Following are the steps involved.

  1. Speak to your local Galileo office and complete your commercials and paperwork
  2. Once you have their Development API Keys, you can build your own solution or you can order the pre-built solution from
  3. (They offer different solutions depending on your business needs and flexibilities
  4. Once the solution is set up, you can inject your API keys into the back office and you will be done with the integration.
  5. The newly hosted solution will then go for the certification (taken care by the adivaha team)
  6. Once the application is certified ( , you will receive a LIVE API which you have to replace in the back office along with your consolidator’s details and switch your website to LIVE.
  7. You are now ready to sell. The entire process should take around a week to two.

Please don’t hesitate to ask in case you need any help.

(Whatsapp: +91 9999 854 201)