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Ready to go-LIVE travel solutions that helps your travel agency to sell a range of travel services pretty instantly. adivaha® travel solutions make sure you have no boundation over your imagination, you can do everything online, without the need for any technical knowledge or design skills. Easy Backoffice, extensive reporting with integrated Funds Management System. Upload funds easily and instantly through Netbanking, Debit Card, Credit Card. The best part is, we do offer customizations in case you believe it will boost your business!

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Reliable Hotel Booking Software Solutions for Maximum Efficiency

Are you a service provider such as a hotel owner or travel and tourism manager and want to bring your b2b travel portal development business online by offering your customers various services like hotel booking, flights, cars, etc. worldwide?

Adivaha, a Top Hotel Booking Software Solution | Online Booking Software, includes a variety of jam-packed travel products including b2b fixed departure flights, hotels, car rentals, tours and activities, airport transfers and travel insurance so you can be confident and can offer a comprehensive travel experience to your visitors.


The size of your hotel is not an issue if you need to allocate guests to book rooms online and want to be viable and open for business. Adivaha, a Online Booking Software Solution | Online Booking Software, is a software application that is implemented by hotels to allocate guests so that secure online reservations can also be made to sell your room competently. The global audience needs to be burned to appeal and appeal.


An increasing number of travelers are relying solely on online booking to book their accommodations, and without this facility, you will largely leave the business. It was not possible to maximize organization for your delivery approach more than ever before.

Top hotel booking software solutionTop Hotel Booking
Software Solution

The latest technology allows you to overcome your concerns from anywhere. Your business is at your fingertips. With more than a thousand hotels worldwide, Adivaha, a Top Online Booking Software Solution | Online Booking Software, offers fast connectivity for online booking services, next-generation expertise, the first high-speed booking engine, and guest profiles and reservations.


Managing your property is easier than ever. Click on the Process button and with the next step; booking will be easier for the travel agency booking software agent. All of your OTA listings are updated at once without human intervention.


Looking for high-quality hotel software? Choose an advanced hotel reservation software solution | online booking software like adivaha® your all-in-one solutions in the field of hotel software.


Our software consists of four constructive programs in one. Included in the hotel software for guesthouses, B&BS and lodges include: -

  • PMS (PMS (Property Management System which is responsible for managing all the internal affairs of your hotel, helps in arranging your booking, checking the guests, making clear reports, within a few clicks, you can generate clean and clear invoices to send directly to the prospective guest, ensures confirmation emails sent by design).
  • Booking Engine (Replacement of Contact Forms and widely used on hotel website Ensures that your guests secure a room directly on your hotel website without poor and commission costs).
  • Channel Manager (Manage your access to all your connected booking channels from a single point, ensuring links between the property management system and other party booking sites. Offer multiple rooms on booking channels).
  • Web Studio (Visitors would like to be surprised, they seek the amazing, but with all the information just a click away. Provide them whatever they want. Our generous web studio in line with the web of your hotel sort image and know-how you want to present to your visitors. We know that your website is the front door of your hotel, so we develop tailor-made websites for travelers and develop various templates related to hotel requirements, whether you decide for yourself (hotel or hotel chain).

Adivaha, a Top Hotel Booking Software Solution | Online Booking Software, is highly cost-effective and user friendly, and extensive hotel booking software and workflow management system to provide your guests with a fast and level reservation awareness offers that require minimal effort that does more than just pay and deal with non-stop bookings. In today's marketplace, make us your favorite choice of a variety of features that are used globally by lucky business people around the world. Our mission is to help hotels reap the benefits of marketing and sharing.


Whatever your type of travel business, Adivaha, a Hotel Booking Solution | Online Booking Software, provides you with ease in your travel business by directing your visitors directly from your hotel website to book rooms. It works for all types and sizes of accommodation providers: guesthouses, motels, hostels, B&Bs, hostels, lodges, hotel groups, vacation rentals, and resorts.


