Hotelbeds API Integration


Hotelbeds Integration enables you to sell Hotelbeds inventories like Hotels, Activities and Transfers through your website to your customer. With inventories of more than 170,000 hotels in 185 countries all over the globe.


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We make sure that we understand your business idea and help you achieve your short-term as well as your long-term goals.

  • Hotels API Integration

    Hotel BookingAPI lets you search and book hotels through Hotelbeds API ecosystem. It covers the complete booking proces

  • Activities API Integration

    Activities API will provide you with availability for tickets and excursions and allow you to make reservations through the websites on a real time basis.

  • Transfers API Integration

    Transfers API will let you searh for availability for transfer services and allow you to book on a real time basis.

Hotelbeds API Integration

What Solutions We Provide to Our Valued Customers

Hotelbeds suite of open APIs is created to enhance the experience and make the booking process easier, faster and more intuitive. Following are the ready-made solutions that you can take benefit of.

App-solutely Astonishing

Getting Started with APItude

There are three simple steps before starting development with APItude.

  • Install White label or SDK

    5 minute DIY Hotelbeds white label or cross-platform SDK setup.

  • Feed your API Keys

    Inject your API Keys in the Backoffice. You can find your Keys Hotelbeds account.

  • Go-LIVE

    Test the bookings in the test mode and switch it LIVE once satisfied with the setup.


Looking to market
your Hotelbeds API?


Offer a private branded B2C and B2B Portals, Mobile APPs and other solutions to your agents or partners. Easy setup, DIY solutions.

  • "Do it yourself" products. Onboard your agents by yourself. Easy Setup!
  • Integrated Expense Management system for better control over Finance.
  • Offer from a collection of niche designs. Modern Layout, 100% Customizable
  • Private branded Confirmation and Cancellation Email templates.
  • OK Tested solution by more than 1000+ customers using Hotelbeds API.

Online Mobile APP Builder

Creative ways
to Showcase your business

Let your agencies bring their Android APP to life with few click. Multiple designs, Easy Customization, Online Compilation, Instant Download!

Integrated Payment Gateways

Install/Activate the Payment Gateways of your interest. Enter your credentials and go LIVE pretty instantly.

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Our Pricing Plans

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Starter Plan


One Time Setup Charge

  • B2C Plugins & Widgets
  • Hotel Integration
  • Multiple Designs
  • Free Setup/Support
  • Yearly Maintenance - USD 199
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One Time Setup Charge

  • B2C Whitelabel Travel Portal
  • Hotel Integration
  • Transfer Integration
  • Activities Integration
  • Android APP
  • iOS APP
  • B2B Solution
  • Multiple Designs
  • Free Website Hosting
  • Free SSL
  • Email/Whatsapp Support
  • Yearly Maintenance - USD 199
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One Time Setup Charge

  • Customized B2C Website
  • Hotel Integration
  • Transfer Integration
  • Activities Integration
  • B2B Solution
  • WordPress Plugin Builder
  • Mobile APP Builder
  • Platform to sell Your Api
  • Resell White Labels under your own branding
  • Multiple Designs
  • Must have your own hosting
  • Email/Whatsapp Support
  • Yearly Maintenance - USD 199
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How to Setup HotelBeds API Integration Quick and Easy

The expectation of a seamless and efficient process when they make travelers meet a hotel booking. Or they might choose to stay elsewhere. This expectation is being met by hotels today. They must move away from manual processes and invest in a booking system that allows guests to book a room whenever they wish on the channel of choice.

Online travel is becoming a popular choice for many travelers. Online hotel bookings have rapidly increased in popularity over the past decade.

Online or offline, every seamless tatkal booking software experience relies on a fully integrated hotel management system. We will explain the basics of HotelBeds Solutions and the benefits and things to consider when choosing reservations software. This powerful technology can increase bookings, reduce costs, streamline processes, and increase guest satisfaction, whether you own a hotel, hostel, motel, B&B, vacation rental company, or B&B.

About HotelBeds Solutions

HotelBeds Solutions is committed to Corporate Social Responsibility. Solutions are committed to implementing sustainable and responsible business practices that are both environmentally and socially sustainable. This includes recognizing its stakeholders' short- and long-term concerns and integrating sustainability into the business.

HotelBeds Solutions has published its first annual corporate sustainability reports. The report can be found on the corporate sustainability section of HotelBeds Solutions' website.

