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Mystifly API Integration

Mystifly is an airfare distribution and payments settlement marketplace platform. It allows travel businesses to source airfares from global distribution systems, airlines and other airfare suppliers. Mystifly is headquartered in Singapore, with offices in USA, UK and India.

Cater your services to different audience such as B2C, B2B, B2E etc with the help of ready to go-Live travel solutions (ie, White label Portal, WP Plugins, Joomla extn etc) based on Mahan API under your direct contracting.


Mystifly API Integration

What Solutions We Provide to
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Key Benefits of Mystifly Flight API Integration



We Help to Implement Your Ideas into Automation

We offer ready made and customized OTA solutions for B2C, B2B and B2E travel portal development with API integration. It is a web-based online reservation system and travel management tool with integrated expense management system.


Benefits of Mystifly API Integration

Take advantage of a series of native components to accelerate your time to market. Reuse them, tweak them, and build new ones to create the perfect experience for your customers.

Easy Integration

Integrate into any website regardless of the platform you are using

Multiple Designs

Choose the layout you find best fit or go with our premium designs


Offer the price in local currency based on customers Geo location

Expense Management

Integrated Expense management system lets you manage your funds on the fly

Intense Reporting

Pull report of almost anything. Get Daily & weekly reports via email.

100% Customizable

Customize the plugin as per your branding and layout with easy interfaces


Partner with us

Don't just sell inventories Sell an experience

Business is not only about selling rates. Its about selling it through different channels. Onboard your partners regardless of their audience be it B2C, B2B, B2E or a Tour operator. Relax and watch your business growing.

Online Mobile APP Builder

Creative ways
to Showcase your business

Let your agencies bring their Android APP to life with few click. Multiple designs, Easy Customization, Online Compilation, Instant Download!

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  • B2C Plugins & Widgets
  • Flight Integration
  • Multiple Designs
  • Free Setup/Support
  • Yearly Maintenance - USD 199
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One Time Setup Charge

  • B2C Whitelabel Travel Portal
  • Flight Integration
  • B2B Solution
  • Multiple Designs
  • Free B2C Android APP
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  • Email/Whatsapp Support
  • Yearly Maintenance - USD 199
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  • Customized B2C Website
  • Flight Integration
  • B2B Solution
  • WordPress Plugin Builder
  • Mobile APP Builder
  • Platform to sell Your Api
  • Resell White Labels under your own branding
  • Multiple Designs
  • Must have your own hosting
  • Email/Whatsapp Support
  • Yearly Maintenance - USD 199
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A Step-by-Step Guide to Integrating Mystify API

Unlock the full potential of Mystify API with our comprehensive step-by-step guide. Learn how to integrate this invaluable resource seamlessly into your travel platform for enhanced booking capabilities and global fare access.

We're a company that helps travel businesses, and we know how important it is for them to use travel APIs smoothly. You need access to many travel options to succeed in the competitive travel industry. One helpful tool is the Mystifly API, which has lots of flight information. In this guide, we'll show you how to use the Mystifly API in easy steps to improve your travel platform.

What is Mystifly API, and why is it relevant for travel businesses?

The Mystifly API is a powerful tool for travel business, offering access to a vast inventory of airline fares and related travel content. It's relevant for travel businesses for several reasons:

Diverse Fare Options: Mystifly provides a wide variety of airline fares, including published, private, and negotiated fares. This diversity allows travel businesses to cater to different customer preferences and budgets.

Global Reach: With access to fares from airlines worldwide, Mystifly API enables travel businesses to offer comprehensive options for both domestic and international travel. This global reach helps businesses serve a broader customer base.

Competitive Advantage: In the highly competitive travel industry, having access to exclusive fares and deals can give a business a significant edge. Mystifly API allows travel businesses to access such competitive offerings.

How to Integrate Mystifly APIHow to Integrate Mystifly API

Enhanced Booking Experience: Mystifly API offers real-time availability and pricing information, making the booking process smoother and more efficient for travelers. This enhances the overall customer experience and satisfaction.

Flexibility and Customization: Travel businesses can customize their offerings using Mystifly API to access specific fares and content that align with their business model and target audience.

What technical requirements should you have in place before starting?

Before embarking on the integration journey with Mystifly API, it's crucial to have certain technical requirements in place to ensure a smooth and successful process. These technical prerequisites include:

Development Environment: Ensure that you have a suitable travel portal development sevices environment set up. This typically involves having a development server or environment where you can build, test, and debug your integration code without affecting your live production systems.