Compare your visitors through a visitor profile structure based on cost and tumult performance. A dashboard makes it easy to differentiate between users' bookings at a glance when the booking was twisted and only rationalized.


Adivaha, a Top Hotel Booking Engine | Online Booking Software, gives you the tools to pursue all the information related to reserving your rentable spaces together with simple-to-use Court Reservation and Event Management tool for any facilities that require providing online bookings. It's a booking system and much more, giving you both space scheduling tools as well as other room layout tools.


We believe in uncomplicated pricing, we don't charge startup fees and we don't charge any commissions. Setting up your booking engine should be easy to do in your local currency. We cover work, direct room, and service sales society; streamline the way we serve guests, make hotel accommodations more satisfying.


Adivaha, a Top Hotel Booking Solution | Online Booking Software, offers our customers travel agency application portal development services that offer the most comprehensive online booking system in the market, making you look professional and you Let's solve all online needs. Whether you get a full-blown booking website or your website widget, our booking engine can be easily integrated into your site and make your company a growing business and profitable model. We design and expand a hotel booking portal for the hotel industry with personalized hotel booking engine lists.


Landing spaces are bursting with life, thousands of things are upsetting and, what do you think? Your passengers will love to travel. That's why we've developed intentional software so that nothing is lost. Our online hotel booking software provides powerful, innovative, affordable, easy-to-use, and convenient solutions for all types of third party travel theme businesses and organizations. Besides, to allow guests to book directly online.


Our reservation software may also offer hotel operators additional resources. Our Hotel Booking Engine is connected to all hotel providers that turn customer needs into bookings on your top travel technology companies portal and generate high revenue through bookings. You will save time on academic field duties while also reducing the possibility of overbooking of rooms in your property. Our customized and personalized hotel booking software solutions can tailor it to your needs.


Adivaha, a Hotel reservation System | Online Booking Software, from the stimulus phase to the preparation and targeting stages | Ensure increased sales by online booking software, turning your website into a direct sales engine and making the most of all the touchpoints and finding new opportunities to collaborate.


You can choose from our wide range of easy, graceful, and accessible booking engine templates to meet your business needs and present your guests with a personalized and comfortable booking experience. Through our unique system, you can offer additional services like an in-room massage for a more attractive offer for the guest as well as keeping the room base rate low as well as selling your rooms for an extra fee.


We provide absolute top hotel booking software solution | online booking software for travel companies, travel agents, tour operator software operators, and travel agencies, etc. Our online booking software offers you discount, commissions, markups from the online travel portal admin panel. , And allows you to describe the correct prices of cashback alternatives. With our state-of-the-art software, you'll be able to take advantage of your industry competitors while making better decisions by analyzing data and eliminating physical intrusion with instant integration, including time savings with fast and simple setup. Easy guest booking experience can boost conversions.


Adivaha, a Top online Booking Software Solution | Online Booking Software, offers online booking software, an exceptional profit management tool that lets you manage hotel revenue efficiently and analyze market activity to maximize profits. At the same time, it is self-determined to adjust rates according to different market conditions. Help create your ads and give your users code to take advantage of discounts. You can walk incredibly during local festivals, school holidays, or even community outreach, and advertise your rooms with the importance of offering money.


Adivaha, a Online Booking Software, is a brand which is a leading travel portal development company including B2B and B2C travel portal development and travel tbo api integration for flight booking, hotel booking, car booking, offer holiday packages, etc. An easy loom for your customers to book exactly on your page, you increase the chances that when they are ready to make a reservation, they will do it directly with you.


Your property appears in search results for your target audience, and guests find your presence there trustworthy, but it can decrease your profits to get all your bookings through a third party. We ensure you will get all your bookings from your channel.