Setting Up HotelBeds API Integration In Minutes Setting Up HotelBeds API Integration In Minutes

It is the largest bed bank in the globe. HotelBeds technology gives more than 180,000 hotels worldwide access to high-value, complementary distribution channels. This allows them to optimize occupancy and increase profitability without competing with the hotelier's direct distribution strategy.

HotelBeds technology allows hoteliers to access a network that includes over 60,000 B2B buyers, such as tour operators and retail travel agents. It also offers loyalty programs in more than 140 source markets.

These channels connect hotel partners with returning customers who book earlier, cancel more, spend more at the destination, and stay longer.

Hotelbeds offers accommodation as well as ancillary services. They are the largest B2B supplier of ancillary travel services.

HotelBeds technology, which operates under the "Beyond the Bed product line," provides hoteliers and travel distributor partners with an efficient platform and powerful tools to integrate and market their leading portfolio of high-margin products.

Why do we offer HotelBeds Solutions for your Travel business?

HotelBeds Technology is a global travel company with offices in many countries and a team of highly-skilled staff.

This proprietary technology allows tour operators and agents specializing in tourism services to easily distribute their offerings to travel sellers using simple and automated technology. The HotelBeds technology increases customer reach and generates more profit for both the seller and the provider.

The HotelBeds technology manages thousands of daily net hotel room, transfer and activity bookings. Adivaha has now introduced HotelBeds technology as an opportunity to assist partners in integrating their travel systems seamlessly. The REST API suite comprises three variants of APIs Content, Booking, and Cache.

This hotel solution allows you to access more than 80,000 hotels around the globe. You can also access services like sightseeing, transfers, and car rental. These are just a few reasons why HotelBeds is preferred by travel agencies across Europe, India, and the Middle East.

HotelBeds' robust and flexible API integration packaging system allows you to package multiple travel products. Our rates are affordable, and you can increase your brand's reputation and achieve unique business goals through our guidance.

Adivaha will ensure that your integration goes smoothly without any complications. Our developers are familiar with the HotelBeds API and can deliver fast turnarounds at a reasonable cost.

Adivaha's goal is to assist online travel agency list agencies in leveraging the latest technology to increase their business. We offer complete solutions that will enable you to provide a positive customer experience. We will make API integration easy for your business!

The best solution

Hotelbeds offers hoteliers an alternative to OTAs, guaranteeing the distribution of the property through 4 "non-competitive" channels:

  • Tour operators
  • Travel Agencies
  • Airline companies
  • Loyalty and employee programs

Thanks to these connections, the hotel can increase its occupancy by leveraging access to more than 3,500 tour operators, 40 airlines, 50,000 travel agencies, and member-only loyalty programs. It will thus be possible to reach new end consumers of value, which it would not be possible to obtain through direct sales.

HotelBeds API Integration

The portal's rapid growth in recent years is due to its ability to present itself as an ally for the hotel. Every accommodation wants to be able to acquire customers directly. However, this is not possible. Customers acquired via OTA are often easier to reach than customers that can be reached directly. Hotels might incur high communication costs to compete with online travel agencies.

The doctorate is the All-in-One and easy-to-use Management Software for Hotels, B & BS, and Apartments, which allows you to manage, improves and automates the processes of your structure intuitively.

Visibility of your product online, effective pricing strategy, collection management, bureaucratic and tax obligations, and management of communication with your guests before, during, and after their stay.

HotelBeds enables travel service providers to market their services to sellers globally through an advanced technology platform. This platform increases the reach, revenue and yield for both the seller and the provider.

HotelBeds technology is known for its reliability and ability to pay on time. They also have a track record of adhering to established schedules. You have access to a global network of HotelBeds, which offers you a variety of benefits, such as brand exposure and accessing smaller OTAs that might otherwise be difficult to reach.

Adivaha is the best travel technology company in India. Adivaha supports the integration of HotelBeds solutions. Continue reading for more information.

  • Added Value to Your Business with Hotelbeds APIs
  • This is the ideal way for hoteliers who have a single or group of hotels to book their rooms, as well as tour operators and agents who wish to create their hotel networks and use our customizable and adaptable booking solutions.

  • Automatic Booking System
  • Complete automation, a smart system with automated adjustments, can save you time and keep your company competitive in the travel industry.