Programming Language Proficiency: Familiarize yourself with the programming language(s) and frameworks that are compatible with Mystifly API. Depending on the platform and technology stack you're using, this may include languages like Python, Java, PHP, or others.

Access to the Internet: A stable and reliable Internet connection is essential for downloading necessary libraries, making API requests, and receiving responses from Mystifly servers. Ensure your network connectivity is robust to prevent disruptions during API integration.

Development Tools: Have the necessary development tools and travel software installed. This includes code editors, integrated development environments (IDEs), version control systems, and debugging tools that will aid in the integration process.

API Documentation: Thoroughly review the Mystifly API documentation. It's your primary source of information for understanding API endpoints, request parameters, authentication methods, and response structures. Make sure you have easy access to this documentation throughout the integration.

API Credentials: Obtain the required API credentials from your Mystifly developer account. These credentials typically include API keys and tokens that will be used for authentication when making API requests.

Testing Environment: Set up a separate testing environment or sandbox where you can test your integration without affecting your live production system. This is essential for conducting thorough testing and troubleshooting any issues that may arise.

Security Measures: Consider security best practices for handling sensitive data. This includes ensuring the secure storage of API credentials and implementing encryption when necessary to protect data transmission.

Scalability Planning: While not a strict prerequisite, it's beneficial to have a scalability plan in mind. As your integration grows and attracts more users, you should be prepared to scale your infrastructure accordingly to handle increased traffic.

What are the key steps involved in integrating the Mystifly API into a travel platform?

Integrating the Mystifly API into your travel platform involves a series of fundamental steps that pave the way for a seamless and efficient integration process. Firstly, you'll need to register as a developer or user with Mystifly, a crucial initial step that grants you access to their extensive API travel technology services. During this registration, you'll obtain vital API credentials, including API keys and tokens, which will serve as the foundation for secure authentication in the subsequent stages.

Next, it's imperative to delve into the Mystifly API documentation provided by Mystifly itself. This documentation serves as your comprehensive guide, offering insights into the API's capabilities, endpoints, request parameters, response formats, and guidelines for error handling. This knowledge forms the bedrock upon which you'll build your integration.

To facilitate the development process, create a suitable travel portal development environment equipped with the necessary tools, programming languages, and libraries. This environment should provide a dedicated workspace for building, testing, and debugging your integration code, often including a development server or environment.

With a secure foundation in place, it's time to focus on authentication setup. Implement robust authentication mechanisms using the API credentials obtained during registration, ensuring the secure handling of authentication to safeguard sensitive data throughout the integration process.

Crafting API requests is the next crucial step, involving the specification of endpoints and the provision of necessary request parameters. Customize your requests to align with the specific functionalities required by your travel platform, whether it's searching for flights, fetching fares, or retrieving booking details.

Lastly, effective handling of API responses and error management is paramount. Develop logic to handle API responses efficiently, encompassing data parsing and presentation. Additionally, implement a robust error-handling mechanism that gracefully manages API errors, interpreting error codes and providing user-friendly error messages when necessary. Be prepared for scenarios where the API may experience temporary unavailability or return unexpected errors to maintain a seamless user experience.

By meticulously following these six key steps, you'll be well-prepared to integrate the Mystifly API into your travel platform, offering users access to a wide array of flight content and significantly enhancing their overall booking experience.

Step 1: Authentication - Mastering API Token Generation and Effective Error Handling

At Adivaha, we understand that authentication is the foundational step in harnessing the power of Mystifly API. We'll guide you through the intricacies of generating API tokens, ensuring a secure and authorized connection to Mystifly's extensive travel content. Our expertise extends to handling authentication errors gracefully, providing you with the confidence that your integration is secure and error-resilient.

Step 2: Making Requests - Crafting Seamless API Requests, Navigating Responses, and Data Parsing

When it comes to making requests to Mystifly API, Adivaha has you covered. We'll walk you through the process of constructing API requests with precision, optimizing your queries for real-time availability and pricing information. Our comprehensive guidance extends to handling responses effortlessly, ensuring you extract the vital data your travel platform requires. Whether it's querying flight details, fare calculations, or booking processes, our expertise ensures a smooth and reliable experience for your users.

Step 3: Error Handling - Implementing Strategies for Seamless Management of API Errors

At Adivaha, we recognize that error handling is a critical aspect of any robust integration. Our strategies for handling API errors are designed to ensure graceful error management, maintaining the integrity of your travel booking platform wordpress. We guide you in identifying and addressing common integration issues, helping you troubleshoot effectively. With Adivaha®’s expertise, you'll be well-prepared to navigate the complexities of API error scenarios, providing your users with a seamless and error-free experience.

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