Kiwi Flights API Integration


Over the last seven years, has built highly competitive content operations and tools, and worked on automating as many processes as possible to allow us to take full care of our customers. Kiwi Flights API integration means that clients can sell flight inventory on their site or mobile apps


Kiwi Flight API Integration

What Solutions We Provide to
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Key Benefits of Kiwi Flight API Integration

We Help to Implement Your Ideas into Automation

We offer ready made and customized OTA solutions for B2C, B2B and B2E travel portal development with Kiwi Flights API integration. It is a web-based online reservation system and travel management tool with integrated expense management system.

  • DIY Products "Do it yourself" products. Onboard your agents by yourself. Easy Setup!
  • Integrated Expense Management system for better control over Finance.
  • Modern Designs Offer from a collection of niche designs. Modern Layout, 100% Customizable
  • 100% Private branded Confirmation and Cancellation Email templates.
  • OK Tested solution by more than 1000+ customers using Flight Integration API.


USPs of Kiwi Flights API Integration

Start selling Virtually Interlined flights from KIWI Flights inventory almost immediately and benefit from all our tools in one place

Easy Integration

Integrate into any website regardless of the platform you are using

Multiple Designs

Choose the layout you find best fit or go with our premium designs


Offer the price in local currency based on customers Geo location

Expense Management

Integrated Expense management system lets you manage your funds on the fly

Intense Reporting

Pull report of almost anything. Get Daily & weekly reports via email.

100% Customizable

Customize the plugin as per your branding and layout with easy interfaces

Don't just sell inventories Sell an experience

Business is not only about selling rates. Its about selling it through different channels. If you have a KIWI API Key, partner with us and Onboard your agencies and channel partners regardless of their audience be it B2C, B2B, B2E or a Tour operator. Relax and watch your business growing.

Online Mobile APP Builder

Creative ways
to Showcase your business

Let your agencies bring their Android APP to life with few click. Multiple designs, Easy Customization, Online Compilation, Instant Download!

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  • B2C Plugins & Widgets
  • Flight Integration
  • Multiple Designs
  • Free Setup/Support
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  • B2C Whitelabel Travel Portal
  • Flight Integration
  • Android APP
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  • Customized B2C Website
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  • Resell White Labels under your own branding
  • Multiple Designs
  • Must have your own hosting
  • Email/Whatsapp Support
  • Yearly Maintenance - USD 199
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A Step-By-Step Guide To Integrating The Kiwi Flights API

At Adivaha, we understand the travel industry inside out. That's why we're here with a comprehensive guide on integrating the Kiwi Flights APIs. Elevate your travel offerings and provide your customers with unparalleled flight options. Let Adivaha guide you on this exciting path!

Are you a travel business looking to enhance your services by offering your customers a wider range of flight options? Integrating the Kiwi Flights API could be the answer. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the process of integrating the Kiwi Flights API into your corporate travel platform, step by step. But before we delve into the technical details, let's understand why's API is a game-changer for the travel industry.

Why Choose the Kiwi Flights API?

At Adivaha, we're always on the lookout for exceptional travel solutions, and the Kiwi Flights API truly stands out. Here is why to choose the Kiwi flights API-

Vast Inventory: Adivaha recognizes the importance of offering diverse flight options to your customers. With the Kiwi Flights API, you gain access to an extensive inventory that includes not only traditional airlines but also low-cost carriers. This means you can provide your customers with a wide array of travel choices.

Competitive Pricing: We understand the significance of competitive pricing in the travel industry. The Kiwi API provides real-time pricing information, enabling you to offer fares that are not only competitive but also dynamic, ensuring you stay ahead of the game.

Customizability: Adivaha understands that every travel business is unique. The Kiwi Flights API is highly customizable, allowing you to tailor the integration to meet your specific needs and preferences. This flexibility ensures that your travel platform reflects your brand identity.

Integrating the Kiwi Flights API Integrating the Kiwi Flights API

User-Friendly Booking: Adivaha believes in enhancing the user experience. The Kiwi Flights API simplifies the booking process, making it more intuitive and efficient for your customers. This streamlined experience can lead to increased conversions and customer satisfaction.

Now that you understand the advantages of integrating the Kiwi Flights API let's dive into the step-by-step integration process.

Step 1: Register for Access

Visit Developer Portal: Start by navigating to the developer portal. You can usually find a link or section dedicated to developers or Api integration company on's official website.

Create an Account: If you don't already have one, you'll need to create an account on the developer portal. This account will serve as your gateway to accessing the API and managing your integration.