  • Seamless Integration with Supplier
  • We have Integration Expertise to ensure seamless and complete integration of APIs.

  • 100% Customizable & Robust Application
  • Fully Customized and Highly Robust solution. Simple client-side integration. Easy to use set features and tools.

  • Responsive Design
  • We create intuitive and highly responsive websites that allow users to gain optimal view ability regardless of their device.

  • Effective Call-To-Actions
  • Destination pages with a Call to Action are designed to increase your website's quality and give you real-time action-oriented leads.

  • Multi-Currency Support
  • Multi-currency support for users all around the globe will help you increase your global growth. Our multi-currency support allows your customers to pay in their local currency, allowing them to make international transactions.

  • No Direct Contracting
  • This solution allows you to increase data coverage and access real-time information about thousands of hotels. You don't need to sign individual contracts!

  • Instant Booking Confirmation
  • You and your guests can book instantly with a confirmation and receive immediate confirmations.

  • Simple Integration
  • Simple integration combines key touch points during customers' booking journeys to maximize your revenue.

  • Your Brand
  • You get all the benefits of an e-commerce website for travel, but with no ongoing development costs.

  • Scale & Innovation
  • Take advantage of our global reach, booking technology, and all the new functionality.

HotelBeds White Label Integration Services

HotelBeds White Label software program allows guests to book directly with the hotel without intermediaries. The HotelBeds White Label software processes online reservations via the hotel's website and then transmits this information to the hotel's backend to access information easily. The hotel staff manages the bookings.

With the boom in millennial travel, more people than 700 million are expected to book primarily online before 2023. Therefore, a HotelBeds White Label system is crucial to reaching a large audience. Because guests can place reservations online, they don't have to navigate to any other domain. This HotelBeds White Label is key to making a first impression. The whole process is kept internal to prevent clients from leaving the page and making final bookings.

Why HotelBed's white-label solution?

The HotelBeds White Label software automates the booking process by syncing with your hotel's website or social media. This HotelBeds White Label allows guests to make reservations quickly and easily without visiting another site. The HotelBeds White Label can be linked up with the reservation system, which allows hotels to share their availability with online agents in real time.

The hospitality industry uses these HotelBeds White Label systems to allow guests to book their stay online using the software. This HotelBeds White Label system facilitates a smoother booking process and easily collects data for your system. It gives you an advantage over your competition and increases efficiency by automatically syncing across all channels and systems.

This HotelBeds White Label software is essential to increasing global appeal and occupancy rates. This software is essential to increase reservations and create better guest experiences.

What are the advantages of using a HotelBeds White Label?

Software to manage bookings has become a must-have, regardless of how big the property is. Let's look at the reasons it is important and the benefits an online booking system offers.

  • Increased efficiency
  • HotelBeds White Label systems improve efficiency because the availability can be updated instantly across all channels, including your own. This decreases the time required by front desk staff to perform administrative tasks and reduces the possibility of overbooking.

    HotelBeds White Label system can automate tasks such as sending booker confirmation emails so staff can focus on other areas, like customer service. The system allows guests to create their reservations. This means that bookings are automatically generated and sent into the system. All the staff needs to do is prepare for guests' arrival. Automating is the key to a smooth and efficient pre- and post-trip process.

  • It gives you a competitive edge.
  • There is no reason not to be online in the digital age. Some smaller hotels are reluctant to invest in software to manage their bookings and lose some of the profits to intermediaries.

    Hoteliers can customize the software to reflect their brand message and generate confidence throughout the buyer journey. This HotelBeds White Label will increase conversions and help build trust. Your hotel branding can be embedded within the booking engine's URL. This gives guests a sense of security and encourages them to book with you. This HotelBeds White Label makes bookings more user-friendly and functional than through third parties.

    Additionally, booking online gives you an advantage over businesses that haven't yet invested in software to facilitate this. Hotels can offer lower prices for guests who book directly through their reservation system.

  • This reduces the chance of human error.
  • Your system allows guests to make their reservations. This means there won't be any errors in contact information or guest details. The hotel cannot be held responsible for any errors that may occur. This will protect your reputation. The possibility of overbooking due to human error is low because the reservation system communicates with channel managers. The reduction of human error in bookings leads to better service. This HotelBeds White Label allows you to spend time on other tasks rather than fixing errors.