We provide a white-labeled path for all travel agency software search engines and travel booking software projects. The advantage of our system is that when your guests are ready to book a room, they offer a short form to make the booking process easier and faster. We've developed a user-friendly website, with strong catalogs and filtration options, easy access to realistic hotel reviews, best prices, and all hotel information with an easy way to book in a short time at short hotel information. They should not be discouraged by the drastic steps to fill the payment options and they should not be annoyed by anything so that their reservation can be moved to a different site to make it more comprehensive.


adivaha® is a state-of-the-art booking software; our products help track business in providing complete services to your customers to make your business digital. We make the daily source booking system user-friendly and exceptionally easy to overcome with special features. We improve the end-user experience by providing restructuring information as needed. We also provide you with a comprehensive range of complete product ready for instant use solutions so that your customers can book wherever they want, whenever they want. We also recommend third-party OTA (online travel agency) API integration and sabre gds integration with a popular private website.


Nowadays, traditional developments are not followed for booking travel deals. An advanced hotel booking software solution, requires innovative solutions. Online booking software must be implemented in the travel agency business to appeal to and assist customers around the world. We have extremely fast and stable bonds and that is why millions of companies have preferred us to wear this impressive brand.


You'll need to save even more time by submitting your emails and online payments, analytics sales reports to your office. Hotels all over the world include different hotel management sabre global distribution system so that the latest information is available to be up-to-date. Our dedicated team will create a sophisticated, expert, and clear system with a seamless and user-friendly interface for your hotel business needs. To help pay more attention to visitors, it helps to automate the handling of manual staff tasks.


It expects a direct booking structure on your website while showing users real-time access, and synchronizing your calendar with different channels. Your booking is easily accessible anytime and anywhere. It also provides the facility to control online sales from any type of device in the country or any part of the world while reviewing the behavior of visitors to increase revenue. It keeps track of your daily and weekly calendars and you can manage bookings in your back office, check arrival and departure, travel schedules, and shift information.


With the advent of modern communication technology, the wide range of features of our online booking system increases revenue by allowing access to your guests via PC, smartphone and tablet, now a day’s mobile booking is a fast-paced online booking business and the number of mobile bookings in the industry continues to grow with each passing year, so Adivaha, Booking Software, allow your guest to accept mobile bookings.


Mobile users need the same level of service as any other user. It also enhances your customer’s ability to get special offers, promo codes, and the ability to make group bookings with your site. We can develop an innovative mobile solution that offers a variety of features and a fully efficient booking engine so that your users can avail of the same features that are on your website.


Adivaha, a Top Hotel Booking Software Solution | Online Booking Software, will be compatible not only with your existing website but also with any social media platforms and sites such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. This gives guests the necessary time and opportunity to secure the room in a specific way that is useful to them. Familiarity, the best thing you can do is to present them with the options they are looking for. This feature displays the rooms at the top of the search results according to your guest's search criteria, which makes it sellable and easy for them.


We're grateful for your acquisition and our integrated social media solutions, you can engage travelers on text, photos, room types, special offers, news by demonstrating guest reviews and social media relationships, and your imagination is a limit. You can enter guest preferences multiple times without any glitches so that your visitors have the same identity. When done using the online booking system, your site becomes rational with new actions.


We're grateful for your acquisition and our integrated social media solutions, you can engage travelers on text, photos, room types, special offers, news by demonstrating guest reviews and social media relationships, and your imagination is a limit. You can enter guest preferences multiple times without any glitches so that your visitors have the same identity. When done using the online booking system, your site becomes rational with new actions.


Hotel Metasearch is poised to become the most important marketing channel for hotels. Now your hotel is not only spread on Metasearch engines through OTA but you will get more online visibility and increase your direct traffic and bookings. We make sure to integrate your booking engine with all major hotel Metasearch, such as Hotel Share, Google Hotel Advertising, Sky Scanner, and Kayak, to showcase your direct rates and qualifications on their price checking modules.


Don't let OTA acquire traffic for your hotel, generate direct revenue with CPA (price per acquisition) much lower than OTA, and reduce your desire for OTA. We offer you a one-stop-shop proposal that will allow you to test and direct your Metasearch campaigns that appear and interface and report, which is suitable for single and multi-hotel campaigns.


