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Using Flight Booking APIs, OTAs and Meta-Search Engines

In past few years, the online bookings of travel tickets, hotels especially flight tickets were booked by travel agents.

If someone wanted to travel booking api provider somewhere, he/she had to consult a travel agency first and get their all proceedings done by those specific travels agents. But now with the advancement, our every aspect of life is linked with internet directly or indirectly. With the rise of internet usage, every facility is available of our smart phones and laptops. One who wants to travel can book/cancel/postpone tickets by his own with a single click. But if anyone wonders that how it happens? This all procedure is done because of Flight Booking APIs OTAs And Meta-search Engines.


Have you at any point pondered where this OTA gets these flight booking api information from? All things considered, GDS's have a database and they share with different OTA's and OTA's additionally get information from GDS for the territories which are not in their inclusion through API's. The API you select will assume a key job in getting database from GDS and others.


Travel organizations and individual operators are going for top travel innovation devices and versatile applications to draw in and serve worldwide clients. They, no longer follow the conventional procedure for booking travel bargains disconnected. With the headway of top travel innovation and versatility arrangements, offices are utilizing on the web flight booking api free programming, where in end clients and sub offices can look and save flight bargains on the web. That is the reason, a large portion of the movement new businesses, Non IATA and IATA organizations are going for the OTA model.

Flight booking apis otas and meta-search enginesFlight Booking APIs OTAs And Meta-search Engines

A travel web based interface isn't complete until it has a reconciliation of the PHP flight booking api php. Online setting up for your own site made a lot simpler and adaptable with API. Travel Reservation Sites are inadequate without an Airline reservation framework. A savvy approach to assemble redid travel booking applications dependent on Constantly developing on the web innovation implies you generally should have the option to respond to change rapidly. We have served a few customers and have built up the best gateways Using flight API. PHP flight booking engine is accessible by means of an API for any online (B2B/B2C) gateways.


Flight bookings segments play an important role in travel industry. There are big players in travel industry and websites which are providing options of flight bookings with wide range of flight search, fare and options for their customers. Flight Booking APIs OTAs And Meta-search Engines is one of the software solution that merges all the flight booking api india related searches at a same place and accordingly, shows the most desirable and feasible option for the travelers.


Purpose of APIs by Meta-search Engines and OTAs

APIs by meta-search engines and OTAs provides basic flight booking api data like schedules and prices. If one wants to use any of these API, he does not have to pay the fees by rule but have to become a partner.


Skyscanner APIs

Skyscanner APIs is one of the most famous flight finder engine by providing cheapest flight search and price comparison. Skyscanner API has two versions:

  • Browsing of live flight prices data
  • Browsing of flight prices data

Browse Flight Prices API

shows the following information from their suppliers:

  • Cheapest prices
  • Outbound and Inbound Flights
  • Destinations
  • Dates in a calendar form

But this flight booking api cost does not update the live information about the flights and prices. In order to access the live data and updated information Live Flight Prices API can be used. In order to use Skyscanner API, one has to enroll into their affiliate program and can get access to all of the sets of APIs.


Travelfusion APIs

Travelfusion is a platform for flight booking reservations. It offers Direct Connect XML APIs with connection to over 150 low cost carriers. This expedia flight api serves for desktop solutions for OTAs and travel agents, giving access to the following content:

  • Branded fares
  • Supported card types
  • Multilingual terms & conditions
  • Multilingual email confirmation
  • Card verification
  • Flight extras
  • Speedy boarding
  • Booking cancelation and change
  • Frequent flyer number
  • Seat preferences and options
  • Luggage requirements

Travelfusion has also launched a Fast flight apis that could be used for pre-packaged vacations, flight and hotel bookings. This API is easier to integrate and aims at widgets, mobile services, and web platforms. The price of integration depends upon the purpose and business type and is available on request.


Kiwi APIs

Kiwi APIs powered sets of flight api with a direct connection to approximately 150 carriers. These APIs enable low-cost flight processing, flight data aggregation, itinerary setting, and finding and saving the cheapest routes. One more important feature of the Kiwi API is payment processing. Also this API provides an option to include baggage info in the booking. To use the Kiwi API, just join the affiliate program. The full list of Kiwi’s data includes:

  • Fare classes
  • Aircraft equipment
  • Bag limit and prices
  • Currency and currency rate
  • Return duration
  • Distance
  • Length of stopover
  • Multicity flights

Momondo API

Momondo is a global search site for the lowest prices in flight api provider in india, hotel, and car rental. It has a non-public momondo API that integrates third-parties with the platform. The API for flight reservation provides information on:

  • Airports
  • Routes
  • Prices and currency
  • Anywhere search

To access this API, you have to become a part of their Affiliate Network programs.


How API service is beneficial for travel websites?

Flight Booking APIs OTAs And Meta-search Engines helps in managing the interaction between two online or internet connected services. Below are the some of the benefits of API or a travel website:

  • You can add different packages and offers related to the flights you provide in different destinations.
  • With these services, you can also add other relevant information like weather conditions, restaurants, hotels and the list goes on
  • These services help you to add different payment methods on your website so that you can make the user experience more comfortable
  • Also, these services make your website more user-friendly and ensure higher conversions which is one of the greatest benefits to look on to

Features of Flight Booking API

  • You can create unlimited travel distributors, retailers and resellers at your API panel.
  • High margin both for distributor and retailer
  • Secure and Instant Transition.
  • Instant margin benefits.
  • No limitation with API.
  • User Friendly Panel for reports and Filtrations.

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