  • It is much easier to collect data.
  • Marketing is all about collecting customer data. HotelBeds White Label system makes it easy to collect data and ensures that all guest information is stored in one place. It is easy to understand the preferences and demographics of guests, as well as their travel habits, including where they come from and what amenities they like. This information can be used to improve guest experiences and tailor marketing strategies, increasing retention rates.

  • You can easily manage your rewards.
  • You can keep track of the stays of your reward customers and assign them benefits. Guests can track their rewards with a unique login. They need to enter their information once, which will keep track of them from thereon. There is little maintenance required by staff.

    HotelBeds White Label loyalty programs are key for guest retention and maintaining occupancy in low seasons. The simpler it is to administer rewards, the easier it will be for staff to track, and you'll be able to keep guests returning with rewards.

Why choose HotelBeds B2B Solution?

Our core practices focus on connecting with and keeping loyal business customers and fair trading professionals in travel around the world and are easy to do business with.

Ours is a B2B HotelBeds Solution for tour operators. It will revolutionize the way you book online hotels and services. This portal compares the prices and availability of a specific hotel or service across a wide range of suppliers worldwide.

The B2B HotelBeds Solution has a great supply of hotels from around the globe, providing clients with a wide range of products and competitive pricing.

Clients have a wider selection of hotels to choose from. The clients have a wider selection of hotels to choose from. Our India's best B2B HotelBeds Solution allows our partners to efficiently serve their customers with the correct pricing and inventory.

Adivaha is also a B2B HotelBeds Solution service provider. They are connected to many hotels making them the top hotel wholesaler in the world. Our B2B HotelBeds Solution is an important travel tool that allows travel agents to obtain the best hotel content from global suppliers.

The B2B HotelBeds Solution allows dynamic data to be integrated into the web portal, giving you 24/7 access to the lowest hotel rates. Ours is a dynamic company with hotelier and wholesale travel industry backgrounds. It operates in markets all over the globe and works in airline business travel sectors.

We are a leading B2B HotelBeds Solution dedicated to trading travel partners, and we have a global customer base that includes tour operators and travel agencies.

Adivaha provides B2B HotelBeds software for international clients. We work with top suppliers from all over the globe to provide the best possible service for our clients.

Industry professionals design our hotel flight booking api free software to make hotel bookings easy. Our B2B HotelBeds system provides a comprehensive online solution for hotels to manage with corporate clients and travel agents.

It assists hotels with various activities such as managing, allotting rooms, distributing rate tariffs and maintaining reservations, canceling or changing reservations, and so on. The B2B HotelBeds Solution is fully customizable and depends on recent technology.

Our skilled and experienced developers created the solution. It is easy to use and understand. Its interface is flexible and adaptable, allowing end clients to use it. You can manage hotel reservations, inventory, room rates, and policies through our hotel booking portal. We specialize in building a strong Online Hotel Booking Engine for customer-centric customers. They focus more on finding hotels with the lowest prices and packages.

We create and develop solutions compatible with B2B, B2C, and B2B2C business processes for travel companies. This B2B HotelBeds software will increase your website's conversion rates and revenue per online reservation.!

Multi-hotel and large numbers of data bookings can be done with ease. This will improve your ability to pitch strategically. You can also set up deals according to your requirements and needs.

We offer customized, fully-featured hotel booking software solutions that can be used by individual hotels or a chain of hotels. We are a travel technology software company capable of creating a hotel booking website and a modified hotel booking engine. To grow their online business, travel agencies and hotels may have their websites for hotel bookings and portals.

Adivaha has a B2B HotelBeds Solution that suits your business needs. Our user-friendly hotel booking api website development. To make huge online appointments, create your hotel site and booking system.

We have access to the most current rates and availability at major global hotel chains through a dynamic connection. Our B2B HotelBeds system is ideal for individual hotels or groups of hotels.

B2B hotel booking platform that offers the best rates, exclusive discounts, and seamless bookings for travel agencies and retail agents.

You will find a variety of hotel properties from around the globe. Adivaha makes it easy to buy travel products by providing a fast search engine and real-time inventory. Travels buyers can now search, compare, and buy easily. Officially, many travel agencies use B2B hotelbeds solutions to book from our extensive inventory.

We provide a portal to help you find the best prices and availability and check the availability of many suppliers around the globe.