The dashboard in our system is easy to use, with facial features, standard product updates to ensure close and close access to prevent overbooking on a website, including 24x7x365 support. Offers last room availability. Monitor your channel's performance and booking a performance by hiring the best online sales partners to maximize your return chances. Our system includes an automated business reporting and payment method in which the plug-in detects invalid cards and helps in cash flow and deposit while minimizing the risk. Advertise more of your front end and back end sale tours.


Evaluate hotel reviews with 360-degree real-time insights from our existing business intelligence solutions and quickly adapt to changing market conditions. Combined with our five-star support and committed account service, you will be able to manage and leverage revenue efficiently through your key channels. Provide your strongest guests with api integration into your stability system just as easily as online. Connect with our comprehensive partner network and e-commerce solutions.


There is no need to master exactly. We are loyal to your work. Adivaha’s, a Top Hotel's Booking Software Solution | Online Booking Software, account managers are not only your solution expert. They are also your business friends. Rely on them to promote you with industry best practices, presentation studies, and relevant recommendations. Enhanced management costs to motivate your organization. Gather time and money and guide your business team through best practices in T&E policies as well as highlight more gradual tasks.


Combining ease of use and performance, all of our solutions are consistent and streamlined to fully impact the value of hotel allocations. You are not at all without help when it comes to questions, concerns, or decisions. All our staff is experienced with generous professionals. They express your words, and understand your needs. They recognize that all questions are important when it comes to your business.


Adivaha, booking technology includes online booking software, booking software features, and functions to offer perfect, permanent, and easy booking and booking with expertise. We love your hearing and are happy to answer any questions you may have so that you can spend more time with clients and fix issues with 24/7 customer support.


Proceed to your office settlement with daily, weekly, and monthly reports. This will help you see in real-time what your guest status is and what they need and you can access single and group bookings, corporate room packages, group discounts, and services through a single dashboard. Our software offers a wide range of benefits and marketing proofs to both the administrator and the customer, who have no doubts about the details of their booking to guests and the administrator.


Our software will provide you with setup, training, and assistance through a free trial phase. This process should not take more than a few hours to set up and in operation. You are usually assisted 24 hours a day so that your business never experiences a loss of revenue. When the free trial ends, our system will offer you a flat monthly fee for the software, which does not include a lock-in agreement. The quality of our product will speak for itself and you will feel comfortable using it.


All you need to do is ask yourself questions about your needs, and then ask us if we can meet your needs. Our free trial will make it possible for you to become familiar with the full set of software settlements without promising payment.


Our Comprehensive List of Services

adivaha® is a one-stop-shop for all your travel website needs. We offer a multitude of services that empower you to become a market leader. Contact us for more info.

Meta Search Engine

A search engine for search engines. Find the best travel deals across multiple search engines

WordPress Travel API Plugins

Easily integrate travel data into your WordPress website with powerful travel API plugins.

White label Travel Portals

Create a customized and branded travel booking experience for your customers.

B2B Travel Booking Software Services

Simplify and streamline your B2B travel bookings with powerful and user-friendly travel booking software.

Corporate Travel Booking Tool service

Efficiently manage and book corporate travel with a comprehensive and easy-to-use travel booking tool service.

Travel Itinerary Builder

Create and organize your perfect trip with ease using a customizable travel itinerary builder.

GDS/OTA Integration

Seamlessly connect your travel website to GDS and online travel agencies with GDS/OTA integration.

Gift Cards & Loyalty Programme

Increase customer retention and satisfaction with gift cards and loyalty programs for your travel business.

Mobile Apps Development

Enhance your travel business and reach customers on-the-go with custom mobile app development.

Travel APIs Services

Integrate powerful travel APIs into your website or application to access a wealth of travel data and services for your customers.

For Travel API Owners

Expand the reach of your API and generate revenue by offering it to other agents hassle-free with our cost-effective API marketing solutions.

Business Branding

Create a strong and memorable brand identity for your travel business with expert business branding services.

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