo mobile application.

Key Features of our Travel Apps

  • Android is the platform, along with an.
  • Fully customized travel apps for your agency
  • You can choose to use more than one app, depending on the services or products you offer.
  • Your preferred language
  • Your products and services can be presented with captivating images and rich content.
  • Push notifications to receive the most recent services, discounts, promotions, and offers
  • Your travel agency website simplified for mobile
  • Android is mobile
  • Mobile Apps: Why you should go
  • End-user convenience

According to the research, 42% of travelers worldwide use their smartphones to book holiday packages, tours, or activities. Therefore, let’s not limit ourselves to only travel websites or booking engines. Enlarge your range of services by offering travel apps to your end users and letting them reach you conveniently.

You can always have feedback straight from you.

Direct connection to customers, which will ultimately help you to improve efficiency.

● Reinforce your brand on the smartphone platform

Apart from your online travel booking website, travel apps help to strengthen your brand on smartphones, as surfing on the phone is comparatively on the higher side. So, your brand will be creating an existence on the play store through travel applications and, thereby, peoples’ smartphone screens. It will create awareness about your products and services and, ultimately, higher chances of visiting and booking to boost sales.

● Be in Competition

While over 40% of travelers worldwide opt for smartphones to book their trips, it has become essential for travel companies to connect with them on mobile platforms.

Apps for travel are an inspiration source and extremely helpful in booking and managing logistics. They can even make restaurant reservations and find great classes wherever you’re traveling next. Technology makes travel infinitely simpler thanks to apps that assist with everything, from booking hotel rooms and making last-minute changes to flights to guides and dictionaries in foreign languages.

Apps can be used to help you navigate new cities, convert currency, pack the perfect suitcase, and provide local advice.


Adivaha, a world-renowned travel development company, is based in Delhi. GDS systems are integrated for global travel management companies such as Galileo GDS. Our services include hotel booking, cruise, and insurance modules. Our development center in India is home to highly-skilled professionals in travel technology. This team can create top-quality reservation systems. They are also well-trained in web services integration, sub-user modules, and XML live certification process.

Travelport Galileo system is the leader in airline reservation software. It has been connected to nearly all of the major airlines. It offers travel agencies solutions by providing desktop Travelport solutions (search & Book) and web services XML that connect to the core database.