Our company provides state-of-the-art B2B products that travel agents and tour companies provide and will change how you book online hotels and services.

Our B2B hotelbeds solutions provide a single-stop solution for international and domestic online hotel bookings. Our company offers all the customization options you need if you work in the travel industry.

Our B2B hotelbeds solutions allow you to make all domestic and international reservations and earn the best rates in the market. Our B2B hotelbeds solutions are b2b and b2c solutions with integrated API.

You can make a hotel extranet system booking and earn a commission. For those looking to improve their brand visibility, we offer B2B hotelbeds solutions for B2B clients.

We offer a variety of features that will make it easier to book hotels through the B2B hotelbeds solutions. Travel agents, tour operators, and retailers can use the B2B hotelbeds solutions to help them.

Adivaha offers settlement tours to clients for every hotel booking company. All the necessary authority is given to you for all the processes. The panel allows you to view booking details and track business growth.

You can also view hotel inventory, search filters, and customer details. B2B hotelbeds System is the solution for many hotels when it comes to dealing with corporate clients and travel agents. Our B2B hotelbeds System helps hotels manage and distribute allotments and rate tiers, or rate plans, modify any service, maintain reservations, and cancel for 24 hours a day.

We offer travel companies, customers, wholesalers, local suppliers, and aggregators to give you more satisfaction without any regrets.

Our highly skilled, efficient team can help you 24 hours a day. We can help you create the travel portal of choice. Adivaha offers special negotiated rates.

Benefits of using B2B Hotelbeds solutions

Although most hotels moved to digital hotel booking app systems years ago, many small hotels, hostels, and inns still use manual processes. These are just some of the many benefits that a B2B hotelbeds System can offer:

  • You must meet the needs of travelers. Travelers want to book a hotel room online without needing to call the hotel or wait for them to respond. A website booking engine allows guests to book online from any location at any time. This makes it possible for them to make reservations even while they sleep.
  • Improve efficiency. An integrated hotel central reservation system lowers labor costs and prevents costly mistakes.
  • Avoid OTA commissions by booking directly through your website. You don't have to pay a large commission to an intermediary. Direct bookings are the most lucrative channel for booking property properties.
  • Multiple booking options. You can advertise multiple room types and promotions on your website and social media channels. Any third-party websites do not offer this flexibility.
  • Increase your revenue. You can upsell travelers to higher-end rooms or cross-sell services such as breakfast, lunch, dinner, and spa.
  • Establish guest relationships before you send a booking. The majority of OTAs won't share contact information with guests. This information is collected directly from guests who book through your website. You can invite guests to book their stay using email automation.
  • Reassure travelers. Flexibility in date changes and cancellations continues to be a top priority, according to Trends Report 2022. Travelers can cancel or make changes directly through your website. This gives them security and peace of mind.
  • You can manage rates and availability simultaneously using a channel manager that integrates with your reservation system. This will allow you to increase occupancy, maintain rate parity and avoid pricing errors, overbookings, and lost sales.
  • Automate your credit card payment processing. A payment gateway is connected to your booking engine. Credit cards are automatically validated, and deposits are processed quickly. This reduces input errors, delayed payments, chargebacks, and other mistakes.

Hotelbeds Plugin

Hotelbeds Plugin was developed using Woo Commerce. All your Woo Commerce orders and payments can be managed online. Customers can also register an account to book their hotel rooms or tour packages online. With Hotelbeds Plugin, you can quickly create a website similar to famous travel sites. This All-in-1 Hotelbeds Plugin includes almost all of the basic and advanced options you might need to create a WordPress-based hotel or travel website.

Hotelbeds Plugin is the best plugin for booking hotel reservations, tour operator bookings, and travel agency websites. It allows you to create a professional WordPress website for your hotel, tour operator, or travel agency. You can list your hotels, tours, and resorts and receive payments for each booking.

Benefits of Hotelbeds Plugin Solution:

We offer customized and modified Hotel Booking Solutions to hotels and travel agencies that best fit their business needs. Agents and owners can view all hotel bookings. Your offering will be vastly expanded and enhanced by having access to many hotels and exclusive properties.