Access the API Key: Once you have an account and are logged in, look for a section that allows you to generate an API key. This key is a unique identifier that authorizes your access to the Kiwi Flights API.

Generate the API Key: Follow the provided instructions to generate your API key. You may need to agree to the terms of use and provide some basic information about your project or application.

Store Your API Key Securely: After generating your API key, it's crucial to store it securely. Treat your API key like a password; don't share it publicly or expose it in your code. Typically, you'll store it as a secure environment variable on your server.

Keep Documentation Handy: While you're on the developer portal, familiarize yourself with any documentation or guidelines provided by This documentation will be invaluable as you proceed with the integration process.

Step 2: Familiarize Yourself with the API Documentation

Visit's developer portal, the same place where you obtained your API key. Seek out the section dedicated to API documentation, which is akin to the user manual. Begin by exploring the introductory section, which provides an overview of the API's capabilities and how they can benefit your travel platform. The API's functionality is divided into endpoints, each with a specific purpose. For each endpoint, learn what it does, what information it needs, and how it responds. Discover how to authenticate your access to the API using your API key and whether there are any usage limits to be aware of. Understand how the API deals with errors and what steps to take if things don't go as planned. Review sample requests and responses provided in the documentation. These examples serve as practical templates when you start coding your integration. Seek out recommendations and best practices to optimize your integration for performance, security, and efficiency. Keep in mind that API documentation may change over time. Regularly check for updates to ensure you're working with the latest information.

Step 3: Choose Your Integration Method

Understand Options: Explore Restful API and Graph QL, the two integration methods offered by

Project Needs: Consider your travel platform's specific requirements and whether you prefer a structured or flexible approach.

Development Resources: Assess your team's skills and resources, and choose a method that aligns with your expertise.

Scalability: Think about future growth and whether your integration needs to adapt to changing demands.

Testing and Feedback: Conduct preliminary testing of both methods and gather feedback to inform your decision.

Consult Reach out to's support for expert guidance based on your unique project.

Step 4: Implement the Integration

Coding: Begin coding your integration according to the chosen method, whether it's Restful API or Graph QL. Translate your understanding of the API documentation into practical code.

Authentication: Implement the authentication mechanism using your API key. Ensure that your integration securely communicates with the Kiwi Flights API.

Construct Requests: Create API requests following the endpoints and parameters outlined in the documentation. Pay careful attention to the details required for each request, such as travel dates, locations, and any filters.

Handle Responses: Develop code to process and handle the API's responses efficiently. Extract and display relevant flight data for your users.

Error Handling: Implement robust error-handling procedures to gracefully manage any issues that may arise during API requests. Utilize error codes and messages provided by the API to provide meaningful feedback to users.

Testing: Thoroughly test your integration in a controlled environment, such as a development or staging environment. Verify that flight search, booking, and payment processes function correctly and yield the expected results.

Step 5: Testing and Quality Assurance

Set up a controlled testing environment, like a development or staging platform, to identify and address issues before going live. Confirm that all integration features, such as flight searches, bookings, and payments, work correctly. Evaluate response times and the system's ability to handle user requests without slowdowns. Prioritize security by identifying and fixing vulnerabilities to protect user data, especially payment information. Ensure that the data obtained from the API is accurate and up-to-date to prevent user frustration. Test the integration from a user's perspective to ensure a seamless and intuitive experience, including error scenarios, and gather feedback for improvements.

Step 6: Go Live

Final Review: Conduct a final review of your integration to ensure that all issues identified during testing have been addressed.

Backup Plan: Have a backup plan in place in case any unexpected issues arise during the transition to the live environment. Being prepared for contingencies is crucial.

Communication: Notify your customers about the newly integrated Kiwi Flights API and the enhanced travel services it brings. Transparency can lead to excitement and increased engagement.

Monitoring: Continuously monitor the live integration to ensure its stability and performance. Be prepared to respond promptly to any issues that may arise.

Feedback Loop: Establish a feedback loop with your users to gather their insights and address any concerns or suggestions. This ongoing communication can help refine your integration further.

Scalability: As your travel platform grows, assess the scalability of your Kiwi Flights API integration. Ensure it can handle increased user traffic and evolving requirements.

Documentation Update: Keep your documentation up-to-date to reflect any changes or improvements made to the integration in the live environment.

In conclusion

Integrating the Kiwi Flights API is a strategic move that can elevate your travel business. Follow the step-by-step guide outlined in this article, and consider the possibilities that Adivaha brings to the table. With these tools at your disposal, your travel business can thrive in the competitive travel industry.

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