  • Vendors can add hotels and tours in all fields (Pro).
  • Vendors have designated order details pages (Pro).
  • Vendors (Pro) have their login and registration system.
  • Enable/disable specific vendors (Pro)
  • Email verification for vendors (Pro)
  • Frontend Dashboard for Vendors (Coming Soon on Pro)


  • Search box for hotels or tours: Separate search box or combined search box
  • Ajax-based search engine for hotels and tours
  • Ajax-based filter system

What is Hotelbeds SDK Solution?


The Hotelbeds SDK Solution is the main tool in modern software development. It has a lot in common, and there can be confusion about what each does. Hotelbeds SDK Solution allows you to improve your applications' functionality easily. It is important to fully understand the differences between the tools and how they work together to deliver the promised functionality.

Hotelbeds SDK Solution is a powerful tool that allows you to make appointments directly through your website from any location. We build a Hotel Booking Portal that incorporates multiple hotel suppliers.

Through the Hotelbeds SDK Software, we integrate Suppliers XML. Our portal is designed for corporates who want to book hotels worldwide at competitive prices.

Our role is to act as an aggregator, ensuring an easy and direct hotel booking process. The new Hotelbeds SDK Solution allows travel agents to book hotels worldwide and book transports and attractions.

Our Hotelbeds SDK Solution allows offline distribution of products such as a booking engine, channel manager with a reservation system, and Payment Gateway. It also handles offline and online bookings.

Adivaha is a Travel Technology Company that encourages agencies and tour operators to enter the travel industry. It aims to provide a comprehensive and efficient booking system to B2B customers that cover all aspects of travel services.

We also offer business-to-business services. This means that only travel professionals or experts can access the travel system.

How does Hotelbeds SDK Solution work?

Hotelbeds SDK Solution is a complete collection of tools that allow developers to create software faster and more standardized.

Cloud-native app development leverages Apple's iOS and Google's Android SDKs. For larger-scale applications, such as enterprise Software-as-a-Service and proprietary web and desktop software applications, Microsoft provides the commonly used, open-source.

  • Download, purchase, and install the "kit," which includes premade parts, examples, and instructions.
  • You can open and use any APIs and all the development tools you need to create a new app. This is done starting with the integrated development environment. This is where you will code and your compiler.
  • You and your team will have a head start by using the documentation, code samples, and testing tools.

What will a Hotelbeds SDK Solution do for your brand?

Hotelbeds SDK Solution is a great way for the success of your brand.

Quicker Integration

A Hotelbeds SDK Solution is a great tool to help you close more deals. Because it allows customers to integrate with their existing tech stack, your devkit will reduce the time to close sales.

Efficient Development

You'll quickly realize that not every software developer has the time or resources to create every tool.

They can also use the pre-existing Hotelbeds SDK Solution that is freely available on all top platforms. Even though you’re highly skilled developers are paid per hour to create a top-notch app, it is important not to ensure that functions like crash reporting, mobile notifications, and gathering behavioral analytics are all custom coded.

Imagine you need a way to send text and images directly from your app to Facebook. Instead of starting from scratch, your developer can use the Hotelbeds SDK Solution toolkit to locate code that will work on an Android device. This Hotelbeds SDK Solution speeds up the deployment process without starting from scratch.

When you create a Hotelbeds SDK Solution for your product, other developers can connect their products with yours.

Increased reach.

Your product should be valuable, and the Hotelbeds SDK Solution that comes with it will allow for interoperability. This increases your chances of other tools wanting to integrate with your product.

Brand Control

Hotelbeds SDK Solution gives you greater control over elements of your user interface which appear in other apps. This allows you to control how your product interacts with other apps and how it looks. You can also ensure that the most important functions are not compromised and could potentially ruin a user's experience.

How Hotelbeds Mobile App technology is changing the face of tourism?

Tourism is the most popular sector in terms of popularity and growth. Today's people are more interested than ever in discovering the world's secrets. This is evident in the global tourism industry, which grew fastly.

According to a survey, it generated $8.8 trillion in revenue and created 318 million jobs. Given the numbers, it is reasonable to conclude that some factors must have triggered tourism growth. Technology is the key.

Guidebooks, maps on paper, and compasses have gone. We now have mobile apps and interactive technical equipment that tag along with much functionality.

No longer are you required to spend hours setting up an itinerary. Hotelbeds Mobile App Solution handles all the tedious tasks. Nowadays, nearly every traveler has a smartphone with them. The developers and users will both benefit from Hotelbeds Mobile App Solution. The developers will make money if the app is designed according to the market's needs.

Hotelbeds Mobile App Solution development has attracted many developers. Its Return on Investment (ROI) beats all other app categories.

Why is Hotelbeds Mobile App solution Important for Travel Business?

  • Travel itinerary generator
  • The most sought-after feature in the tourism industry is the itinerary travel generator. This feature allows users to create a complete itinerary by adding the desired location.

    Administrators can use this feature to add tourist attractions and custom landmarks to create a tour plan that users will enjoy. It may not seem easy to add such complex algorithm features. Professional travel app developers are recommended.

  • Geo-Tracking Services
  • Integration of GPS-based location services is an important feature of travel app development. Tracking services allow users to locate the closest results quickly and lock their current location. This feature can offer any services a tourist may need on a trip.

  • Weather and Climate Forecasting
  • Many tourists book skyscanner flight search api but may have to change their plans due to climate change. Hotelbeds Mobile App Solution with real-time weather forecasting can be used to alert travelers. Tourists can view the weather forecasts and plan their trip using a mobile app while creating a travel itinerary.

  • Translator for In-App Languages
  • Hotelbeds Mobile App Solution translator is one of the most difficult features you can implement in your travel app. Most tourists don't know the language spoken in the region they want to visit. This feature will enhance the user experience and allow travelers to scan text for visual translation, voice translation, and text messages.

  • Currency Rate Converter
  • The currency converter is an essential feature of any travel app. Exchanging currencies can be very difficult for tourists. This feature will allow tourists to see the current currency exchange rates. It also tracks the past and current variations of currency rates.

  • World Clock Time Converter
  • Because of the cross-time zones, it is essential to include a world clock converter in your Hotelbeds SDK Mobile App Solution. This feature will eliminate confusion for tourists and make it easy to find other time-converting apps. This feature calculates the correct time for each time zone around the globe and may be very helpful to users.

  • Emergency Services Based on Location
  • A location-based emergency service allows users to call emergency services regardless of their time or place. Developers should provide the number and services that are based on the location. This will enable users to find a service near them.

  • App Service Integration
  • Tourist applications are incomplete without vehicle services. Transport services are essential for all users when they travel from their destinations to the famous tourist spots or hotels they desire. A professional company will integrate taxi services into your travel app.

Hotelbeds Technologies are useful for managing relations with Sellers

To simplify the distribution strategy for your hotel, the most adopted and profitable solution in the industry is channel managers.

Hotelbeds Solutions are cloud tools that allow you to easily centralize and manage all your distribution channels. Bidirectional data sharing ensures that your property management system communicates all updates made to connected channels, including your site's booking engine, and vice versa.

The more channels you use, the more crucial it will be to have a channel manager to make sure you can change rates in real-time and avoid double bookings. Managing channels more easily allows you to connect to multiple channels, thus increasing your hotel's visibility and revenue potential.

Hotelbeds Solution for hotels automates the communication of inventory and rate updates between wholesalers and your property management system (PMS), so everything is synchronized, and there is no need to enter data manually.

Another technology to consider for troubleshooting is a fare parity monitoring tool. Hotelbeds Solution is competitive hotel intelligence software that allows you to monitor demand and rates and resolve any disparity issues before they become serious complications. This Hotelbeds tool offers clear and concrete data that allow you to have greater flexibility in managing rooms and rates:

The solution act as intermediaries between travel agents and travel service providers, looking for and purchasing products in bulk and then reselling them to various customers from whom guests can purchase them.

Sellers can give your hotel visibility that you would have difficulty achieving on your own and make it easier for you to attract international travelers.

Constantly manage relationships, keep contracts under control, look for like-minded partners, and stand up for yourself when looking for wholesalers for your hotel.

Competitive intelligence software offers a lot of interesting data and allows you to manage rates with flexibility and security.


We have examined the advantages and disadvantages of a Hotelbeds system. Hotelbeds Solution offers many benefits, including reducing human error and improving efficiency. They also simplify data collection and reward management, giving you a competitive advantage.

Having a Hotelbeds software program is one of the simplest changes a hotel can make to reap the benefits discussed in this article. This software allows you to maintain occupancy and ensure that everything runs smoothly without needing staff intervention. Our team will be able to spend more time on service and less time taking care of administrative tasks.

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